Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Worst Nightmare Scenario


You will never-ever-ever catch me deciding to go out for a 'tipsy' paddle on the ocean at dusk...

what would be your worst nightmare?


  1. To count the number of minutes I spent twatting about on the electric internet this week.

  2. VICUS
    That's more of a Daymare!

    I am hearing,
    what you are really saying.

  3. I have this thing against burning. I think it may be subconscious as my infant leg was burned... I don't of course remember, but I have a big ol' scar on my right knee. Never was a problem as it was very useful in impressing my fellow classmates as a grade-schooler. Ah, the tales(lies)I told...heheh!

  4. It's always Shark Week at Homo Escapeons!

  5. LDAHL
    Hey how are you!?
    I hear ya.
    Let me get all Robert Frost on ya and answer the Fire and Ice question..
    no brainer..Freezing!

    HAHA! No kidding eh?
    I seriously considered being an Ichthyologist and studying Sharks but I soon realised that I would much rather study them from out here in the middle of the Continent :)

  6. I seriously considered being an Ichthyologist

    But you couldn’t pronounce it.

  7. MJ
    Ick theee all o jist
    There. How's that?

  8. *flicks spittle from freshly laundered frock*

  9. Well, being hunted by wildlife usually counts as a nightmare for me! I'd much rather be the one doing the hunting--and if I'm gonna be killin any critters, it's because I'm gonna eat 'em or they had it comin (self defense!) That's right, polar bear, endangered or not, you come after me, I'm shootin to kill!.

    I have to say that Jaws really did scare the hell outta me for years!

  10. i have a lot of fears.
    won't want to remind myself.

  11. Snakes. Anywhere, but especially coiled round the inside of the toilet.

  12. Being stuck in two-man escape pod (in space, obviously) with the only person I really hate!

    (I had this nightmare a couple of nights ago!)


  13. I'm somewhat better HE, thank you for asking. It was a long summer, but survived it:))))
    A North man who is bothered about the idea of freezing? Hum, I guess you keep the wood bin fully stocked? I think we are getting some of your air here today, a right bit nippy chill is moving in and snow is expected by this weekend.

  14. I was noting your shark thing too Donn - my nightmares happen in reality these days. It'd be a blessed relief to get eaten by sharks

  15. Having to go to a Britney Spears concert...that would be my worst nightmare.

    BTW, I like the new blog format! Nice!

  16. Being buried alive!

  17. Not trying to play, "Can you top this?" I really have thought about it. My worst nightmare is being burned alive, but then not dying right away. I wake up in a hospital, burned over 90% of my body, and have time to slowly die a horrible death as my lungs fill with fluid.

    That's what I get for reading 365 Days when I was a kid.

  18. The mister is afraid of sharks too. And also watches shark week every time it's on. What's up with that? I hate shows with spiders in them...

  19. I don't like thoughts of the ground rushing to meet me, or pressing in on me, or lots of people trying to get past.

    Sharks are alright, but I wouldn't want to personally floss their teeth, if you know what I mean.

  20. being torn apart by a pride of lions


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