Friday, May 27, 2011


Six years ago Blogging was a wonderful zenlike experience because most bloggers didn't really care about Advertising

It would have been sort of tacky..although every blogger may have secretly dreamed that international succe$$ was inevitable as soon as everyone finally realized that their blog was a consistently mindboggling, heartbreaking work of staggering genius biggie. :)

check out more of these astute cynical images at Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

Today North Americans are exposed to hundreds of brands via dozens of formats that deliver 3,500 Ads per day. We finally get PVRs so that we can skip all the TV commercials, and now the world wide interwebs is infected.

Why should we be forced to sit through an Ad to watch a video on YouTube... Thanks Google!

Nowadays you can't even just close some pop-up ads, "let the cursor hover over the red "Close" button before clicking: if it looks like a hand instead of an arrow, don't click it -- close the whole tab to get rid of it"

The marketing mayhem is much worse much worse than the golden age of advertsing back in the MAD MEN 50s. Now all the major film studios, TV networks, radio and television stations, cable channels, Internet, book and magazine publishing and music companies are owned by a few conglomerates. 

That's why you notice these massive cross-promotional campaigns that create these illusions of ubiquity....product placement in your skull from meal toys at McDonalds to banner ads to newspaper flyers to bookstore coffee mugs to billboards.

I studied marketing in college and produced TV ads so perhaps I'm hypersensitive to the ADvalanche of stealth & ambient, product placement, data mining's destroying the once pleasurable experience surfing of the Internet.

All of the online Op-Ed Aggregator (HuffPo) and Lamestream Media News outlets are now riddled with piggybacked marketing messages from one of the conglomerates that totally "owns" every sense of the word. Watch this disaster after you see this ad for cat food. It's a sinister global competition for your eyeballs>brain> wallet/purse. 

There is a shark frenzy happening in your clickstream so don't fall in.


  1. Watch this disaster after you see this ad for cat food. It's a sinister global competition

    This is why I never watch the newsclips online, well this reason and the other reason is the appalling braodband speed from VIRGINMEDIA. There, named and shamed.

  2. Alex (the name you grown to trust) Pendragon12:36 p.m.

    I demand psuado-relevance, dammit, and if I don't get it, then I'm going to stop demanding in order to preserve my energy in order to get by on faux relevance.........

  3. This post has been bought to you by.... "an autodidactic's pleonasmic emporium of egregiously oversimplified hodge-podgery."

    Advertising it's everywhere...

  4. you've been properly outted!

    Alex...I adore the cheeky americanized term "psuado", been using it since High School!

    Princess...touchez! touchez!

  5. Reading this post makes me want to go out and buy a smoking baby.

  6. The latest phrase "Check us out on Facebook" makes me smile. The very next time I'm away out shopping for Tampax, I'll be sure to check out the no lifers on Facebook first.

  7. I couldn't agree more. Advertising is ruining so much of what we used to enjoy. And I have NEVER bought a product where the advertiser's intention was to provoke me into purchasing through irritating or being intrusive to me as that is not the way to appeal to me.

    But hey, if you can't be the famous blogger who clinches the book deal, there's no hope for any of us HE!

  8. I use advertizing. Sure, it's my sh*t that I am trying to sell, but its an Ad. I try to stay away from ads other than that, but I suppose I haven't been 'discovered' yet so have to soul to sell.

  9. Bring back Woodstock!

  10. Sorry... been out buying crap that I've been exposed to on the internetz.

  11. I abide in the United States of Advertising, state of Lies&Bullshit. We play a game here called "what they really mean is..."

    The rebellion has begun - I'll buy whatever product that does NOT advertise.


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