Sunday, June 21, 2009


There are plenty of Worst Dad EVER lists out on the Interwebs and it would be hard to choose #1.

Personally I would give First Place to that psychotic asshole monster Josef Fritzl,

but the other mainstays are all deserving of our contempt;

Darth Vader,

Bing Crosby,

Marvin Gaye Sr.,

Joseph Goebbels,

and Michael Jackson.

I was lucky to have had a great Dad. He would have turned 75 this June.

Although Dad passed away in 1980 while in his mid forties, he is still the most influential man in my life. Something I need to be mindful of because I have four children. A friend sent me a great quote the other day.

"My Father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
Clarence B. Kelland

Happy Father's Day :)


  1. Happy Fathers Day to a great Dad! You're awesome, Donn!

  2. Happy Fathers Day.

  3. happy father's day, sugarpie! xoxo

  4. Right, those 6 guys you mention in first place don't deserve to be called 'fathers'.

    Hopefully, the remaining 99% deserve their name, and among them there are many many outstanding dads.
    I hope you had a happy Father's Day with your kids&family, Donn!

  5. I see where you got your good looks from.

    Mr Hitler Senior would have been a pretty bad dad too I guess.

  6. Anonymous6:28 p.m.

    (what did bing crosby do? I'm unfamiliar with this story.)

  7. I envy you your fond memories of a Father. I wish I had those.

    Happy Summer Solstice, Dude with Kids!

  8. Can I call you Daddy?

  9. Weird. Fathers Day in Australia isn't until September. But happy father's day, Donn!

  10. Here in the Thames Valley, we were astonished to see the recently published book The Crimes of Fritzl promoted as a Father's Day gift in WH Smith. It was later removed by the Manager who described it as "a mistake in stocktaking". It was replaced with Sapling's Letters of Charles XIV to John of Orange, a perennial favourite in Marlow.

    And don't think naughty old Goebbels was a bad father. He was just distracted; too busy shagging actresses and lady almoners. Magda was a bad mother, though. I am allowed to say these things for obvious reasons.

    (This is my first father's day without my dad who died in Feb. It was a tough day).

  11. But but but, I thought Darth Vader was MY Dad..waaaa, LOL

  12. Happy Father's day!Great quote and pic of you and your dad,not the other pics of course!!

  13. I seem to remember that Bing Crosby's daughter killed JR.
    This explains it.
    Your dad sounds great. Good memories eh?

  14. I miss my dad. He made me what I am today. Only recently I discovered that he used to write poetry from a notebook I found amongst his thngs. He didn't tell us ever.

    I seem to have inherited his genes in that department.

    Hope you had a great Father's day..

  15. And happy fathers day to you too!

  16. Apologies, I am late. You look like your Dad! You have good genes.

  17. Sorry to hear you lost your dad so young. 40s is no age at all!

    Glad he lived long enough to be an inspiration to you though.

    Was Darth Vader a dad? My Sci Fi knowledge is pretty rusty these days.

  18. i am positive you're a good daddy. and a cool one too. like MJ, can i call you daddy too?

  19. Wonderful quote. And lovely picture. You look so much like your dad.

    Hope you had a happy father's day.


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