Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was spent in the bosom of my gatherii familias and was a predictably raucous occasion of Dyonisian proportions. Yes the Greek God of wine, festivals, madness and merriment was kind enough to bless us at Easter.

According to Wiki: Dyonisus represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences.

His presence became self-evident during a well intentioned slip of the tongue which somehow escaped the filtering process just before we began a splendid meal.
A veritable event horizon.

An event horizon is a boundary in the space/time continuum, most often surrounding a black hole, beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer.. ya had to there!

Light from beyond the horizon (out of left field) passes through the horizon from the observer's side and appears to freeze in this instance, through the miracle of alcohol, the moment became forever frozen in time and arrived during the prerequisite, calendaric, recitation of grace..and it wasn't me!

"Heavenly Father...

we thank you for everyone who is gathered here today and bless this food for chrissake*.


*exact moment of event horizon followed by a nanosecond of awkward silence.



  1. If I recall correctly, you have posted that last photo before this!

    Do you think all of have short memory span or what?

    I think you have forgotten your manners. Or my blog id. I suppose with your pea sized brain I shouldn't be surprised of that fact.

    YOU complete me!

  3. I prefer to keep the bosoms of my family members at arms' length.

  4. Ah yes, the event horizon followed by awkward well I know it...

  5. Great cartoon at the top...giggles...

  6. I am no stranger to the slippy tongue.

  7. Anonymous3:34 p.m.

    I have noticed what you did yesterday I was just wondering:

    did you do the first action out of hypocrisy or the second one out of cowardliness?

    Either way I just found it hilarious.

  8. Anonymous3:52 p.m.

    Is that Shiva for Chrissakes? *Moment of embarrassment*

  9. MJ
    Tru dat!

    You don't get to pick your family so for most of us it is a true test of our resolve and compassion for this microcosm of humanity.

    Poor wittle wabbit..we've all had mornings like that..well metaphorically speaking.


    Bit of a glitch I'm afraid and I would say that it is my fault for succumbing to my proclivity towards giving new bloggers the benefit of the doubt and my inability to properly peruse your callous comments and take notice of the extra effort you exert being a caustic ass and dissing others.

    Overcompensating for one's self at the expense of others is textbook cowardliness.

    Life is short and there are millions of other bloggers for you to bully..if you must...
    so please, feel free to remain conspicuously absent.

  10. It's funny isn't it - the taking the Lord's name in vain really took off didn't it.

    I mean you can replace it with, 'oh Pontious Pilot' all you like but it doesn't have the same ring to it as Jesus, Jesus Christ. Christ on a bike, Jesus H Christ, for Christ's sake etc etc.

  11. I LIKE IT!

    We should all drink more wine beer and spirits!

    Now where did I put my glass?

  12. Ha! That was funny! Clearly someone in your household thinks WW is a god!


    i have nothing funny to say today. me all out of funny for a min. but these songs rock!

    i just found portishead and love, love them.

    thought you would too.

  14. Anonymous8:16 p.m.

    Although you have expressed yourself in an exquisite English, you did not answer my question. I'm forced to believe that cowardliness was the right answer.

    May I add that I just loved the jeu de mots you did with my nick name and I am thinking on using it, if you allow me that is. It was so witty and mature I wish I could had think about it before. Being myself a queer man it's so appropriate the ass joke.

    I never intended to bully you, my dear. Frankly I think I could never do so. It was just a matter of curiosity to know what makes a man change his mind in such a short period of time and plus endorse ostracism.

    AS we say in my country: «É a vida...»

  15. I'm not quite sure what you just said (a black hole ate my baby!) but it was sublime!

    And no, your pathetic attempt at subliminal logic had no effect on me whatsoever. Please find enclosed the check for $1000.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. MUTLEY
    Shiva me timbers!

    I'm not sure if that same rule applies to other cultures. I'm led to believe that in some instances cursing simply guarantees a swift public beheading.

    I thought that you might like that.

    HAHAHA! Don't tell him that it will go directly to his head

    Yes indeed I am acquainted. I have nicked several cool songs from your site already..keep 'em coming

    F something or other
    Let it go Son, let it go. If you want to piss in the tall grass with the big dogs you need to know when to stop yapping.

    Quit flattering yourself. Perhaps I can simplify this by stating that I mistakenly supplanted my link to your site because I was under the impression that you were someone else...stop the presses!

    Once I realised how poorly you had treated so many other bloggers in my corner of the blogosphere (bad form old chap, bad form) I simply extracted it from your list. Mystery solved.

    Now you can stop being such a big girl's blouse and sleep tonight.
    And don't try and play the gay card crap avec moi...puhleeze!
    Do I sound like Rush Limbaugh?

    Watch out for that Karmic Boomerang.
    Good Day to you Sir.

    Whatever it was that I said has obviously worked. If I can extort $1000 a week from everyone else I just might be able to finance my plans of becoming the King of Tuvalu...or Vanuatu...
    either-or, they both sound cool.

  18. i stopped reading after 'bosom'.

  19. I had an awesome long wknd too...with fam & friends! :)

    LOL @ur post and that last God pic, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA u r too funny Donn!


  20. Is that God peeping out from the sky?

    I 'teased' your fish as requested!

  21. MISTIOh dear! How would you ever get through a Romance Novel? Those things are full of heaving bosoms!KESHIROOI had a nice loooong weekend too ;)
    That image of you-know-who is of course from Monty Python's Holy GGGGGrail.
    I nearly died laughing when 'HE' said "OF COURSE IT'S A GOOD IDEA!"
    HI MONA!You are such a good sport. I know that a lot of people try to avoid feeding my fish..because I can see how long they were here heh heh heh..actually I couldn't be arsed to review the site meter..if I ever get to that point you know what to do.

    *pulls taser out of drawer and lowers it to the tender swimsuit area((OWWWWWWW))

    Thanks for visiting.

  22. LOL

    Reminded me that when i was 17,I once wanted to tattoo Dionysos on my back.Thanks Zeus I have thought twice about it!:D

  23. CANDIEThere is still time..c'mon...buck buck buck...
    and make sure that it is scaled for billboard visibility.

    Go BIG or go home!

  24. Fargin fantasticness!!!!

  25. I have an award for you at mine.

  26. Now that your fishies are at the top and I don't have to scroll down 20 yards to find them, I feed them tidbits whenever I visit. They seem to like it.

    Having not grown up with god or religion or anything like that, I have never known what to say for Grace, except that she is my cousin... and I think she can speak for herself. :-)

    Too funny, though!


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