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According to Wiki:

A dead cat bounce is a term used by traders in the finance industry to describe a pattern wherein a spectacular decline in the price of a stock is immediately followed by a moderate and temporary rise before resuming its downward movement, with the connotation that the rise was not an indication of improving circumstances in the fundamentals of the stock.

It is derived from the notion that
"even a dead cat will bounce
if it falls from a great height".

Today's DCB in the markets can be credited to Bush, Mr. Free Market, and leader of the largest debtor nation in the world, who has offered to protect the American Financial Industry and the greedy gambling asshat fatcats who stay up late dreaming up new schemes to steal from the stockholders.
Instead of addressing reckless borrowing, encouraging people to save, or encouraging stockholders to take back control of their investments from CEOs who enjoy ridiculous, astronomical, f*cking salaries, regardless of performance, that are now 300 times that of the average worker.
Try and fathom the rationale for this list of CEO Compen$ation?
If this doesn't make you plotz, you are in a coma!
NOPE..Bush's brilliant plan is to 'borrow' One Trillion Dollar$ from Ma and Pa Kettle to cover the incredibly irresponsible actions of his buddies on Wall Street.
Today's dead cat bounce will not hide the fact that the American Dollar may soon be used as confetti.
Got Gold?


  1. Ha! Brilliant!

    Another nugget for Bush's list of legacies! Isn't he just the best politician in the history of mankind?

  2. Man they are sizzling.


  3. You are so cynical. The poor chap is only trying to help. I have written to him offering to lend the £47 I have had on deposit in the Bank of Harare, if it will help.

  4. i'd love to be a fly on the wall when he asks Ma for the money......

  5. Nothing wrong with Ma and Pa Kettle bucko!

  6. Asshat fatcats? I've never seen an asshat but the imagery is fantastic.

  7. Too busy plotzing to comment.

  8. I'm throwing a dead cat party with my confetti...wanna come?

    I hate Bush.

  9. dude... thats friggin scary!

    erm, is it odd that the DCB made me think of when really REALLY ill people recover "miraculously" just long enough to say goodbye and just before kicking the bucket?

  10. donn, do you think that life is a leveller and most people get what's coming to them. . .

    . . .or do some just get away with it?

  11. i wonder how high HE'D bounce if dropped from a great height? lets find out, shall we?

    btw you need a shave, dude.


  12. Brian Setzer could at least get his career jumpstarted again with "Dead Cat Strut" . . . .

  13. CHRIS
    Yup! He is that which we feared most...if he was wunderin' wut his legasy was goin'be the writin' is on the wall. The culmination of every bad idear that he and his posse imaginated has commenced comin' home to roost.
    You do the cipherin.

    Sizzlin? Do you mean the price of Gold now?

    HA! I had forgotten about that book it really caused quite a stir didn't it?

    You Sir, are one of a kind. I am humbled by your generosity..
    wait a minute, you're giving it to Bush!?

    Well. as I recall, Ma does all the thinkin' and Pa usually does as he's guess is that he'll be told to fetch his varmint scattergun to chase them Guvment fellers off the front porch.

    Never said that there was..they are the salt of the Earth..I just don't think that they should have to pay for all of Bush's buddies on Wall Street who have been looting...hmm, what do we usually do to looters?

  14. ANDREA
    Asshat is my fave term du jour..
    ain't it swell?

    We should all be plotzing up here because WHEN the sh*t hits the fan down there, we get it up the wazoo.
    This is NOT over, not by a long shot. Wake up stockholders of America. WAKE THE F*CK UP!

    Sure. i don't know why everyone thought that this would somehow just work out?

    You can't keep borrowing and borrowing, especially from the next EMPIRE with the largest army in the world and a sh*tload of Nuclear Weapons.
    Am I crazy?

    Yes they call that the Quickening..I always imagined that the USA would slowly retreat from centre stage and turn the Monroe Doctrine up to 11 and just wither away in their little world..but reeally that ain't America.. It's Go BIG or Go Home and I should have known better than believing in a graceful exit, stage left.

    I would toss the Karmic Boomerang to the people who deserve swift retribution and tell them to throw it as hard as they can.
    At times it seems that people usually get what they deserve but it takes so long that all the others pay for the delay...Hitler got off easier than Mussolini and tens of millions of people died waiting...people need to intervene...we can't afford to wait.

    Don't be ridicaluss, I'd bounth plenty high...let me tell ya..'cause I'm flouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun!!

    What are you talkin about a shave?

    Good to see ya old friend, it's very good indeed.
    I like that idea and the rockabilly angle fits it quite well with the ambience of havin' a good ole boy in that them thar orvil much longer?

  15. hahaha @pic #1!

    and nah Im not allowing u to throw in Kitties! ;-)


  16. For those who doubt reincarnation, I submit George Bush is Herbert Hoover.

    I'll help anyone who wants to test the Bush Bounce theory.

  17. "addressing reckless borrowing, encouraging people to save, or encouraging stockholders to take back control of their investments from CEOs who enjoy ridiculous, astronomical, f*cking salaries, regardless of performance, that are now 300 times that of the average worker" - don't worry - today I heard that our Gordon is going to sort out all that.

    You know that I would never really try to bounce a little pussy-cat?

    Bravo! It would be a lot more fun watching all of the cockroaches run from the harsh light of day if their reckless stupidity didn't have such dire consequences for the rest of us.

    It is spoiling my schandenfreude!

    Oh thank heavens! It's the answer to all of my prayers..
    except for the one about Monica Bellucci...
    but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?

  19. What a sublime phrase - I will steal it forthwith!

  20. Bush is a monumental asshat.

  21. I'm about this close to cracking my emergency molar and surrendering to the almond-flavored void.


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