Friday, October 23, 2009

POST #600 YouBiquity &

I'm currently adhering to the belief that one can simultaneously exist in two mutually exclusive worlds..
my Blog and my F***book.

In my own pretzelian logic, both are simply vehicles in which to gain YouBiquity while espousing one's encyclopedic ignorance of Life and innundating others with oversharing.

F***book is so ridiculously uber-easy and any glimpse of creativity is openly frowned upon. It's nice, but the downside is that you can't really afford to open your piehole and say what you really think...
or you can expect a good old fashioned shunning from your rellies.
Some social media experts believe that having over 300 "friends" is a blatant cry for help :)

Which is why Blogging will always remain at the top of my list.
Here you expect to get hoofed in the nads if you say something really stupid...but the fact remains that you can if you want to!

F**book should be for cordial visiting, oversharing info about your personal life, and nedlessly suffocating others with requests to add dozens of those intolerably vapid apps UGH!

Blogging on the other hand is for recklessly thinking out loud without's far more rewarding to be lambasted, ridiculed or dressed-down out here, than it is to be molly-coddled to death over there innit?

Now I once thought that this harmonic convergence of the two was inescapable. Afterall, one glimpse of your browsing history reveals that everything that you've ever written and every site that you've ever visited, is preserved for eternity somewhere in cyberspace.

btw; I was hoping to pose in the Freakin Green Elf Shorts for post #600 but Pete seems to be hesitant to let go of them?

I started out thinking that Blogging would be the perfect forum to unleash my own "special" encyclopedic ignorance of the world and discuss Politics, Sex, Scientificky Evolution, and my born-again Agnosticism.

It soon became apparent that most cybernauts come out here to relax, have fun, and occasionally hark on matters of the day that they have no way of affecting or resolving...which is so much fun and suits me just fine.
I've met so many hilarious, bright, insightful and thoughtful people from around the globe yada yada yada you all know it :)

Now if only I can tame my Zeligitis.
If I can just focus and find the right forum.
Case in point..look at all of my ridiculous avatars :)


  1. One more upside of blogging is I can come here and curse you to my heart's content without worrying about the whole damn world eavesdropping..

    Don't you just love me for it?!!


  2. "Blogging on the other hand is for recklessly thinking out loud without concern..."

    Pretzelian wise words indeed.

  3. Maybe you can do the Elf Shorts for your 666th post?

  4. Ah, the many, many, many faces of Donn.

    This is the most brilliant funny post. I just can't even marshal a quip for it.

  5. whatever why haven't y'all friended ME! :~D xoxoxox

    (just don't quit blogging, sugar...)

  6. I like my Pretzelians with mustard.

  7. I like you best in a mullet Donn but you're cute or scary in all of them. I find Facebook very scary, I daren't log on anymore because of all the stuff telling me to do stuff.

    Back away from the Book - it is the devil

  8. Avatars? I thought those were your RELATIVES!

    I am communicating with my new found family via facebook, who are mostly all mortified by my blog, thus the two must forever be seperate. I hate having to be loved DESPITE what amounts to ME........

  9. Pete likes to see you pantless, Mr Coppens.

  10. "It's nice, but the downside is that you can't really afford to open your piehole and say what you really think..."

    Oh yes I can. Which is why countless scads of my Facebook "friends" have probably blocked me from their page.

    Facebook is so twee, it really needs to be lightened up. That being said, I have my "Fat Sparrow" Facebook page, and my "EffOffI'mNotTellingYouMyRealName" Facebook page. And I have exactly 1 relative on there (the Fledgling Sparrow), because why on earth would I want to talk to my relatives?

  11. What about blocking people you see in the real world, but whose Fakebook updates are so mind-numbingly boring that you can't stand to read another weather report? I hate to be out of the loop but I hate the weather updates even more. And with less than 100 "friends" how picky can I be? :)

    PS I tend to divide mine more than you do: FB is for socializing whereas my blog is more "work" oriented. I like what you've done. There's a difference between the two, as you pointed out, but DONNY is written all over everything.

  12. Dude! You look good in dreds!!!
    I never ever thought blogging and FB would happily merge. I knew it as soon as I found the people I was at school with on it, as I knew they couldn't possibly be interesting or bright enough to blog. And when my family members started joining I knew they'd never merge!
    I had a feeling it would swallow people and they might stop blogging and play on endless vapid apps, but many of them have returned to the blogosphere for the exact reasons you stated above.

    For me, FB now is for keeping my family up to date and adding photographs so that I don't have to email them anymore.


  13. The one of you in dreads made me do a double take; I thought it was my ex-fiance. No, don't ask.

    Thought you might appreciate this, considering and all.

  14. I have to blog. Simple as that. But I do like F**book. Especially when I figured out that I didn't have to sign up the crap that's being touted on there.

    Besides, it's great for ignoring relations in other countries.

    Twitter. Now I can pass on that.

  15. Thank god I only have 5 friends! (I'm far from the 300 that make you cry for help).

    I still prefer to blog (maybe i havent got the knack of Facebook yet)

  16. You KNOW I can't resist Lord Tennisanyone!

    As for CyberPete being slow on the uptake to send you The Shorts, I shall threaten to expose my Secret Lady Place to him.

  17. Anonymous11:03 a.m.

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Anonymous11:03 a.m.

    Never mind, Donnn, all will be good ...

    All will be revealed?

  19. I just deleted my facebook 'friend'(whom I have no recollection of how she came to be that) who posts Glenn Beck video clips every 5 minutes and writes hysterical updates about that 'czarist Muslim Obama'. Her insanity was kind of entertaining for a while, until I started feeling depressed about all the people positively responding to her. I still like the laziness of facebook but it is refreshing to kick your cyber feet up and read entertaining blogs from sensible minds.

  20. ***Pokes Donn***
    ***Super Pokes Donn***

    ***Throws Steamed Pudding at Donn***

  21. WOW thnaks everyone!


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