Friday, November 14, 2008


Last night my city was featured on the American version of the hit TV series, THE OFFICE.

WhatEVERpeg has also been skewered by The SIMPSONS.
note the caption:


Personally I think that it's our weird & wonky name that attracts comedy writers.
Winnipeg is a First N'Asians word.
Loosely translated it means ho-ly f*ck is it cold...
hence the colloquial expression man is it nippy.

WhatEVERpeggers are famous for their ability to endure brutally cold Winters, the coldest wind chill reading ever recorded was −57.1 °C (−70.8 °F), on February 1, 1996,

and hot humid Summers,
the highest humidex reading recorded in Winnipeg was 48 °C (118 °F) on July 25, 2007.

Our envi-wrong-mental saving grace is that we average 317 sunny days per year so nyeh!

The CMHR CANADIAN MUSEUM for HUMAN RIGHTS is going to really put us on the worldmap.

I suspect that many visitors might be hesitant to visit WINTERpeg during the colder Months...

whatever WUSSIES?!


  1. I'll visit you. Honest.

  2. WhatEVERpeggers are really tough guys. When I was little, I lived 2 years in France, in the Alps and I thought I was gonna die of cold, but we only had -20ºC (-4ºF).

    (Btw, thanks for calculating the conversion -I forgot how to do that before I finished school-. ;))

    Take care and don't forget your scarf and gloves!

  3. Who gives a rats toss bag so long as the beer is chilled and the BBQ still works

  4. at what temp does gas freeze?

  5. I am still hot from the Phoenix summer even though we are dipping down to the low 50s at night... wait... maybe there is a more biological reason for my inner thermometer. Oh no...

  6. Yes, Donn, we 'Peggers are tough cookies. The rest of the world could take lessons from us!

    They would all learn what a tuque is, and garbos (all required gear for a proper Winterpeg wardrobe), and that you cringe when you see Sundogs.

    Summer calls for dips in DEET and layers of SPF 1500. But we all survive and do well, cuz we don't get SAD here in the Land of the Blazing Sun!!

  7. I'll visit when I can afford to. If that happens to be in the middle of winter, then fine, I'll arrive an iceblock!

  8. Your geese come here for the winter, and it's getting so they don't go back! :)))

  9. Two of my great grandfathers emigrated to Canada from England (both Londoners) and CHOSE to settle in Winnipeg ~ so there. 'Course the English immigrants on the other side of the family chose Mexico. No wonder I'm so restless.

  10. That's so cool to see or hear your city in pop culture! I remember that Simpsons episode! Wasn't Winnie the Pooh from that part of the world?

    Today, it got a little chilly, at 52 degrees F (11 degrees C)! I turned off the fan ;)

  11. Winnie is short for Winnipeg, where the soldier who bought the bear cub was from. Kind of a neat story. Check it out here:

    For a place that a lot of people say is boring, flat (which is true) and cold, we have made it into a lot of culture and history. I am proud to call Winnipeg home.

  12. -57 (windchill)? That's the best you guys could do? My gods, man, back in 72 I was walking home from swim team practice after school in -70 (that's straight fierenheit, the hell with wind chill), and I LIKED IT!

    Yes, I had to dash from store to store and run like hell across a frozen river and was hypothermic by the time I burst thru the door, but hey, that was life!

    That's back when Fairbanks Alaska was populated by REAL men, not airial killing lipsticked swine wolf murderers.

  13. 317 sunny days per year?

    I'm on my way!

  14. I do so hope your museum is a success - did you hear about our dome?

  15. Like that weather crap would scare another Canadian. Ha!

    I say they're attracted to Winterpeg because they heard some dude who lives there is Bob Ross' spitting image... when you Photoshop in a fro...

  16. I was discussing with a Canuk where in the world is there an ideal climate. I suggested that surely somewhere in canada there must be somewhere as nice as the UK, but with just a little more predictability. Well, when I mentioned Winterpeg he just laughed, and said, 'Why anyone chooses to live there I do not know'.
    But he did say it's better than east of there.

  17. I've never been overseas before

    Funny stuff. I've landed there before on stop overs to the land further west. Airport s'nice.

  18. bahahahah! :)

    wait, do u get to see aurora's ? that brings the cool factor to a whole new level.

  19. "WhatEVERpeggers are famous for their ability to endure brutally cold Winters, the coldest wind chill reading ever recorded was −57.1 °C (−70.8 °F), on February 1, 1996,"

    Why do us Brits complain about our weather??


  20. Seems like 50 is the new 40, green is the new black, and Winnipeg is the new Cleveland.

    Global warming?

  21. Listen tough guy -- The museum looks like Glinda the Good Witch's house -- and she is not dressed for winter OR summer in your neighborhood. You better give her the heads up -- because I'm telling you, she could turn.

  22. Just heard another bit of news that puts Winnipeg on the map: the original James Bond character, from the book, was based on a real-life spy from.... you guessed it.... WINNIPEG!!

    How cool is that!

  23. I like Winnepeg. Why? Because living in northern MN, our school took multiple class trips up there, including the museum of man and science? and lower fort gary? ... winnepeg was closer than the state capitol. I have yet to visit my state capitol... the building. I also like winnepeg b/c of the weakerthans and propagandhi and the saddest music in the world.

    I know winnipeg like i know that aunt I'm fascinated with from afar but don't want to ever visit again. I would make an exception for the weakerthans.

  24. Aw, just read that the World's Oldest Polar Bear, Debby, at the Winnipeg Assiniboine (*sniggers*) Zoo has been put to rest.

  25. well i wanna see your town!

  26. A great episode. Frankly, I'm jealous that you guys got a whole episode dedicated to you.


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