Friday, December 11, 2009

Resqueakiem for an Intruder

Wise words by Scott Alexander


  1. A little easy is good.

  2. that is so not true. it is totally hard work. I bust my ass off for my evil intent, never mind the plotting cohorting and general menevolance. Yeish...

  3. No, mediocrity is NOT EASY. I struggle with it daily.

  4. Not getting caught at cheating is hard. Not getting caught = good?
    Oh just being a brat, good words to live by.

  5. Sometimes I wish easy wasn't hard...

  6. uh-huh


    it's strange that sometimes the being evil/bad seems easier than the being good

    makes one wonder about survival of the fittest, eh

  7. As Ike and Tina said...

    You see we never ever do nothing
    Nice and easy
    We always do it nice and rough

  8. How actual for me at the moment..
    I'm definitely staying away from evil and hopefully they will stop knocking at my door cause enough is enough!But yes it's not easy.

  9. Damn right good is hard - but I'm good at it so.... ;-)

  10. This is a fantastic quote.

  11. Wise words... but may I just add; It's hard to be good, and vise versa.

  12. So, we should all stay away from the "Big Easy"?

  13. Just in time for the holidays!

    Not a creature was stirring,
    Not even a mouse...

  14. JILL
    Yes...especially taking it easy on yourself :)

    Obviously you'll just have to try a little harder..I'd appreciate a heads-up before you pull the pin on the final destruction of Life on Earth as we know it...there are a few things on my bucket list that I'd like to do.

    I know how you feel. I'm growing more concerned every day that I shall be trapped in this web of mediocrity until the end-ov-dayss.

    I have a terrible poker face so I don't even try anymore. Seriously I'm pathetic.

    If easy wasn't hard anyone could do it..although if it was easier more people might try?

    Survival of the worstest is more like it. It is a miracle that any nice people ever made this far..this is something that I cannot fathom.

  15. MJ
    Tragically Tina wasn't kidding..she was talking aboot her asshat psycho husband...what a whackjob.

    Good for you..don't let them in. Some would say that it is a test of your character but I would hope that at some point we can finish being tested before we die so that we can enjoy life a little more.

    Hey you're back :)
    I believe that you are good and that the karmic boomerang will keep bringing you the good stuff.

    Wow thanks for visiting :) It is a good quote..a bit long but I geddit.

    Yes indeed it is and let's hope that "condition" persists for another couple of decades eh?

    You know I still want to go there and see it for will always be one of the most unique places in your entire country...during Fat Tuesday it's almost european!

    Oh there is never-ever-ever just one of those little f*ckers! I have so much poison and traps set that you'd think they shot the movie Willard in my hoose!!
    Actually my fingers are tingling because I just re-filled the poison...wonder what it tastes like?
    Oh thit now I cant feel my tongue

  16. ~Oh no you dont young man.
    I am getting good at mediocrity , its the only thing I am vaguely getting the hang of , so I am not giving up on it now , also losing makes way for winners ....someone has to do it

  17. You know, if you're one of those evil supergenius guys being evil is a big monotonous chore every single day. they have to be all putting help wanted ads on craigslist for henchmen and making plans for world domination and building weapons and reading henchmen resumes and going on google maps to find out where all the power stations and reservoirs and major damsites and secret military installations are. you have no idea what a hassle this is. i spend at least 12-14 hours a day just replyiing to my evil email and maintaining my evil website. I have to take trazadone some nights just so I can sleep and I eat rolaids like candy. and then theres the laundry issues, keeping the evil toilet paper and hand towels stocked in the evil restrooms and making sure everyones matching 'caper' costumes are back from the cleaners. this year we're doing a 'web of crime' spider motif and my evil crime moll keeps complaining that the extra legs make her butt look big. nobody sees the big picture but me!! *collapses in tears*

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