Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night I was Googling around and found out that this woman has copied and pasted one of my longwinded, tedious, postings titled:

CLAN DESTINY on Friday, 4. April 2008, 12:54:01.

which is i-f*cking-dentical to my CLANDESTINY posting from Monday, January 07, 2008 @ 10:04 A.M.

Have a lash for yourself

Look familiar? You can check my Archive or write Clandestiny in the little search blog thingy at the top of the page.

Now she goes by the name of ANGELIKI and her Blog is on O MY OPERA
which apparently is yet another Google Powered thingamablog.

In her profile HERE
she even mentions that her last movie seen was NameOfThe Rose, which is exactly how I had crammed the title together under my old profile, and under music I listen to she has Bloc Party...oh really, where are they from and what's your favorite song Angelikely...as if!

Coinky dink, I think not!

One small consolation was that her avatar is this picture of Jane Russell, but she wrote,

"I use Bette Davis' picture after receiving inappropriate msgs about my own picture."

Now I joined O My Soap Opera, which I had never even heard of, just to complain.
I suppose that the stolen posting will be gone in the click of an eye, but seriously, what is this sh*t!

Had she bothered to mention my name as the author I might have been flattered and less annoyed, but OMFGWTF!

Has this ever happened to you?
What should I do?


  1. For one, you should be flattered. You are important enough for someone to copy your work.

    Second, you can sit and bawl your heart out.

    Third, do nothing. Sit tight. Grin and bear it.

    And yes, it has happened to me too. I did find someone steal one of my poems. I couldn't do anything other than leaving a very angry comment on his post. Needless to say, nothing happened.

    PS: Don't overdo the Tami thing. Gautami I was, Gautami I am, Gautami I will be.

    GET THAT, Nuthead?!

  2. Solzhenitsyn stole the entire text of "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" from an essay I wrote in school. Fortunately, he never found any of my good stuff.

  3. I know how my links never work for you in the comments.

    So I've emailed you a link on how to deal with scumbags, I mean plagiarists.

  4. oh man...Donn...dont call her tami...she has a beautiful name Gautami.

    secondly, we can launch a massive cyber attack on the thief, bt the its not worth it. well jst have fun in ur blog instead. :D

    hugs bro.

  5. Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery among the ungifted and unethical. I don't know if it ever happened to me, I haven't looked. I do know others who have had whole articles cut and pasted. Anyone who would claim any of my poetry for their own is completely tasteless.

    I'm up for a good blog bombing if you decide to go that route. It sounds to me like someone is building a sock puppet for fun or profit, and scrounging content they think wil attract eyeballs. I see comment moderation in the future of that blog.

  6. how crazy is that! one of the blogs i read is a mom with twins, same thing happened to her, a strange woman used pictures of her twins as her own... strange i tell ya, strange...

    i think irritate her on a regular basis... and feel flattered of course ;)

    I imagine that poems (or the best lines) get stolen all of the time.
    I actually laughed out loud when I first saw it. I thought maybe she was going to attach some personal touch at the end or make fun of how poor the syntax was but NO.

    I shall be vigilant in my pursuit of protecting your work from the great unwashed.

    What really hurts is that her commentors didn't even talk about the post they just nattered about some other sh*t and sent each other a bunch of f*cking emoticons!

    Thanks. Blog Bombing sounds fun but I don't know whether it is worth it or not to further 'embarr her ass' any further.

    I sent the fine folks at O My Soap Opera a polite note and hopefully a suitcase full of $100 bills will arrive on my doorstep by noon..

    and NOT C.O.D.!

    It would be fun but all of our comments wouldn't get noticed unless we added all of those retarded emoticons!
    How scary is that? Emoticons?
    What are they 4?

    I suppose an attack would have to be swift and in large numbers and then her forces would come here and start harrassing me and then the whole thing escalates until the 'wet boys' make it look like an accident and then there is a Senate Inquiry and Oliver North denies any knowledge and the Russians start shipping Medium Range Missiles into Cuba...

    but it would have been fun.
    Maybe next time.

    That's Kidnapping! Cyberkidnapping anyway? It is so easy to yoink stuff out here. I'm surprised that it doesn't happen everyday..it prolly does..every minute.

    I'll just stay flattered and bewildered and hold off on the Blog Bombing because that's how I roll...
    aw Geeze I really want to go Bomb her site..SOMEBODY STOP ME!

    Angel already went over and gave her "what-for"..what a gal!

  8. oooo blog bomb -- that would be fun.

    She looks really boring -- and in need of some sleep. Up too late cutting and pasting.

    I say take it as a compliment and blog on! hat is, after the bomb.

  9. MUTHA
    She seems to have erased both of my restrained, polite, rebukings..
    no doubt starting her SHAME SPIRAL!

    I am tempted.

    *stuffs fist in mouth

  10. I should keep a little record of my comments...

    I'm not going to just let this plagiarism go that easily

    Plagiarism, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.

    By Homoescapeons, # 14.
    October 2008, 15:10:53

  11. There.
    I sent a few more because a few people e-mailed and said that nothing ever becomes of their chastisements to plagiarists so I just wanted to make myself annoyingly clear...like this one..

    "btw; did you happen to notice the name of my Blog?

    There, now a record of this will be hovering in the ether on Google forever and ever.


    By Homoescapeons, # 14. October 2008, 15:24:47"

    I'll bet that she had no idea that while I have made great progress in overcoming my superb nonconfrontational and Passive/Aggressive tendencies, I still reserve the right to hold on to issues for decades while they simmer and manifest into full blown incidents.

    WhatEVER. It's the principle of the matter and if my tediousness stops someone else from ripping off any of you, then there youhave it.

    I'm still open to an apology, acknowledgement, or even a far-fetched excuse.

  12. Ha! She already deleted them...bites tongue....
    oh what the hell a few more can't hurt?

  13. "OK I'm bored with this cat and mouse thing.
    We got off on the wrong foot..let's start over.

    Did you like my post and just wanted to share it and then just forgot to mention that I wrote it?

    Why not e-mail me and let's straighten this thing out.
    No problemo.

    [ EDIT | No doubt you will be clicking on this in a few minutes DELETE ]

    By Homoescapeons, # 14. October 2008, 15:48:21"

  14. What a fraud!

    Although... you are cool... who wouldn't want to be you?

    doing NOTHING proves nothing and accomplishes nothing. the offender gets away scott free and notches up another 'got away with it!' point, which reinforces this behavior.
    you MUST complain.
    and yes, keep a record of it. thats your rattlesnake head on the gatepost.

    *rips throttle, does a smoking burnout in the Escapeons Towers parking lot, sets random fires*

  16. You're famous now! Do yuo feel like you've made it now that you've been ripped off?

    Had a similar experience recently when I discovered that a blogger I know and like a lot has been copying my drawing style. She fully admits it, too, but some of the drawings are more than just style ripoffs -- and they sell. Actually, I'm really flattered because the work is clearly not mine, and she does credit me (though not where she sells them) so all I can do is think, "Meh! I must be good." :)

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but being impolite and not asking is just bad manners.

  17. what shall we do to help? Shall we put a contract out on her? I'm just in the mood to kill someone, it would be my pleasure.

  18. man! hemm...whats ur plan now Donn? what do we do?

  19. that was rude.
    but i have a sense of humor.
    but that was still rude.

    i had my music ripped and pasted on some site where they were using my piano playing to sell the originals. something connected to i can't remember where. amazon?
    at least i gave full credits to the composer and arranger, etc.
    this person used my 'mistipurple' name but i still don't think it was polite. i mean, i should get a cut of at least 5% off every sale they make. *sore loser me*

  20. They may be the same words but you've got the better audience, Donn.

  21. You're comments are much better, too.

    (in the absence of emoticons)

  22. Hey Donn!

    I absof*ck*ing hate plagiarism and plagiarizers, so I'm 100% for blog bombing.

    I write too, and I figure how you feel. I detest these people who take advantage on other people's work. That's not just copying, but STEALING the works of your imagination.

    Stealing posts from other people tells a lot about the people who do that: intelectual properties are the works of our brain, and have to be respected just the same as material properties. So, that lady is a common thief.

    The only defence I know is to copyright everything -it's not paranoid, just a way to protect your stuff-. And let everybody know that you do that, like

    Copyright © 2007 and 2008 by Donn Coppens. All rights reserved.

    It won't guarantee that you're not gonna be plagiarised, but legally, you can prove it's yours.

    I do that with all my stories, blog and books. Plagiarizers will copy you just the same, but they will never be able to claim what they copy as their own.

    (Grrrrrr... man, I'm sorry this happened to you. I would definitely try the blog bombing (you have all my support there)

    Take it easy, but let her know!!


  23. forget that plagiarism is a form of flattery...you don't want to hear that sh*t. don't f*cking do it!

    if it was me, i'd retitle this post as 'ANGELIKI IS A FRAUD AND A PLAGIARIST' and when people google it and see your post they know who it is. as a matter of fact, freaking post it on that website that she belongs to! that ought to teach her and anybody else with any bright ideas...which is probably the only type of ideas she has anyways since it seems she is incapable of forming creative, witty sentences herself!

    okay, i'll stop now...

  24. I don't think I've ever had a blog stolen.

    But you stole my heart, Donn. I'd have given it to you anyway XXX

  25. This is a little freaky, what if she comes downunder and tries to nick my ducks!?

    Keep her busy in Canada while I hide the ducks mate.

    You know who.

    Me. sometime in spring 08. Copywright-right!?
    This is protected and vaccinated.
    Use at own risk.

  26. Once all my artwork on my website was copied and turned into godawfull looking buttons that the person said was her artwork.
    The second time my site was inserted into a site in such a way that it looked like it was part of her site...she wrote me and bragged she had won awards on it.:)))
    Both without giving credit.
    Site one is gone, site two is static.
    Have your gang contact her gang and give them the heads up.
    Mostly I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's the internet, stuff gets swiped every day... now when conversations turn to the subject of being ripped off, you can join in, instead of being left on the sidelines feeling left out.*grin*

  27. Donn this has happened to me MANY times! Not only in Blogville but also in social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. some loser has made FAKE profiles using my pics, my words, my posts and my entire personality...and also linked me to porn sites!

    Alot of ppl warned me abt such bogus profiles...I tried to tell the authorities...I cudnt get ay help at all! Cos they wanted me to send a copy of my Drivers licence for proof of identity, before deleting those profiles. I told em to go fuck and I stopped worrying abt em. The net is a fucked up place where our WORK and IDs can be stolen etc and then there's nothing much we can do abt it.

    Just ignore. It only goes to show that ur FAMOUS, SMART and WORTHY of being copied. woohoo u superstar! ;-)


  28. btw I went to her site..I cudnt comment there?


  29. Anonymous6:55 p.m.

    Wow, that's wild. It may be flattering, but I think I'd hate having a post ripped off.

  30. I tried going there several times today to register my deep disgust but apparently shes set it to opera users only or something. i just want you to know that i tried, dammit. repeatedly. and I'm gonna try a couple more times before i hit the hay.

    *rolls up sleeves, makes sure molotov cocktails are secure in their crate, checks lighter*

  31. ...and now her blog is completely inaccessable.

    *snif* i feel so...excluded


  32. Ok man, this is what we do. We all plan a time and date to go over to her blog and leave inappropriate comments on her blog. I have quite a potty-mouth. We'll ensure to make comments about her picture as well.

    Failing that - hitman. Nicolas Cage is quite the guy from what I've seen. But he won't be cheap.

  33. Anonymous10:34 p.m.

    You need to rip her a new one. I mean, seriously! How RUDE! How OBNOXIOUS! How COME?! Maybe she doesn't have a creative bone in her body and had to copy you? Rip her a new one. Do it now.

  34. I shall be making offerings to the old gods to bring vengeance upon this thief!

    Blog bombs away! She won't know what hit her! A thief is a thief is a thief!

    Only the lowest, despicable, talentless, disgusting, filth steal other people's work and try to pass it off as their own! Parasite! Filthy, fake, fugly piece of crap!

    What ever you want to do, Donn, I'll follow. I'll declare jihad on her pathetic thieving ass and nuke her to kingdom come!!!

  35. Yes, this has happened to me twice that I know of, most recently by a professional comedian named David Kaye, who stole an old post I wrote about 'Whalanol' and added it to his schtick. I wrote to him and he gave me credit, but I'd rather have had cash.
    Numerous "eco-news" sites stole my satire and ran it as straight "news"...one sent me a "standard payment" of $12 after I made am empty threat to sue them, the rest ignored my complaints.

    Nice job on the catch and the take-down. Bette Davis? Sheesh...

  36. Nobody has ever snatched anything of mine, because truly, mine is just pointless drivel about nothing :)

  37. One of my cat-related posts has been copied wholesale by several blogs which evidently didn't understand it was satire.

    A couple of sites have reproduced my web articles and removed my details or published it in such a way it looks like theirs (a few have inserted their names, grrr). I've sent takedown notices, but there are some that have no contact info and their webhosts neither care nor speak English.

    I have sometimes published something in good faith where I had no author details only to be accused of copyright violations and amusing had 4 different people claim to be the original author of some pieces (none able to prove it) ... including pieces where I either was or knew the author! I still think the funniest is having one of my Wikipedia articles removed for copyvio ... of my own work which was GFDL-licenced, so sometimes you just can't win!

  38. If 'immitation is the sincerest form of flattery' I wonder what plagiarism is!

    Quite right, it wouldn't have killed her to credit you and actually PUT a link to your blog.

    Unless the dame doesn't have an original idea of her own of course and her entire blog is lifted from other peoples'

    I'd be wary of starting a flame war if I were you, but you are totally right to expose her and made your point.

  39. Good grief that is terrible.

    I don't know if it's ever happened to me, but I highly doubt it. ;^)

    Time to spam me thinks?

  40. i've found posts of mine around the interweb- but linked to me too, so thats okay.
    very weird.
    and now you can't access her blog at all (i went and told her off originally).

  41. am i crazy or r u coming back.


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