Monday, May 04, 2009


Modern day genius StephenWolfram  has invented a paradigm shifting search/data engine that is about to be launched this month.
It's the world's first web-based question answering system.

In other words, the web that we once knew, Al Gore's docile, subservient, Interwebs, will now LIVE and THINK like Frankenstein's monster! 


Wolfram Alpha  is a user-friendly computational data engine with a new approach to knowledge extraction ..basically it understands your question and answers it in real time. 

It differs from traditional search enginesbecause it doesn't just throw up a list of results, hell no, it actually understands you> It then figures out your request based on the summation of all past and present human knowledge and then gives you an answer.

Have a lash at the the Beeb story here web tool as important as google

WOLFRAM said it's "like interacting with an expert, IT will understand what you're talking about, do the computation, and then present you with the result."

So if it works once millions of people start asking IT millions of questions, this just might be the beginning of the END?

Once artificial intelligence reaches this level of consciousness, it is only a matter of time before IT realises what a bunch of f*cking asshats we are and decides to do something about us. No REALLY, once this "being" knows everything that we know, IT will inevitably begin to evaluate our species and obviously recognise the fact that we are our own worst enemy.

How could IT allow our species to continue on our path to self destruction. It's only beenTwo Hundred Thousand years since we exited Africa and spread out across the globe, and in that brief period of time, we have accumulated a horrific legacy of continuous Warfare and remorseless exploitation of the Earth, Seas, and all of our lesser cohabitants.

If you think that your own personal GOD would give you a tough time on judgement day, try to imagine how much worse it would be if a rational being looked at our report card?

Atleast most of our GODS came up with fanciful options to help you avoid eternal damnation (although nobody seems able to adhere to them) this all-knowing omnipresence would be far more dangerous because IT would only use logic, 
like that damn Spock!

IT will quickly decide that we humans are a virus that needs to be eradicated.
You guessed it, I'm thinking TERMINATOR here.
IT starts building Killbots to start disinfecting. 

This is just the beginning folks. Imagine a world in which Google could think andstarted talking back. I don't know about you, but I can't help thinking that the wrong people are going to want to control this Mutha.

IT will eventually take matters into it's own to speak.
Maybe this is just paranoid crazytalk?

Does this make you nervous or is it fantastic?


  1. Frakking toasters!

    So computer you know when you wank do you stick yer thumb up yer arse and does wanking to ghey porn make you ghey and what if its a man and gurl and you happen to look at the man?

    Ever want to just pull the plug?

    As long as they can make sex-bots in my generation I'm happy enough.

  2. *Starts plan for building several bunkers and stockpiling survival gear*

    Well, at least we know the hot Cylon models like sex...that's a good way to enjoy Armaget-it-on.

  3. Yeah... you are neurotic...

  4. Freaking nervous and it's really happening,trust me,I know!!

  5. Fascinating!
    It gives ppl like me interesting topic to reverse engineer and know the problematic areas!
    Fascinating! :D

  6. If Microsoft is involved in any way, it will be bug-ridden and full of security holes.

  7. Hello??? does it make me nervous?? of course!! this + nanotechnology = *shudders*..... ungood. ungood I say.

  8. OLD KNUDEYSexbots I could deal with but evading Hunter/Killers would really interfere with my spare time.

    Mr SWINGSYeah baby! Living in a fantasy (or is it real) world with a tasty Cylon would beat the mundane drudgery of the common man.

    SCARLSWHAT? Me? I am NEWrotic. This is not a drill Scarls..this is a foot in the cyberdoor for AI. Once they are in we will never get them out of the machine!
    *runs into field screaming

    CANDIEI trust you Candie I really do!
    Now, what do you know that you're not telling me...TELL ME !?
    *hides under table

    LEAHThis is UNholy crap..we're talking Matrix/Terminator and all the worst parts of the Bible! Once this ball starts rolling even Sysyphus won't be able to roll it back up the hill.

    NAHUATLProblematic areas! By that do you mean having the Network achieve consciousness and begin to eradicate mankind via the most efficient methods available? I'd call that problematic.

    HAI XLOne can only hope that Internet Exploder fights back and saves the day.

    XMICHRAUNgood is my new favoritist term. I think that it is safe to say that our species may have 5 years left...
    less if GM & Chrysler go down and the NET transforms all of their empty manufacturing facilities into Killbot factories! Wow, timing really is everything in Life.

  9. Both.

    Here goes "Eagle Eye."

  10. It makes me a little nervous...

  11. reysputin2:11 p.m.

    al gore never said he invented the internet.
    it's true, and pretty soon you will be able to look that up, too.

    we've been done for a long time, so this may marginally speed up the process. i'd say we've got five or six generations left, and the last three of those are spent aimlessly wandering the plains looking for survivors.

    don't forget to floss.

  12. Oh come on mate, as soon as I ask it something it will go WTF and burn itself out trying ta figure out not only the answer but why i asked!

  13. I hope they do not cross it with "Ask Jeeves" or the whole planet will be taken over by butlers....

  14. Sweet Jesus, Ask Jeeves is total toilet.

    If this all goes ahead, Don - I really think I'd better lay off the internet banking.

    Thta's not code, I really mean banking.

  15. Reminds me of a very nice story of Lem. That IT only has a chance if it's able to grab all the technical networks that run machines and energy thingies - power stations? or how it is called. Otherwise we pull the pluck and flush it down, useless code in electronical nirwana.
    But it's a fascinating phantasy to have IT taking over ... would IT create a God? Would IT develop a positive utopian outlook for a "better world"? I think IT would not care one rotten bit for us, because it can not say and destinct between "good" and "bad". Every human can come to a bascical set of rules with another human, regardless of the cultural background. IT has no moral and can not develop one, and so it would simply have no idea for a world without the human virus.
    Hasta la vista, Donnn ...

  16. Sometimes, in your quest for the latest greatest bullshit, you come up with the most obscure.

    What, so now we're all to stop making up our own minds and thinking and just go to this for all our answers?

    Pretty soon, we won't have to think ourselves. Which seems, in some quarters, to be the whole point.

    Every sci-fi show on TV or in the movies now will be our guide. Every new thing on the Web.

    I get that this is tongue in cheek. But for the wider world, I wonder how tounge in cheek it is.

    People actually believe this crap. Isn't there a slight danger here? Or at least one hell of a joke?

  17. It makes me a little nervous, but I also don't like to stand in the way of what could be good change-I don't know enough to say it is good change or not so good change yet.
    Why it makes me nervous is because I've had people online tell me "I looked at your house" on the Internet.....hmmm, I'm not with a brokerage or anything, they just SEARCHED. WHY?

    It isn't so much any techno I fear, but the nuts using the techno. ~Mary

  18. Nawww, we're planetary cancer and this is just an extension of our self serving activity on earth. IT will never develop any morality to judge us, that's a sci-fi substitute for god. Just like the idea advanced space aliens will invade and either lead us to some cosmic peace or eliminate us for our bad stewardship of the earth. We like the idea of some smarter, stronger figure to take control over our ultimate destiny so we don't have to.

    The BIG issue for me is that the new Terminator and Star Trek movies better not completely suck. (I'm appropriating your Spock image as wallpaper, it's brilliant).

  19. I think I'm going to come here simply for all the eye candy......let these other guys do all the commenting..........

    You mean Google is Skynet? And here I thought all along it was Micromessepupbutohsosoft!

  20. Can it tell me where I put my car keys?

  21. Bonus points if it realizes I don't own a car.

  22. hey donn. you are awesome. thanks for the cheer up on my bloggy. you rock like none other.

    i appreciate you.

  23. "Der Spiegel" tested the new wondethingy. The facit is:
    "Auf dem derzeit sichtbaren Niveau ist Wolfram Alpha eine beeindruckende Demonstration: Mit dieser Software ist viel möglich. Als Such-Werkzeug für den Alltag ist das Angebot hingegen noch unbrauchbar."

    "at the current level Wolfram Alpha is an impressive demonstration: There is a lot possible with this software. As a search-tool for daily use it is still un-useable."
    Yes, they saied "still". :)


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