Friday, January 02, 2009

Satanic Santa
I need to vent. Why is it that every year some asshole feels the need to acquire infamy through some unspeakable act of senseless violence.

This year it was Bruce Pardo, who dressed as Santa Claus, mercilessly gunned down nine relatives at his ex-In-Laws annual Christmas Party. He started off by shooting an 8 year old girl who answered the door in the face! Pardo then executed his ex-wife, her parents, two of her brothers and their wives, a nephew and a sister. Then he sprayed the house with gas which a pilot light ignited and his Santa Suit appropriately melted to his skin.

Then this coward drove to his brother's home and shot himself...f*cker! He had $17,000 in cash and a plane ticket to Canada. He also managed to booby-trap his car with explosives...this was all premeditated.

Now we all want to know what pushes people over the edge..Pardo was an unemployed electrical engineer who had just got divorced..he had lied to his wife about his past..none of the children that he murdered were his.
There is no need to recite the lunacy of America's inexplicable love affair with Firearms. That horse left barn decades ago.

What drives me insane is how these supposedly insane whackjobs are so self's all about them..poor me..the world hates me..well I'll show them!
F*ck You! It's times like these that I regret my agnosticism because a place like HELL would be too good for a cowardly c*nt like Pardo.

I marvel at how we're supposed to feel some sort of empathy for his travails...
as if you can justify his rampage by exploring his psycopathy..
our politically corrected society wants you to think that everyone is a victim...

Just kill yourself for f*ck sake.

If only we had the technology to have revived him and then shot him and then repeated that procedure nine times.

Oh now you're famous Pardo congratuf*ckinglations!
Every year at Christmas people will talk about the Killer Santa and wonder who will copycat and try to outdo you...
you f*cking asshole!

As much as I am terrified by the thought that someday an Orwellian Big Brother type Government was monitoring everyone 24/7 I can understand how people might be tempted to acquiesce to such extreme measures in order to feel safe. It makes you wonder why we waste Billion$ on bomb technology instead of researching how the Human Brain functions?

If only Humans were more like Smoke Detectors and had a little red light that flashed and a beeper that warned others that they were about to go off.


  1. What I feel reading this is not what I would call rage. I can't even begin to describe it.

    Can we ever understand what drives a person to do this kind of drastic acts?

  2. ...and then they will make a film about it...

  3. I'm not defending the character of people who go off the deep end like this one, but yes, when enough pressure is put on someone, there is no guarantee that any one of us would not just snap and do things we could never imagine doing. Bullies in schools find this out the hard way over and over again, and will continue to do so until society gets a clue and deals with bullies rather than the bloody aftermaths.

    Also, judges pouring salt into the wounds like taking away this guys dog, well, that sure as hell didn't help things. We have to understand that insuing that there are losers in these situations, like divorce settlements, are always going to stir up emotions and possibly result in setting off some borderline nut cases.

    But yea, it would be nice to revive the victims and let them dispense justice, wouldn't it?

  4. In these cases I always ask myself why life can't be rewinded so that
    things happen the other way around, like he could have shot himself in the first place.

    It makes me think of a film I saw years ago that you've surely seen too: "Falling down" -Michael Douglas goes from being very upset to become crazy agressive and extremely violent as things get more and more complicated in a fatal day-.

    Of course, this is not an excuse, but modern lifestyle does not help at all. Combine this with free access to all kinds of gun and weapons and there you go.

    You're right, it would be great to have a red light warning others we're about to go off, and a good therapy for human health to blow some steam off before doing something irreparable.

  5. It makes no sense that these psychopaths want to do harm to ttohers... but it is probably something along the lines of "I'll make you pay" before they do themselves in.

    I think this scenario is quite different from the one of the Greyhound bus killer we had up here a while back, as that guy is seriously mentally ill, not just pushed over the edge with anger. Once he started on meds, he was totally horrified at what he had done. Him... I can feel sorry for.

    This guy... well, he was just a sh*tbag assh*le who couldn't be bothered to figure out a way to cope with life's challenges, so he got out the gun and took the easy way out. Unfortunately, he didn't just take himself out... that is what sucks big time.

    Rant away, Donn.... we are with you on this one for sure.

  6. the only thing i feel bad about is that the bag of shit didn't do himself FIRST.

    now go take a hot shower and have a nap. *brings don a nice toddy, a warm Monica, and sets his slippers nearby*

  7. Ban the guns. That is all. At least bank robbers give you a sporting chance.

  8. It's a sad situation all around. The people who knew him said he was a nice guy. The divorce got ugly--is there ever a pretty one? But I can't help but also feel for his own family--his mother and family and especially his kids. How do you even recover from something like that, your dad killed your mom and other family members?

    I hope they find some way to recover from this tragedy.

  9. Well said. I agree..why the hell don't they just kill themselves and leave the innocent alone for heaven's sake.

    I, for one, cannot imagine the lack of humanity it takes to shoot an eight year old in the face. Don't. Get. It.

  10. Speechless. And very saddened.

    It's impossible to say what sets people like this off on a chain of violence.

    It's a shame that there were no signs to speak of until the acts were committed.

  11. To simplify things...........
    A drunk driver will blame alcholol
    A druggie will blame drugs
    A murderer will blame whatever it is ... being beaten as a child ... being molested whatever it is ta pass the buck on ta something else or someone else.........

    It is human nature........
    Even in normal human behaviour we find the same ... broken marriages and relationships we lay the blame......... We always have to lay blame somewhere ta justify our actions.
    WE as homo spapiens do not want to be accountable..... and that my friend is what it is always about.
    Accountability .....Just as i am accountable for all the spelling mistakes I have made in these comments ........
    I need a teacher........bugga!

    It's that simple.........

  12. it's scary who can drop in nowadays.
    but we can't get too paranoid i guess..


  13. okay, sorry.
    i get twisted when i hear sad news.

  14. I agree with you 100% on this issue. I am a newbie to your blog... you have a new fan.

  15. I am totally with you on this. I just can't feel sorry for this motherf*cker.

  16. I especially don't understand how someone could murder a child. Bu it doesn't make me angry so much as terribly sad.

  17. Oh man I didn't know he had a ticket to Canada LOL. Did he think it's life a safe haven up here or something? Did he think we wouldn't ship him back there once he was caught? What an ass.

    Anyone who tries to justify his actions needs to be punched in the face. He was a messed up POS and we're better off as a whole now that he's dead.

    Sometimes people just need to die for the betterment of society. Hilter anyone?!?

  18. He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death.

    This guy had planned his actions for quite awhile and fooled everyone into believing he was a "nice" guy.
    A Wacko who thankfully got burned along the way or there would have been more dead.

    Even without access to guns, he would have done the maximum damage possible to the ex, her family and maybe his own mother. Flame throwers aren't available for most consumers and yet he managed to construct one. (granted, he forgot to write a safety manual for himself)

    His wife divorced him because he was a weird, lying stranger after the wedding.
    Makes you wonder what really happened to the son he was hiding?
    Why did the police have a mugshot of him?

    You never really know who is in the elevator with you, a small percentage of the population are as crazy as loons. Pray they don't have power over the rest of us.
    Happy New Year!

  19. Some people just seem to have something broken inside them. Some mental switch that doesn't flick when it's meant to and allows them to actually do these things, where others might only say "I wish she were dead!" in a moment of anger. Not that I'm making excuses or condoning what he did, at all - I believe there is ALWAYS choice, and he made the wrong one. It's pretty f*cked up.

  20. I'm not condoning what the guy did either.

    But our culture and society and the pressures and the too many things moving at lightning speed past us will leave certain vulnerable individuals at risk of snapping like this guy did.

    I don't see him as a victim, and this is horrid. I just don't think it's all that simple.

    The best thing of all WOULD be your idea of some sort of internal smoke alarm that went off when somebody was getting close to something of this magnitude.


  21. maybe science will eventually actually help us do just this--if we can genetically monitor all other kinds of things, how about a fail-safe switch for rage-aholics?


    And thanks for stopping by the Virtual Tea House and leaving the comment about wolves...I agree about their gifts to us, few of which we really get. I am so enjoying the rescued Geronimo--he's a remarkable animal and teaches me everyday, if I'm willing to learn and slow down so I can hear!

    Nice finding your blog--

  22. Almost too depressing for words.

    Anyhoo. . . happy 2009

  23. Donn my friend,

    What this man did was no less horrid than the man I read about yesterday that murdered his yong son of 2 1/2 just so he would not have to pay child support.

    We all have times that are hard and we make a choice. I am not saying he wasn't mental, he had to be in some respect given the act, but he also knew what he was going to do. Perhaps he had a hard life but abuse is never and excuse.

    I simply think that there are people that have never learned how to manage their anger, they have lived their lives hiding their pain and anger so long that it simple has no place to go other than out. Sadly, signs were there, but no one took the time to see them.

    Maybe we can learn from this, but not judge everyone by this books cover.

    soft love,

    My hyperbolic bloodlust for Revenge in lieu of Justice is obviously overstated but this guy planned this for months. Horrific indeed.

    Yeah..isn't that equally terrifying? If it wasn't for an endless supply of human abominations we'd all be stuck with Rom-Coms.

    Our entire Justice..I mean Legal System is designed to work with the aftermath. There is no preventitive plan and most criminals could care less about incarceration or fines pffft!
    Sociopaths are too self consumed to consider the consequences because they are unaware of the concept of others.

    I don't think that it was the dog that put him over the top.

    I remember Falling Down and how it interwove all the blame for his meltdown on external forces that were beyond his control. Remember the Gun Store nutjob..he was the scariest because there are thousands of asshats like him in the USA.

    Our system is not designed to protect us from's all set up to keep the money pump going..anything that impedes commerce is more important. People? Whatever.

    I'd like to know exactly where our Medical Sytem is headed in dealing with potentially harmful people. Because there is so much stigma attached to mental illness we still can't talk about it..even though everyone on TV seems to have a need to have a label or issue to bandy about.

    I know I'm not helping with this line of thought but political correctness be damned...if someone is a ticking time bomb then the Shrinks need to contain them..which is nearly impossible and possibly why Psychiatrists have the highest rate of suicide.

    In Canada less than 4000 people per annum commit suicide (peak years are 45-49) and most of them are NOT the sociopathic killers that should be voluntarily extracting themselves from the population.

    We can't rely on murderous rampaging psychotics to pull the pin so basically we need Judge Dread.

    It would be impossible for the Americans to lay down their arms because they need to protect's too late for that.
    If they did collect the guns then only the criminals would be armed.
    They need to build 10x as many prisons and instituions to warehouse the dangerous types and they won't do that either because it will be too they are stuck playing the odds.

    This guy was a sociopath who tried to manipulate others and make them think that he was a nice guy...sociopaths can be very charming when it is in their best interests.
    Not all divorces need to be uber dramatic...mine was a matter-of-fact affair free of he said/she said bullsh*t. The personal pain was terrible but there wasn't any vindictive immature stupidity on either side. This guy got caught living his lie and his ego couldn't take it so he wanted the world to pay..well f*ck him!
    He got off easy.

    I don't know either and I cannot estimate an appropriate response other than a slow painful death..lingering...which of course makes me equally hideous so that is why swift painless deaths are exacted by Governments.
    The Death Penalty was abolished in Canada in the 60s but public demand for it has never gone below 60% according to the polls. So what do we know?

    There were prolly hundreds of clues but unfortunately we don't get involved in our neighbours/co-workers business and his shrink can't force him to help himself until after he can prove that his patient poses a threat to himself or others.

    Since most people keep to themsleves it is impossible to know what is goin' on unless they start strangling cats or losing it in which case it is often too late.

  26. MISTI
    You're right most people can keep it together and control their impulses. If we get totally spooked and withdraw from a public life then we all suffer the consequences.
    Citizens need to stay on top of their elected officials to make sure that security is a HUGE issue and that they need to do whatever it takes to protect the majority of us who try and live by the rules.

    Welcome aboard to my rant-o-rama post! I will hopefully resort to my usual ridiculous banter so that you don't think that I'm Dirty Harry Vigilante Man.


    Your Lioness hormones are in full swing and protecting your cubs is your top priority...I'm sure that your blood pressure hit the roof when you heard about this.

    What really pisses me off is that had he lived he would have had years of litigation and protracted appeals...his rights would all of a sudden supercede those of his victims because they were unfortunate but he is still alive and maybe he can turn his life around...f*ck that nonsense.

    As the Father of four I would have been furious that I would not have the opportunity to kill him with my bare hands. I know that wouldn't bring them back but it would be justified. I am terribly saddened that a beautiful young innocent life was taken before it really had a chance...can you imagine the horror of a Christmas gathering turning into that nightmare? I cannot think of a suitable punishment for such cowardice which would need to be swift...and that is not something that the American Legal System is set up for.

    He was a total POS and we are better off that he is gone but we need some sort of early warning system. Look at the terrible price paid..there is no reconciling the cost/benefit ratio. He should have been neutralized long before he caved to his psychotic episode.

    Now there is a comforting image..the person in the elevator with you..and of course the media goes wild and makes us think that we're next? No reports about the 330 million people who had a wonderful Christmas who wants to read about that no instead they went I am..on this one in 330 million incident.

    But it was so despicable and I hate the hindsight just know that all the tabloids are going to find neighbours and co-workers who say "Now that I think about it he did seem.."

    He was greatly improved by death.

  27. STACE
    Choices are great for the majority of us who are usually lucid and not living in the Twilight Zone. We all lose it once in a while and say things that we regret but few of us ever take it beyond that.

    People who do should be monitored..the greater good..whatever happened to the greater good? Political Correctness and the supreme right of the individual regardless of guilt...our legal system is based on proof of guilt instead of justice and I know that's a slippery slope. All men are NOT created equal...why don't we start there. I sound like a totalitarian monster? I am just so pissed tired of all the bullsh*t.
    So angry about innocent children dying and asshats getting away with we really need to preserve these bad units? I'm just askin' is all..can we afford to keep going on the path we're on?

    Well if we're going to get an early detection system in place we'd better get started. I have no doubt that the future is Orwellian Big Brother...people will soon be too nervous to watch the rise of gated communities and enclaves for the middle class.
    Stepford-pleasantville type neighbourhoods where you need to be pre-approved. People will pay for the piece of mind..

    Unfortunately brain research and gnetic engineering are a few generations away from helping my cohorts but I concur. At some point the MAN will need to breed more reliable Sheeple that won't interfere with Commerce..they can't afford to have sociopathic wolves spooking the flock? No No No. They need to be clam and preferably dumb.

    and I managed to work in another Wolf metaphor for you..albeit this wasn't a very nice one.

    Sorry. It IS too depressing for words but it put me over the top and I needed to vent. I just can't erase the image of that little girl answering the door. It makes me ashamed to be part of this species..and it makes my blood boil.

    You're right I did not intend to whitewash depressed divorced dogless engineers with the same brush I just wanted to somehow get over my frustration about living in a world that includes such monsters. I know that they make up a microscopic portion of the population..I know that some pull themselves together and I realise that many have been tortured their entire lives and managed to keep a grip on their impulse control...these are real heroes.

    But this's just so gawdam depressing. Thanks for your calm consideration T.

  28. Donn- Horrid. Someday, I hope we can prevent such peeps from being born. Yes, peace on Earth and more...

    You have quite a good invention idea here at the end with "If only Humans were more like Smoke Detectors..."

  29. I don't care for justifications of any kind. No, he was clearly not a nice man! And, yes, we all have the ability to snap. But this? This was premeditated and to kill the 8 year old in the face? WTF? MOTHERF*CKING ASSHOLE!!!!! it's too f*cking bad he managed to kill himself. Would have loved to see him in the slammer getting his just desserts by the code of ethics those scary f*cks in there live by. No words can describe what we are all feeling.


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