Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday, for the first time this Summer, I went to the Beach.

When one goes to "the Beach" the idea is to clear your head and not think about anything right? Wrong! When you live in an environment that is f-f-freezing for 7 months of the year you enjoy every second...
especially this Summer because it rains every second day?
There is a Thuderstorm happening as I write.

Plus we had to prove to a visitor from Switzerland that Grand Beach is one of the top 10 Beaches in the world, (according to a Playboy article in the 70s see my Post JULY 6, 2006 nyeh!) and it is only a one hour drive from our back door.

The Beach is a unique environment to contemplate the complicated relationship between the genders. For some time now I have been wondering why Males have been allowed to take over the world.

Most of you know that I go on and on and on about how vertebrates are formed as default females, ergo males are mutants, and that it therefore stands to reason, that a Creator, should one exist, would be a nurturing feminine entity rather than an insecure masculine moron right?

Have any of you ever come across The Alphabet versus the Goddess?
Have a lash HERE .

Leonard Schlain did a lot of the mental heavy lifting and organised a timeline that follows the ascent of Humans and deals with genderfication issues. Take a moment and read it...very interesting.

He starts out discussing the consequences of us eating more meat on the African Savannah, the demands of a lengthy infant development period, left brain-right brain wiring, language vs imagery.

This goes a long way in explaining the historical adaptations which led to us living in a completely f*cked up world in which the dominant males muck about posturing, threatening, and actually inflicting carnage on each other.

Males are simply incapable of turning the WAR button off.
Instead of a world where everybody is fed, housed, and educated, most of the planet's resources are used to create Weapons of Mass Destruction and it totally SUCKS!

*photo by reysputin :)

As a Baby Boomer contemplating the abject failure of the Peace, Love & Unicorns fantasy of the Woodstock Generation..
40 years later it is painfully obvious that we did NOT "stick it to the Man", Maaaan!"

And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the GODDESS"


  1. "that a Creator, should one exist, would be a nurturing feminine entity rather than an insecure masculine moron right?"
    No, he just likes tits.
    And I don't care what anyone says about eating meat. Don't wanna, ain't gunna.
    No, we didn't stick it to the man, but neither did he stick it to us, as long as people like you are writing your daily nonsense we might still win.
    Although your first picture does rather present a nice argument against intelligent design.

  2. love the way you segued from the beach to your ending. . .

    will come back and click that link when I have a spare mo. . .


  3. i am more interested to see your biceps.

  4. I clicked to enlarge the photo in order to have a better look at your swimsuit area.

  5. poor Ethel. I know how she feels.

    that clay/wood figurine is very post-baby. It's like looking in a tiny little mirror :(

  6. Have you read "Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her" by Susan Griffin? I read that and Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Left Hand of Darkness" and "The Dispossessed" in 1983 when I was 13... What an eye opener!

    The Spouse Sparrow and I are planning on hitting the beach after we get moved this month, and I should have just gone Ethel's route. It would've saved me the humiliation of buying a swimsuit. Then again, more swimsuit=less sunscreen. If people find a little pile of ash on the sand at Corona Del Mar, you'll know I was exposed to the sun for more than 5 minutes.

  7. Fascinating as always dude!

  8. MJ made me click.

  9. reysputin2:41 p.m.

    what? no photo credit??
    i was sweating bullets bringing stuff like that across border after border.

    what are the chances we'll get another beach day before the snow flies?

  10. This was an interesting post indeed!hehe and there is a thunderstorm here right now as I write too!

  11. Oh dude, you wouldn't like to be here in South Sandwich (40ºC at the seaside, not even Ethel wanted to appear in public over here, lol!)

    So... don't you think that the tiny dude with the big wee-wee and the goddess of fertility have evolved? ;)

    Have fun at the beach!

  12. I consider myself as literate as they come, so why aren't I American Taliban?

    But his thesis made ALOT of sense!

  13. Thanks for visiting H.B.A.G.

    You're one of M.J.'s "Bitches" aren't you ?

  14. You know I fundementally disagree with this thesis. In my experirence and humble opininion if women ruled the world we would have as big a mess , granted it would be a different kind of mess but with more scatter cushions and it would probably smell nicer

  15. Not just smell nicer Beast, if women ruled the world we would make you pick your pants up off the floor.

    I notice that you cunningly cropped your crocs out of the photo Donn - being careful not to upset MJ?

  16. The thing that always bothers me about such timelines and correlations is that they are usually presented in a Western framework. It doesn't take into account that various other perspectives and paradigms exist.

    Not all cultures and peoples have been led by patriarchies. In fact, there are still stone aged tribes living in Papua New Guinea that've never seen outsiders! In the Pacific, there are tribes in which women are the hunters, leaders, and providers while the men are the caretakers of the children. In some African societies, it's the women who are polygamous and decide who they'll sleep with. (As you can probably guess, I watch a lot of Nova, National Geographic, and Discovery)

    I don't think that literacy is a destructive force. I think it's a good thing to be aware and informed. What I think is that advances communication and travel have always been very influential factors in humanity's development.

    The printing press allowed for ideas to spread far and wide, views to be exchanged, expounded, and expressed. Ships allowed for many to leave behind Europe and class division, escape persecution and prohibition, and come to a New World for opportunities they would never have access to in the Old World. Think about how the internet has affected how we socialize and share ideas--how many have gone viral?

    The more you know, the more you understand; the more you travel, the more you're exposed to different ideas and views. It's when people try to limit communication and travel, control the flow of information and knowledge, in an effort to gain power is what causes problems. Advances in communication and travel, like any technology, has a lot of potential to change the our world--but it's how we use these advances that determines if the change is beneficial or detrimental to our existence.

    P.S. The beach looks fantastic (and popular)! That sand looks very soft. Your shark T shirt must've inspired relaxation and peace of mind for the beach goers!

  17. Loud applause especially for Miss LaBonne!

  18. Miss La Bonne .
    The Beast always goes commando :-)

  19. That first pic is very poofy!

  20. Talking of sticking it to the man, it's funny that the man is now the son of the bloke who'd thought he'd stuck it to the man. Know what I mean?

  21. "The Man" always wins. But more often than not it is a Pyrrhic victory.

  22. Anonymous5:36 p.m.

    if we want peace we have to like think peace. For everybody man... everybody...

  23. I'm off to stick it to the man right now. HSBC are going to feel my wrath.

  24. I like how this man (you) thinks. ;-)

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. You look like you had fun sticking it to the man. I was wondering exactly what the point of that new Woodstock movie is? I mean it is going to be so lame isn't it? Surely if one couldn't be there at least one can watch the original footage. Are you going to check it out??

  27. The bcjh sure is awesome, no matter the weather. Storms are exciting, sitting in the car, easting hot chips or drinkinga hot cup of chocolate and watching the waves crash!
    Last weekend we went to 90 mile beach. It was a lovely day of beach fishing and despite it being Winter here it was surprisingly warm..almost sunscreen time for our skin really.
    Yet, as I write this post is drizzling nd cold..time for a

  28. I am willing to concede that weemen may have turned up first but 'ergo males are mutants' is insulting unless I get cool claws or can fly.

    Men are the evolved version of weemen which is why we are in charge.

  29. why are you holding so tight to that chair? Scared of the sand eh?

  30. That beachware cartoon is just brilliant to illustrate the double standards that exist pretty much everywhere when it comes to gender balance.

  31. reysputin3:46 p.m.

    Thank you.


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