Friday, December 07, 2012


I got lucky this week.
In and out of the hospital in 6 days and released on my birthday.

My Dad died of a heart attack when he was ten years younger than I turned yesterday. The current cardio-technology is a vast improvement over what it was back in 1980. 

My refurbished "vasculinity" should allow me the pleasure of living long enough to enjoy my future grandchildren..

as long as I change my diet and exorcise my diet demons...
goodbye fast-food and giant, delicious, salty, butter-soaked mushroom-smothered, crisp-fatty rimmed steaks.



  1. You big silly.... Scaring us all like that. So very, very good to have you back... but a little bit sad that you can only eat lettuce from now on.

  2. No more donuts and "double doubles" at Timmy's?

    If it's any consolation, I know someone who had quadruple bypass surgery at age 39 and years later, is still going strong.

    Welcome back, Donnnnnnnnn!!!

  3. Good morning Ladies.
    I am feeling quite spry on this lovely morning and
    the swelling in my "swimsuit area" is finally going down.
    heh heh heh

  4. Yes, that's enough silliness.

  5. You just got a fantastic birthday present, didn't you. And creepily on schedule, too...I remember you writing about that a birthday or two ago. Damoclese' sword fell (insert filthy innuendo here) but like cute lil Olga Korbut you leaped nimbly out of the way and nailed it in ONE baby. Far Canadianier and hairier than Olga, although God only knows what the woman looks like now.
    It is going to fucking shock and humble you, how much better you'll feel after this, once you realize what you'd lost, just incrementally, over time. My husband went through this and we were both gobsmacked at the vast,positive difference the procedure made, and how quickly.
    This works better than you think. The medication and the change in diet, which really doesn't turn out to be that onerous, it works like magic. You and your bathing suit area will be back in fighting trim in no time, the stents will settle in, and you genuinely will be looking back on this a long time from now. I am so happy and so very, very relieved that you are fine, I lost it when Vicus and MJ broke the news to me. Of course you always were fine, Coppens, so you've got it knocked, right? It's a base state. Big honkin animated smilie emoticon!
    Now quit malingering.

  6. That grim reaper is not man enough for you donnnnn. So happy you're mended, so don't breaking any other bits you hear! Xxx

  7. Stop scaring us, y'hear! We want you to stay around to pull your cracker on many more Christmases.

  8. Hey Donnn, just came back from the bookmines and read about your birthday, and the present. Belated good wishes and all.
    From now on its Silvaner, not cheap Canadian beer anymore, you hear?!

  9. just in time to help me celebrate MY birthday, sweetpea! *L* glad you're still with us, honey. the world needs all of us crazy people around and to keep them on their toes! so to speak xoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. So glad to hear you are home and recovering well. x

  11. Dude!?!?? Why the fork is your birthday not on my calendar!??!
    Thank goodness you're okay!!
    And happy birthday of course.

  12. Glad you're back Hodge-podging but sorry you'll have to cut down on the fun stuff xxx

  13. I don't say it often enough -- or, as far as I can tell, ever -- but I'm glad you're here.

    And steaks? Pfft. You've had enough. :-)


  14. You've deactivated your FB? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??!?!?!?!?!? :(

  15. Thank You all for the very kind words of encouragement. It brings back the fond memories that I have of my blogging experience. We forged these meaningful relationships out of thin air...said whatever we wanted. Thanks.

  16. What Ute said, friend! Everything OK? Will you just be blogging? Sending positive thoughts from the Dirty South! xoxox

  17. It's all good. Thanks for asking.
    Just stepping back for a while...chillin offline...need to keep it real in the meatworld for a while..don't want any online drama, so shoot me an email if you need more info.

    1. Facebook...get behind thee Satan!


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