Thursday, May 07, 2009


It's time to get back to my original mandate. 

Why do Humans persist on doing the same sh*t over and over and over? 

That is why I call us Homo ESCAPEONS...not only have we escaped eons of opportunities to correct our behavior and make this world a better place, we continue to escape reality by slavishly worshipping money, status and celebrity?

The problem is, no matter how deep you dig, you find that we're still doing the same old sh*t that we've always been doing...
just more efficiently  thanks to technology. 

I realise that it's probably moot even persuing this line of questioning...
 but I'm going to attempt to flush out some answers by rooting around the crap that keeps us evolutionarily constipated...
or not!

*Special shout-out to Old Knudsen for the imagery, the perfect metaphor for finding out aboot Life


  1. What are you talking about?

    Nice pic,lol.

  2. Welcome back!!! I like the brain rooter guy the best. MWUAH!

    The answer? Because we are creatures of habit and tend to do what is easiest... for the most part.

    Just call us a species of lazy sods who can't be bothered to make the effort to do things differently.

    Have a great day, Donn!

  3. Oh, no, you've taken over for Gupta.

    I can only answer your question with another question: yes, why do we?

  4. As an almost-old dude, I want to thank you on behalf of all us almost-old dudes and dudettes who noticed how much easier it was to read those HUGE fonts you used in this post. Now, no, I am NOT admitting that almost-old Homoescapiens REQUIRE large fonts in order to understand what has been written here, but if I WERE, I would be inclined to think that YOU, having only recently joined our ranks, thought we might benefit from the most kind and considerate effort you put into it. We also realize that you may have done this strictly by accident and never intended to make the verbage easier to access, and if that was the case, we, the almost old dudes and dudettes, would like to inform you that we love you anyway, and are mostly, if not all, very happy that you did not die of the mexican-almost-deadly-but-not-really Pig/Bird/dumbshit flu. Have a nice day.

  5. we don't do the same things over and over. if we did, we wouldn't need to fear the earth imploding from our "advancements".

    somehow, i think that wasn't reassuring.

  6. Is your man date with Old Knudsen?

  7. Don't you wave your moots at me, Mr Rooter...
    Yep, Ponita's right the majority of us are bloody lazy [including me!]

  8. Fluke of evolution. We need to have limited seasons of heat, partial lobotomies, hooves instead of hands, then everything will be back in balance. Except we should grow large venemous fangs so we don't go completely extinct. Actually I hope we evolve to have venemous fangs regardless, because that'd be cool.

  9. Sir, that is a Sisyphean task! But nothing that a little penicillin won't knock back.

  10. I think XL just called you a sissy.

    Either that or he has a lisp.

  11. Hoomins do the same old crap over and over despite the ability to actually improve things because they do not want to change..and well, they are too dumb to know it.
    I see it all the time, frequent fliers...patients, coming in again and again for the same thing knowing full well they have been educated yet still go home to do the same old shit again and only to end up back again..and so, you know, you just cannot help dumb!

  12. Anonymous3:46 a.m.

    Flush out?

  13. SO!
    Ya gonna be ROOTING around......can I come too.
    I like ta watch..........LMAO

    If ya always do what ya always done....Ya will always get what ya always GOT!

  14. My mom always said that I made so many mistakes that she despaired of me. I said: "At least I never make the same mistake twice." She said:
    "What's the use of that when you keep making new ones."

    oh well.


    we'll always be fucked up... we're always pissing God off, getting flooded, pissing Iraq off... oops Bombs ... pissing the neighbors off...

    its just the cycle of life to be bullshit.

  16. Anonymous11:42 a.m.

    Don't waste your time. You'll just find that it's all Paris Hilton's fault.

  17. I didn't think you had ever STOPPED doing what you say you're going to go BACK to doing.

    It's just that you, like all of us, need diversions from time to time. And the neat thing about you is while you take all this crap seriously, you usually do that with a giggle and a joke.

    Welcome back to what you never really left. Welcome back to the future, philosopher king.

  18. 'make this world a better place' .... be careful what you wish for Donn.

  19. We continue to escape reality by slavishly worshipping money , status and celebrityWell Duh!
    Your going to make me listen to whale song and eat Tofu
    I can just tell


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