Friday, November 06, 2009


If you want to be loved and financially rewarded by the most loyal music fans in the biggest music market on Earth,

then y'er gonna want to be a Country Music Star in America!

Country music ain't nuthin' to sneeze at in Canada and Australia neither.

Here's a chart of the biggest Music Markets in the world.

In the USofA there are 2,014 Radio Stations playin' Country and 1,323 playin' Rock n Roll in 2009. 

Yessiree Bob that's 77 million adult listeners ever' week...

and 42% of them now have interwebs access!

Now you might not think that songs 'bout drinkin' & cheatin' & horses & more drinkin' ain't entertainin', exhortin', comfortin', & psychologically fulfilling enuff to fill stadiums and sell million$ of CD$...

but you'd be wrong.

I figur'd that I'd hitch my horse to that wagon and try to become the next Garth Brooks?

If you've been livin' on the Moon for the past 20 years, Brooks is the feller what sold 220 Million Singles & Albums in the USofA..

second only to the Beatles.

Now I already have a few songs "in the can" and just recorded a couple more to be shipped off to them thar 2,000 country rodeo..I mean radio, Stations.

Hell, how hard can it be?


  1. You are scaring me!

    Yay first!!!'

  2. Yeehaa!

    Don't forget to sing about divorce, patriotism, and do a duet with a blond--preferably one with big boobs!

    Watch out for that horse from the cover of your Mountin' Saint Hellen album--His red eye makes me suspicious he might be shifty!

  3. I'm surry there Mister Cowpens, but yer gonna have to have yerself one of them lowbotamies if yer gonna reach that there interleckshuwal apitimy you gonna need to rite leerics yer avridge paytriotic 'Merkin is gonna unnerstan!

  4. ME!!!ME!!!ME!!! Do the duet with ME!!!

  5. I want to be your Wardrobe Mistress in charge of your costumes.

    Let’s start with these chaps.

  6. Anonymous12:38 p.m.

    Why? Why! WHY?! Can't we just make it stop!!!

  7. Anonymous4:23 p.m.


    Western too?

  8. Oh dear god, country music. I had an Aint (that's Okie for "Aunt," actually my great-aunt) who wrote tons and tons of country-western songs that actually got recorded, back in the day. The Spouse Sparrow and I were just going through boxes of old photos of my family, lots of her in there.

    But man, I really hate country music.

  9. 220 million? Yer shittin' me, Donnie Mel. Not a fan of the genre meself but I think it has spawned some genius. Was there ever a more perfect song, fer example, than Johnny Cash singing A Boy Named Sue? :) Tightest lyrics in town. And my favourite band these days has some strong country roots, though it's slotted into the "alt country rock" envelope. There's a new station here in town that is awesoem -- but no country. Its tag line is "roots, rock and rhythm" (plus soem reggae). I'm in love.

  10. And I just can't get my fingers around the 'ome' thing -- awesOME sOME.

  11. Uh, you're scaring me, too. (I noticed at least one other commenter who said this.) You're in love with photoshop? :)
    Well, my 2 cents: I love music, but rarely country. Prefer rock 'n roll, but it's individual taste (kind of like what anyone chooses to photograph, paint, or write about....)

  12. You do realise we are all waiting on tenterhooks for the album now!

    I fear you have made a rod for your own back with this sublime posting!

    On the plus side, it'll be a platinum disc for sure!

  13. Are you coming over to the South Sandwich Islands on tour? The dolphins and whales would love to go to your concert! Me too, of course!!!

    PS.- Bring some of those tonic bottles with you, hahah!

  14. Just don't go country-religious. You could never top, "Jesus Kicked Me Through the Goalposts of Life", so why break your heart trying?

    If you're as good as these guys, have your people call my people.

  15. Looks to me like you got a whole song just in those picture captions right there!

  16. I have long regarded you as the Tammy Wynette of blogging :-)

  17. When me and the missus first moved to Brandon we couldn't tolerate all the yeehaas and howdeys...but after two years or so it kinda grows on a feller. Now that we're back here, it seems a bit foul again. But after listening to the song on breakerslion's link, it kinda gets the foot tappin' ag'in.

  18. I think that's really great Donn!But are you going to get dressed that way?Just asking..:P

  19. Anonymous12:58 p.m.

    I'm a big country music fan -- have heaps of Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton albums. It's not always cool to admit to liking country music in he UK, but I'm also a line dance fan! Yeeha!

  20. You`re such an ass.


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