Thursday, August 21, 2008


I must admit that my brain is still on Hollies but I did manage to intake a little info to try to kickstart the synapses.

Why do Humans know more about the Moon than the bottom of the Ocean?
We tend to look outward for insight...that's weird.
A good example of this behavior is found in THE TRUE BELIEVER by Eric Hoffer which I re-read religiously ((snort)) every Fall.

"Mass movements need people to devalue both the past and the present.
Mass movements appeal to frustrated people who are dissatisfied with their current state, but are capable of a strong belief in the future.
As well, mass movements appeal to people who want to escape a flawed self by creating an imaginary self and joining a collective whole."

Among other things it discusses how many people look out for inner strength because they are fleeing from freedom and the personal responsibility that it entails... LOOK OUT!! being the key phrase.

Oddly enough people who are content or reasonably so, think that the glass is half full and don't want to change the world. The Others want to validate their parking by grabbing on to something and someone else.

It also occurred to me that the Mammals with the largest brains on the planet have been communicating with others on the other side of the world for Millions of years...obviously it ain't Bloggers, try Whales...
and fyi Sperm Whales have the big 20 pound brain while ours may be more developed it only weighs about 3 lbs.

Whales can get down to the SOFAR CHANNEL (go ahead it's not too scientificky) and exchange their low frequency communications. Some scientists believe that Pacific and Atlantic Whales speak the same language but have a different accent..that's cool. You can check this out on one of the best shows that I have ever seen on the Discovery Channel HERE .

Since Summer will be over for us Northerners in a few weeks I am off to the Lake for the weekend to capture some lasting memories and I leave you with another young Canadian band that just so happens to have earwormed my noggin with my favorite Summer Song for '08.

SOFAR so good!


  1. Donnnn, this is very cool! I had never heard of the SOFAR Channel - it's amazing to think that whales speak to their cousins on the other side of the planet!

    However, in researching brain vs body size, if you compare males of the two species, our brains are still a much larger percentage of our body weight than that of the sperm whale.

    Avg. male sperm whale: 80,000 lbs with a 20 lb brain = 0.025% of body weight

    Avg. human male: 200 lbs with a 3 lb brain - 1.5% of body weight

    So pound for pound, our brains are huge compared to the whales. Obviously they have different senses developed due to their environment. But we still have more brain mass then they do.

    It's how you use what is in your noggin that counts, and we humans can be amazingly stupid and narrow-minded, despite the phenomenonal capacity our brain possess.

    Oh... and yay first!

  2. Sorry, didn't get some of that due to turbulence 400 metres below the surface near the Scilly Isles.

  3. Donn...'u got served' by Gautami in my Salvation post.

  4. 'Since Summer will be over for us Northerners in a few weeks' - I'm a Northener and it never started here.

  5. Thanks for the book recommendation. I've never read it, but I bet I know a lot of what it says. Join now and avoid the rush!

  6. Human male has a non-existent brain. You are the living proof!

  7. Will you be capturing mammaries as well as memories?

  8. I must check that book out - sounds fascinating! When I'm through with coming up with similar theories and convincing myself I'm the first to think of them that is!

    Mind you, I guess you can always come up with new angles on the same theories, so it's not a waste to carry on thinking!


    I appreciate that you took the time to do all the ciphering but..
    Two words,
    Size Matters!

    Were you by any chance a Sunbmariner?
    hmm... methinks perhaps a Subliminalist?

    If Gautami isn't going to fight fair then the gloves are off and it is a free for all!

    That totally sucks! It has been HOT and sunny for weeks, a little too hot, and Autumn is on it's way...
    not the rainy part but the multi-coloured leaves, and the cool crisp sunny no bugs weather..
    I'm a Spring and Fall guy.

    Oh you'd love it. It seems light years ahead of the Time it was written..
    everybody was in their new suburban cookie cutter homes watching Leave it to Beaver and Uncle Milt in their cardigans and sundresses replete with I Like Ike buttons.

    My Word, I dare say that you must have me confused with some other unfortunate, poor, defenseless, chap?

    I'm delighted to see you too.

    It would be hard to separate the two since most of my fondest moments from the past contain both.
    I'd have my hands full trying to pick a favorite.

    You can still come up with a brilliant theory that revolutionizes the Human Condition..Academia Nuts do it all the's part of the game.
    It helps to invent catchphrases.

  10. Interesting discussion about mass movements.

    It seems to me that the "isms" make the world into a place that "purer" mass movements have to then overcome to be allowed to breathe. I see fanatical ismism as a sign of low self esteem and fear..."the only way I can be valid and exist is if everyone is like me."

    Unfortunately, once they are established, the non-isms are killed (often literally). People will do some weird stuff in their need to feel safe, yes?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Bang-on, Man. I think people feel they need to join in because they don't know how to be themselves otherwise.

    We have to have an identity. And if we can't make one ourselves, then we can just step into a ready-made one by some other group that tells us they're really who we want to be.

    I think, in the whales vs. humans comparison, that size does matter. I think whales could be 1,000,000 pounds and it wouldn't matter.

    I'm too lazy to check it out, but I believe diplodicus and other dinosaurs much larger than whales had minuscule brains for their body mass, much smaller than both humans and whales.

    They're extinct.

  13. Was it W.C.Fields that didn't want to join any club that would have him as a member? I can grok that.

    It's amazing how much damage we have been able to do the whales in such a short period of time.

  14. Donnnnn, if you shrunk the whale to make him the same size as you, he would be a pinhead!

    However, despite the difference in the brain/body ratio between whales and humans, they are amazingly intelligent beings, and we really do need to realize that every being on this planet is part of the collective that we strive to belong to.

    When we can do that, we will be able to stop annihilating each other and every other species on the planet (and the planet itself). Until then, we will struggle to belong to something, anything, and wreak havoc along the way.

  15. So let me get this straight....Whales are s p e c i a l because they talk really low like Brooks Benton.....Yea, that explains Barry White.

    Big deal. Elephants communicate by ultra-low-frequency-sound waves, and they can remember shit to, so THERE!

    Did you know that Led Zepplin enslaved the youth of America by embeding ultra-low-frequency signals in their hit single "Stairway to Heaven"? It was called a BASS line. That led the way for Black Sabbath to entice innocent teenagers that otherwise would have joined the Young Republicans to instead buy numerous copies of Blue Oyster Cult albums and worship Crosby, Stills, Nash, and even worse, Young, although they ended up voting republican later in life anyway when their loyalties were poached by the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent.

    You are welcome, Grasshopper........remember, wax on, wax off........

  16. fabulous post as always!

  17. You and me HE ain't nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on DISCOVERY channel!

  18. Wise whales. Some human channels (of course, not this one) are overloaded with nonsense talk, lol.

    We're still learning how to use 97%of our human brains (Size matters? Skill matters! In every way!;)).

  19. Looking out there for inspiration is a bit of a 50/50 situation I'm afraid. In fact it's a totally 50/50 situation - oh what a roller coaster this life is!
    But go within - Yep, that does work!

  20. that book sounds like my philosophy of life,, but written better.. gotta have a copy... off to amazon right now....

  21. Plus mass movements can hurt people. But docusate sodium works wonders.

    On a further anthropological note, I would add that as infants we have a really big head to body mass. This may be when we peak...

  22. Oh, I watched that same thing on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel the other night. Fascinating stuff! You should have seen how thrilled J was when the whalers' ship got tossed over by that storm. I think his words were "Good! Serves you right, f***in bastards!"... or something like that.

  23. Ugh.....does it all matter in the grand scheme of things? Someone tell me.

    Missed you HomeyLove.

    Soft love,


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