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"From: ellinidata Date: 2008-10-15 01:30

I told you
I got the text in an email,I apologized and I did put it out of Public Access,I have to admit it was a great one and that's why i posted it,

I am here on Opera because I love my friends .
I never looked to be famous or "infamous".
I was never nominated for the Clan Destiny,
I did not become MOTW because of it,
I did not win the summer story contest because of it,
I did not use it for any profit,
I feel that I am not that is looking for attention here.
It is sad that my two previous msgs and my actions did not mean anything to you.

Positive thoughts are coming to your way.

message #2


hi Espen, I did receive many comments from a member ,his name is Donn.
On April 4th,2008 I posted a post titled "ClanDestiny".

The text came from a friend in an email.
Donn received this Pmsg from me and I did include it in the above mentioned post for all readers to see:

I have no idea who you are,You commented on a post that I received in the mail by a friend from Athens Greece,and also on a post that has a You Tube video....till I find out more about it I will make my posts "friends access" only.

If the writing it is yours I apologize for posting it,if it is not kindly stop the comments.

Thank you,

PS.I happen to like the"annoying emoticons" sorry if you don;t enjoy them as much as we do on Opera.

PS2 Before you started to call names of "infamous" maybe you should have asked meas you see I am responding to your comments and I never ignore any ...*********what should be my next move??
should I delete the post??
I always used YouTube,Wakipedia and other sources for my posts ,in this case I wouldn't mind since I did apologize to Donn to either erase it or put it in a Private access...

Will you please kind and let me know??
thank you

so I replied

"Hello ellinidata/Angeliki

I'm glad that you aren't hiding behind your firewall deleting my comments and hoping that I'll just go away.

Now which part of this piracy incident don't you understand?
You can't copy and paste something that someone else has written unless you acknowledge them. Not only is that simple Blogospherian courtesy and common sense, it's against International Law.

Here is the deal.
You can A; either put my name on the post as the Author,
or B (for Better Yet) remove it from your Blog altogether and quit pretending that you wrote it...because believe it or not, that's what people will think...weird eh?"

"I don't know how I missed this one"
gdare, # 26. September 2008, 14:34:14

"Quite a post you made there Angeliki"
daxonmacs, # 5. April 2008, 12:12:12

"Excellent post"
lokutus_prime, # 26. September 2008, 13:51:51

"GREAT post!"
CultureSurfer, # 26. September 2008, 13:58:01

"thanks Loku and Naomi have a great Day +"
ellinidata, # 26. September 2008, 14:12:00

"For the sake of expediting this process and getting on with my life, I am going to assume that you do not understand any of these fancy schmancy concepts about intellectual property...seriously, doesn't that just sound like crazytalk?

Let me guess, you're just flitting about on the Internet to meet new people, have fun, and play show and tell with whatever pops up on your screen. Right?

All these Blogs and stuff out here on the Internet are just one, big, electronic, FREE, all-you-can-yoink, buffet! I mean wasn't the whole thing sort of set up for people to pick and choose "neat stuff" to share with all of their wonderful friends.

Of course it was.

Then you can all ROTFLMAO and innundate each other with those zany, madcap, emoticons. What a HOOT!

Ah shucks Angeliki, how could I ever stay mad at you ya big knucklehead. Gosh darnit anyway you were just havin' fun weren't ya? Who'd have ever thought that I would have ever found my post on your blog? Pffft! I mean really..what are the odds?

Boy, the Internet would sure be a real drag if everyone was as uptight as I am about all this property rights crap eh?

So anyway I guess I'll be running along now.
You try to stay out of trouble now ya hear.

Homo Escapeons"

True Story!


  1. huh! happy ending then. :)

  2. Bloody funny what a silly bint. I once posted a circulating joke and got praised for it and felt bad enough to reply in the comments that I had found it.
    I have been ripped off myself by someone who didn't think anything of it because they were obsessed with me, plagiarists are the price of greatness, no one copies a crap blog.

  3. I'm relieved she's investigating it to see if it really is yours.

    You must be very worried.


    (now trim that beard - you look like a mass murderer!)


  4. Okay mate, here's an best friend works for one of the biggest copyright lawyers in USA, she is just an email away...........................say the word man!!


    (Her name is Pam too, but don't let that confuse you, I seem to be meeting lots of Pams).

    We now have a Canadian Pam, 2 x Oz Pams and a USA Pam.


  5. I came here looking for Canadian Election insights, but this post hit a spot near to my heart.
    I hate thieves of any sort, especially lazy, incompetent ones.
    Nice catch!

    They stole my whalanol!

  6. Wow, Donn, what a ditz that woman is! How can you not know that what someone else writes is personal property and not to be absconded with?

    PamOz: I have been meeting Pams here too. How many m's do you want after your name? No... actually, then we will end up like Donnnnnn and it would get too confusing having to count the m's to figure out who you're talking to! Maybe let's stick to the country of origin and if there is more than one, add a number.... So you are PamOz1 and I am PamCanada.

  7. Of course, she has no excuse.
    And her bad excuse makes her sound sooooooooo stupid (she didn't know the post was yours... comeon!).

    Well done! She's still a talentless thief. What a nerve!

  8. Is English her first language?

    No, wait, English is the first language of most college students and they are even more incoherent than she is..........


  9. Another twist in the tale of the blog thief!

    But I am willing to make peace and honor your decision.

  10. I am obsessed with Old Knudsen but I would never steal from his blog.

    I am known, however, for continually trying to steal his cap.

  11. Off topic: Donn, I just came from MJ's where I left a response to your question. But I'll leave it here again.

    I've a post dedicated to formatting comments. It's on the right side of my blog, under the heading of "Helpful Hints". Here's the link.

  12. Anonymous1:42 p.m.

    That's the way to let her know you ain't taking that shit! Next time maybe she'll include a link when she thinks about stealing something. Sometimes you gotta learn basic blog ettiquette the hard way...

  13. I thought she came in Second in the Summer Story contest. ?
    Did I get that wrong?
    Is she even a she?
    Is there anything real going on there? Any truth at all?
    Donn next week you will write something just as brilliant as what was "borrowed" from you. The borrowers have ashes; you have the coals burning brightly.

  14. this kinda thing happens far too often....

  15. lol go get them don~~

    i'm after united medical

    we have been renting a hospital bed and oxygen for dad since july but since he is being placed on hospice, they will no longer rent to us and i had to find another rental (actually hospice did) to deliver another bed and oxygen in the morning for dad's homecoming to die, united medical wouldn't rent it to us for another 48 hours to 10 days because "it's company policy not to rent to hospice patients"
    when i called them to see when they were going to pick it up because i don't have room, or i am not going to make room to store it~the lady said "i don't know when we can pick it up because our delivery/pick up person is out because he's had surgery"

    my reply~~if someone is not here by 9:30, when the new bed is being rushed delivered because dad is suppose to be here around 10:30, i'll guess i'll have to take it to the dump~~then she asked me could i store it somewhere~~

    so i found the # and email for the company and left phone messages with the president and vice president

    i am going to write the newspapers, call washington, medicare and any one else i can think of

    can you believe they want me to store their equipment until they can find someone to pick it up when dad couldn't use it until he dies in a few days??

    go get her~~i'm going to campaign for united medical to either have to take hospice or at least not get paid or reimburse medicare since they have ALREADY been paid for october rent~~i'm livid and it gives me a great way to memorialize dad~~rights for hospice patients to be able to keep their rental equipment they already have~~ sad thing~~medicare most likely has already paid the full cost of the bed in the 4 months of rental fees they have collected

    thanks for all of your emails and comments

    please remember the freads for peace and comfort during our time of need

  16. I like happy endings! :)

    Atleast she/he had some sense in her!

    **Here is the deal.
    You can A; either put my name on the post as the Author,
    or B (for Better Yet) remove it from your Blog altogether and quit pretending that you wrote it...because believe it or not, that's what people will think...weird eh?"

    LOL Donn!


  17. btw Im looking at ur pics on the sidebar and Im fainting whenever I see ur shirtless one - the rockstar lookalike one...okkkkay Keshi!


  18. Anonymous4:47 a.m.

    Scurrilous, I say...just plain tasteless and scurrrrilous.

  19. "Ah shucks Angeliki, how could I ever stay mad at you ya big knucklehead..."

    mwhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhhahhaaa i loved that bit :)

  20. Anonymous9:24 a.m.

    Awww Donn. You are such a good sport. You totally took it with a grain of salt, yet somehow, your point came through loud and clear.

    Kudos to you for being a good guy!
    I personally would have been cyber pissed to the maxxx.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Anonymous11:08 p.m.

    Ahem, sorry about that.

    Interesting. And well handeled, Donn. Took her a while to get it, didn't it?

    Oh, and if you want to read an even uglier anon comment, go back and look what the guy (I don't know why, I just get a sense it's a guy) said right after your comment on today's post!

  23. Well played, coppens. Well damn done.You get a round of loud applause from all of us here Rancho FirstNations. You handled her with a lot more humor and class than I would have and still managed to reduce her to a pile of snippy, semi-coherent backpedalling and half-assed excuserey. YOU DA MAN!!!!!

  24. i saw it there- and i commented. silly tart. i can't believe she actually tried to play the innocent and list all the things she hadn't achieved by posting the story.


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