Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My first posting....

How on earth are we (as a species) ever going to put aside archaic,unprovable notions of 'gods' and start working together to improve upon what little time we may have left? Instead of singing Lennon's song Imagine....some of us are still singing 'My god is bigger than your god'!

Ah Religion, what other invention alienates and separates us in a dangerous game of zero sum gain. Science has proven that we are all one single species but there are still have many among us praying for divine intervention and preying on our emotions.

I am no 'pie in the sky' idealist, I peruse the worldwide news and it is obvious that we may well be on the verge of another potential 'correction'.

Did anyone read the National Geographic on the last century's litany of mass murder? Hello!

When I was a kid growing up in the 60s I remember thinking that we would all be flying around in hover-cars and that we would have easily solved world hunger by 2006! Instead we are, once again, teetering on the brink of the apocalypse, still hopelessly trying to explain Freedom of Speech to dogmaholics. Freedom, a concept that enables everyone to practice their beliefs DESPITE what others believe. By the way, who is going to ride the sacred ostrich through the flaming hoop on Equinox Day?

Tolerance, as a concept, is incomprehensible and of little use to the religious fanatic. Behold the thousands of underemployed, undereducated zealots rampaging in the invisibile unaccountability of the mob, protesting with frothing fury, a concept that they are literally unwilling to grasp. Ask yourself the following; would you expect any less from a society where the female half of the population is so completely undervalued?

One has to wonder if any of theflag burning fanatic understands what a brief'flash of ash' he would become if those dreams of conquering Jerusalem and destroying Israel were acted upon? There will never be a repeat of Masada. The next serious war against Israel could entail the deployment of Nuclear Weapons towards all of the offending neighbours. It's code name is known as Operation Samson.
Unfortunately, atleast for the Islamist, the next imaginary world is infinitly more desirable than the real world. He believes in suicide despite it's prohibition in the teachings of the Quran.

So how do we fix this? Are adults, like leopards, unable to change their spots? While it is tempting to use Plato's prescription of just saving children under 12 to be retrained to build our (No Place) Utopia it is obviously impractical. Most humans want to live in a safe place, raise their children, live their lives in accordance with their beliefs and remain respectful of others.

Perhaps, in the very near future, several cities or even countries may become safe havens for like minded souls seeking an 'Oasis of Homeostasis," a centre of balance. A civic 'panic room' type of place established to protect those of us who would like to keep moving forward and sever the dead weight of religious fanaticism. A dangerous dead weight that hangs like a millstone around our necks as we lean over the side of our tippy canoe to admire our reflection in the water.

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