Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A recipe for disaster
LULU asked me to continue a meme..open the fourth folder in your picture files and publish the fourth picture. Here it is. I'm putting 4 pictures up.

This little album reveals how smart Bears are, and how not-so-smart People can be.

This family in Alaska apparently encouraged wild Bears to join them in their backyard. Armed only with a glass of red wine and an electric cattle prod, the Black Bears and one Brown Bear, seem to be on their best bearhaviour.
The date stamp reads 2005 so I do not know if these folks are all Bear Crap by now? The pictures look authentic.

As enchanting and Disneyesque as this scene would suggest, it is a recipe for disaster. Wild animals act on instinct and one should never tempt the fates.
The wrong Bear on the wrong day and ces personnes sont histoire.

That little jolt of electricity wouldn't even register on an angry Bear...
which can run as fast as a horse for a quarter mile...
and would make short work out of their human hosts.
This one is especially disturbing.
Let us suspend our disbelief for a moment and hope that they all lived happily everafter...

far apart from each other.


  1. Wow...that reminds me of the documentary about the guy who lived wiht grizzlies and studies them...and strangely enough was killed by one of them.

    These people will be thinned out, as the laws of nature decide.
    Why you would be so casual around a giant bear is beyond me. They should start carring around meatpies and let the games begin! :)

  2. I'm sorry, but these people are idiots.

  3. Blimey. And we moan about foxes...

  4. I think that you are wrong. I manage to live in harmony with the creatures in my garden - frogs, newts, pheasants, hedgehogs and the occasional dodo. Why can't these kind folk do the same?

  5. Ah, yes; the black bear; the bear that has been known to kill people and has adapted to invading homes for food. Nice. If they all get mauled and eaten, well, they had it coming.

    Clearly, these people weren't smarter than the average bear.

  6. Hey these are just more of your photo-fit thingies aren't they!

  7. Um, they're not the husband and wife who were dismembered and eaten by their bear family while the camera rolled on are they?

    I don't like bears because they look too much like people without being monkeys. There's something wrong about that. Like you said, the third picture is disturbing. STOP STANDING UP LIKE THAT BEAR! YOU'RE NOT A PERSON!

    I watched a documentary in the summer about tibet and it had a shot of a tibetan bear running across the bear mountainside and I said to my mum 'I bet that's where the yeti legend comes from'. And then for xmas my brother got the Planet Earth book and lo! at said the very same thing! It's because they look like hairy people.

    (by the way, I've just finished writing an essay on the atomised, narcissistic city and its citizens. Modern life makes us rude as hell because we are selfish but lack a sense of self. It's all very simple really...)

  8. i totally love animals... but huh uh... i am not doing the bears over for a glass of wine thang......

  9. That's just you and your friends in bear suits making people feel good isn't it?

  10. Uh... me thinks that 'brown' bear in the last photo is a Grizzly.... Yep, those folks are total idiots.

    Wonder if they made it into the Darwin Awards?

  11. Next thing you know they'll be letting PAGANS pick through the garden...sheesh......why did we ever let Disney make people think that nature is kind and gentle?

  12. That was just bearable.

    They look cute..... from a distance ... like a mile.

  13. Yeah, probably those bears had already had lunch before and were in a good mood, lol, but wait and tell me how many times can they do this.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. bears in the woods. wow.
    i don't have bears here. nor woods either. they do look cuddly but i don't want to be eaten.

  16. Now that's tempting fate. I will never get how people manage to convince themselves that:
    a) animals are really just humans in another shape, and
    b) nothing bad will ever happen to ME, those things only happen on the news.

  17. HAHAHA too funny! omg how beary beary scary is that! IDIOTS they r.

    Donno come n take part in my current post...I'd love to see ur answers lol!


  18. good gravy... when are people going to learn to stop forking around with nature!

  19. Hmmm...I sure hope somebody's up there with a camera....I enjoyed Grizzly Man, and Grizzly Family would make an excellent sequel....

  20. WOW @ those images!

    Hey, I've never known how to insert italics, bold, or add a hyper link in comments section.


  21. oh friggin humanity. sigh...well who cares...


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