Sunday, October 25, 2009

After assembling my last post and putting up all of those goofy era-specific hairstyle compositions, I realised that I have looked the same for about 15 bloody lame is that?

The 1950s


Thanks to the Beatles, I began fighting with my rents to grow out my hair.
I remember that this was a big deal? Dad would say why do you want to look like a girl?

...mid 60s..started growin' out my bangs!

Now that I look back, I noticed that during the first 12 years, my appearance was constantly being altered as I grew and the fashions changed.

It appears that after the freakin' 60s, I looked pretty much the same for the next 12 years? 

That's weird...
I remember my school years as being marked by a different "look" every year...
but obviously, even back then, I looked absofrickinlutely the same for decades?

late 70s...


I'm almost 52 and fortunately I have only begun to grey in the last year or so. But, I've had the same "do" for two decades so I'm growing it out.

To hell with it!
I might start off by growing a groovy "shag".
I prolly won't get to the aging Hippy ponytail stage,
but who knows?

it got so bad that I wore a fake mullet at parties!

A question for the Men.. 

Aren't you sick of looking the same for decades?

should men my age leave well enough alone or is the Fabio look still uberkewl?

Wow! This is insanely vapid. 

Hey, don't expect anything insightful from me for a while, I've been schlumping on Facebook for 2 weeks! It's so easy!!!

Everyone is on one page and you can just scroll down and read their fascinating "posts" like
...going to bed...let the cat out...exhaling carbon dioxide...found a rabid calf in FarmVille...
waaaay easy, especially when you're like me and blog fatigued from trying to follow 200 blogs!


  1. If you find something that works for you, stick with it!! After I shaved my head, I thought I'd do something different when it grew back... but honestly, I like the way it looked before, and it was soooo easy to look after and "style", I just did it the same again as soon as I had enough hair :) It's been more or less the same for about 10 years. lol

  2. Oh lord you have done it now.
    There will be much ranting and rambling about hair from your femail readership.
    Apparently its very important , and we just don't understand (Which is a fair cop......I don't)

  3. Men? Care what they look like?
    Canada is even weirder than I thought.

  4. I think you found a look that worked for you and stuck with it. Nowt wrong with that.

    I liked the short, back and sides look more than the bangs, if you're after my personal opinion. If you weren't. Tough.

    All that shlumping round FB, and you didn't come to my party. Humpf.

  5. "begun to grey"

    Personally, I don't care what color it is as long as it stays put.

  6. Donn Coppens: rockin' a bow tie since nineteen-sixty-something.

  7. May I wax your swimsuit area?

  8. you're cute. then and now.
    that's a compliment.

  9. Hey, you look good. Stick with it.

    My hair started turning white when I married The Ex. I don't think it was coincidence.

    It creeps me out when people who knew me 10 or 20 or even 30 years ago (and I haven't seen them since!) recognize me and I haven't a clue as to who they are. After seeing some of my old schoolmates on Facebook, my first thought was "Damn, time has not been kind to you." I wouldn't have known them had their name not been attached to the pics.

    No one will be saying that about you.

  10. Hey Donn, the nearly 52 look is V kewell!
    Girlies are allowed to change their style/colour on a weekly basis, as it keeps their men on their toes. Not sure it works the other way around!

    Isn't Face Book FAB, I just love the fact you only need give half the information needed to send every one into a frenzy of comment leaving. HIGH FIVE!

  11. It wasn't until I took the plunge and did the "Jon-Luke Piccard" that I found my inner hunk. The freedom, ah, the freedom!

  12. i'm sorry that you're blog fatigued Donn. do you need another tropical holiday? big baby!

    you're a goodlooking man
    way more kewler than Fabio with his girlie long hair and manboobs.
    stick to what works i say.

  13. Dude- do a blonde brushcut!!!

    I can't keep up with all the blogs I want to follow either :(

  14. I would have liked to stay the same - exactly.
    I loved having long dark hair - but keeping it like that was just too much trouble.

  15. I would have liked to stay the same - exactly.
    I loved having long dark hair - but keeping it like that was just too much trouble.

  16. Be glad you're not EXPECTED to keep up with trendy styles like we of the fairer sex.

    (ugh. vomits at the phrase)

    Hey...don't change! =)

    Fellow Facebook Sufferer

  17. Although I have heard of the allure of FB, I have not succumbed yet. Come back, come back. I've been writing and the current post would interest you!
    BTW, you are seriously quite photogenic all these years!

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