Monday, February 01, 2010


In a fixed production system (blogosphere) with fixed and variable inputs (time left on Earth and decaying attention spans) there will be a point beyond which each additional blog post yields smaller and smaller interest and gratification (work to fun ratio).

So now I'm  off to try Twittering for a month.
I was FaceBooking during January and it's a great site that is incredibly under-utilized by the great unwashed.

The vast majority of users just want to keep it "Lite" and talk about themselves and their day...about once a week? 

Most of the time I found it very hard to contain myself and adhere to the 90s style netiquette...knowing that the rellies and neighbours are staring blankly at your blather.

After spending years in the blogosphere, it just felt like nobody knew what to do with this forum (except the Bloggers) and those infernal f*cking applications/games suck the last drop of oxygen out of the room.

I guess that people go there to relax and get away from bloggers.

So now I'll see if Twitter is anything more than a glorified link site.
I've been there for years
but since I'm not much of a celebrity stalker, or plugging a book, I haven't really bothered to give it a chance.


  1. Maybe you'll go full circle and get more into those other information and communication medias, umm...can't remember what they're called, oh yeah - books and talking to people...TO THEIR FACES. *shudders*
    I've become bored of facebook too, too much random noise. (hey, post your twitter link on this site)

  2. the donn man.

    did u delete ur faceboop?

  3. I haven't got the hang of Twitter at all - need someone to explain it, but I've always been too embarrassed to ask.

  4. Good luck on the twitter Donn, I consider you to be a scout on an expedition to discover gold in the Far Arctic - remember to come back for your tea though!

  5. Anonymous7:14 p.m.

    YOu are strange.

  6. Anonymous7:16 p.m.

    Go and tell these five blokes on the farm in SW France.

  7. Have your furnace serviced immediately! It may be asphyxiating you!

  8. Isn't twitter basically just text messaging?

    Have fun with the twits! I look forward to your report on the experience.

  9. see you upon your return

    (can you post graphs and pictures on Twit? and make the text colourful?)

  10. Shudda asked me. I am bored with twitter. Pls to return here and facebook.

  11. Areyou no longer my friend??? You drag me over there and then desert me. I'm confused enough as it is godammit....

  12. I'm posting items from the Infomaniac Archives all month so you're not missing anything.

  13. was never much into twittering.
    hope you'll pop in here and there (fb) now and then. as long as your bilocation(ing) does not toss you into oblivion.

  14. Boldly go Donn - then cone back and tell me all about it in detail.
    But take care out there!!

  15. Anonymous12:55 p.m.

    Don't go to Twitterland! You'll kill yourself!!!!

  16. You just need a good editor.

  17. Anonymous3:26 a.m.

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  18. Twittering sucks. It is for 15 year olds jacked up on Mountain Dew and advertising "professionals". Complete.Waste.Of.Time.

    Facebook is for gaming and wasting time. It replaces the need for excessive amounts of recreational alcohol and drugs. It's easier on the liver too.

  19. I am on Twitter.

    I post Tweets occasionally.

    I believe that makes me a Twat.

    I should be logging, but like so many other things right now, I can't be arsed.

  20. That should have been "I should be blogging."

    Not "logging." Although "I should be logging" is much funnier.

  21. can't do twittering :( which is surprising as I'm a twit. Come back to where you belong Donnnnn, or start your own internettywebbywhatevery?

    (that 123 123 is not me!!)

  22. Anonymous5:19 p.m.

    Twitter sucks. It's always crashing and freezing and it's just full of ads and people who seem to think they're a news channel. Plus it's about the least user-friendly thing in the world. Stick to Facebook/Blogger.

  23. Interesting that you're taking a break from blogger while I'm just not getting back to blogging. I don't like facebook at all and I haven't tried twitter. I think I'll stick with blogger and I hope you'll be back soon. :)

    P.S. Does Chris know he has his comments restricted to team members?

  24. "now", not "not". Sorry about the typo.

  25. they all suck, you need to invent something better.

    i dont want to twat anymore it seems so ghay. not that i dont like ghay things but ya know.

    facebook is annoying, all these people from way back when who i dont really care to know and never really knew anyway. it seems to be a popularity contest. i dont like that. i get requests from people i have never liked but we went to the same school etc and so they think we should reconnect. gag me. the worst is that all these people seem to have found god and so that means i cant say things like baby jesus and such without making them cry. yeah, dont like that much. i live only to mock jesus so.....

    there seems to be no real answer. put your thinking cap on boy. think up something to save us from our narcissistic selves.

  26. I'm not sick of blogging yet....

  27. hope springs diurnal... infernal... in the urinal..... ah, eternal....


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