Sunday, August 24, 2008

I spent this past Weekend in the heart of Manitoba's Vikingland along the shores of LAKEWHATEVERPEG .

Here in Gimli is a mural of the GIMLI GLIDER ..
back in '83 a Boeing 767 ran out of gas because Canada changed to f*cking Metric and the pilot made a miraculous impromptu landing on a Dragway strip...
which btw could not be repeated in Flight Simulators!

I do have some badass Nordic blood so I am right at home in these Fishing/Tourist Villages.. although I did miss the Elvis Competition by a few hours.

At Hecla I dove off of a perfectly good boat in my gitch (I am so spontaneous) out in the middle of an algae bloom..if you had bothered to read any of the Lake Whateverpeg link you'd know that it is a shallow giant (ie WARM) and there are no species of fish that prey on humans.

Back on land there is plenty of Wildlife in this Provincial Park and not all of it Human...although the local inhabitants are all colourful characters.
I saw Fox, Pelicans, Hawks, and snapped some pics of this Garter Snake and Plover.

Later in the evening, inside the rustic (and quite haunted) home of my Host, who is a bona fide Fisherman and Hunting Guide, I shot several animals that had already been shot! Did I mention that it was haunted?
I was sippin a few beverages and glancing up at the mounted Deer and Caribou peering down at me and then out of the blue this muthafrickin' uppity Bear started gittin all up in my bizness so
I said "You Take That Back!"
and he said "Bring It On"
and then he munched on my Berries!
So that's what I did on the second last Weekend of
Summer 2008.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! 'Cept for the berry munchin' part.

    Hey, one of those Gimli Glider boys is my cousin. And he is also the same cousin who had that small plane land on the highway near his truck just a few weeks ago... what is the third gonna be? A 747 in the rear view!?!? Yikes!

    I am half Icelandic... do I beat you?

    Nice nips, btw... wasn't it a bit chilly to go for a splash? ha ha ha! (Good thing your gitch was black....)

  2. Can always count on you for a good laugh!

    Glad you had a great time!

  3. FUN FUN n more FUN ha!

    lol at some of ur crazy pics! Donn this is why I love ya..u make that extra effort to make us all laugh and thats so special HUGGGGGGGGGZ n ty!

    Im still laffing hahahahaha!


  4. One trusts that the expression in the last photograph is intended to be pain rather than orgasm. This is a family blog after all.

  5. LOL your pictures are so funny! munching on your berries? mwhhhhhhhahahahahahahahaha

  6. I'd like a splash of lime in my vodka gimli, please.

  7. I'm surprised you didn't end up in the emergency ward thereby creating more "Tales From the Gimli Hospital".

  8. FINALLY, a photo of your arse to add to my collection.

  9. Do you have a tingling in your swimsuit area?

  10. Bad-ass Nordic blood? Where, in your left pinkie?

    You're becoming quite the blogging naturalist/narcissist. Nice photoshop work on your muscle pose!


  11. I love all of your pictures. You are an animated fella.

    BTW. I always click on the links, pal. But you still wouldn't catch me swimming in the middle of a lake.

  12. a car-ri-bou is a moose too?

    man those are cool pics and u def had fun. and surprisingly...i saw sum bears too last sunday...walking bears...:)

  13. you bring such a smile to my face donn


    am very jealous of the pelican spotting, I love pelicans. . .

    hope you had as good a time as it sounds from reading about it


  14. You are to funny. I needed this laugh. And I am guessing you wont go playing with things you shouldn't again, right? lol

    Soft love,

    If I were your cousin I would run out and buy a huge smack of Term Insurance for the next encounter.

    Half Icelandic beats my 1/4 Swede you win.

    I should just stay away from wild creatures because I seem to aggravate them..I'm just too much of a city boy.

    It would be really scary if I posted all of the dumb ideas that I it is my good-lady-wife snaps them, shakes her head, and says this is for your blog isn't it?

    This most certainly is a Family Values Blog and I wouldn't want to do anything that might upset the censors. My expression was indeed indicative of immense momentary pain and had nothing to do with ursine foreplay.

    If only I had run into Winnie The Pooh..he prefers Honey.

  16. MJ
    A Gimli shaken not stirred?
    Have you ever sat through the Hospital movie? I didn't think so..and any tingling in my swimsuit area would have been a rash from the algae bloom or a Leech!
    I forgot that you would hijack my tushie..D'OH!

    Fully one fourth Swede mister..yerdee yerdee yerdee!

    Narcissist? This is a Web Log is it not? I fully intend to keep recording my escapades so that my future Grandchildren will know how much fun I was in case I'm a babbling incoherent shell of a man wedged in the corner of some huge human warehouse being spoonfed jello and watching Jeopardy as I am waiting to check out..
    so there.

    Bless you child for taking the time to peek at my linky link.
    I have always felt the need to plunge into the middle of a Lake..not sure why but I always do.

    A Caribou is a little squirt of an ungulate but a MOOSE is HUGE..and prolly the most dangerous thing crashing in the bush.
    What up with the Dancing Bears..that is so pathetic and cruel..did you phone the World Wildlife Federation to turn in the heartless bastard?

    I love Pelicans too. They know which boats are fishing boats and whenever we would slow down they would come in close to see if we were going to hoist in a net.

    Apparently only the Bald Eagles can scare them off. They look like Pteradons when they're gliding know the flying reptiles, which of course weren't really Dinosaurs.

    I learned my lesson. You can get in a lot of trouble when you mess around with other Omnivores..but who amongst us has not had the Bearskin Rug fantasy? Hmmm?

  17. and i thought i'd get to hear some cool ghost stories.

  18. Probably a good thing you missed the Elvis competition.
    I know you hate to lose.

  19. Wow, all that in one weekend - I'm impressed! Love the placenames and the piccies are great!

    I hope you gave that cheeky badass bear what for!

    Would the Elvis competition have elevated or decimated your placing on the food chain? I'm confused.

  20. They sure know how to party in Vikingland!

    We are quite proud over here.

    The water looked cold though. Are you sure that the bear really did did find your berries?

  21. That Boeing glide was amazing - I saw the Aircrash Investigation documentary about it. The Airbus Azores glide is still of my list of amazing glides by powered aircraft though.

    I used to have some similar shots of attacking bears from my holiday in Canada (Toronto, Quebec, Montreal). Alas I lost custody of those albums. I sometimes wish it had been a real bear really eating my ex though.

  22. MISTI
    The Spirits in the 'Hus' like to shuffle a deck of cards in the middle of the night. I personally don't believe in them but I did hear some odd bumps in the dark...what do I know?

    Actually I would have liked to do Suspicious Minds and In The Ghetto in a silver jumpsuit and do a few Karate jabs..but who wouldn't?

    I will always do my very best to remain at the zenith of the food chain..that's why I avoid putting myself in any situation that might compromise my standing. I would not prefer to exit this veil of tears as something's lunch..

    It was a little chilly gettin out of the water and into the breeze but the sheer exhileration of becoming at one with Nature makes up for a little discomfort...and that Bear knew exactly where to forage...I'm fairly certain that he has had them before.

    HA! You have just laid out the makings of a wonderful story where Nature is allowed to take it's course and exact a fitting retribution for the injustice that you had to endure.

    That Glider story is amazing and I sort of understand how and why that worked but the odds must be astronomical. A brilliant bit of flying eh wot?

  23. hahahahahahaha! she's cool!


  24. Berries huh?

    Summer ain't here yet so I can't say....... Bugga aye!

  25. So there was no teeth action?

    That bear is a pro!

  26. Awesome. Totally rad. You make my life seem so boring.

  27. Anonymous8:53 p.m.

    That last set with the bear were especialy funny.

  28. grumblefish10:34 p.m.

    Quite the travelogue, HE! After a
    careful forensic analysis of the
    pictures, it's appropriate to offer
    a few handy shards of advice:

    1) "FiFi" is rarely an advisable name, among Ursus Horribulus

    2) Gravy (especially, if spilled on ones pants) should be promptly removed with a strong, commercial surfactant, rather than left for
    the lead Husky.

  29. donn! they were hungry i one wants to go near em coz they pity them. all i had was fish d heck can i give them that. sun bears are endangered species, im writing to the WWF here. c wat happens.

  30. I hope you tapped into your Nordic blood and went berserk on that bear!

  31. You made me laugh so hard that I snorted. Thanks for the good laugh. :)

    By the way, your face looks a little sunburnt in that Elvis photo. Please be careful when playing in the sun.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. haha I love the staged bear pics. I love doing those kinds of pics too.

  34. KESHI
    and patient, beautiful, loving, and wonderful...and I hope that she reads this!

    It must be so weird having the Seasons all fercokt...what do you get in Australia anyway..Winter Fall Spring Summer?

    Saucy Pete you're a naughty one.

    I do have a nice life and I try to make the most of my experiences because I have a crappy memory so the pictures are all that I have.

    Wasn't very funny at the time I still need my boys for a few more years.

    You're right, as usual. I should have known better than to tease my Ursine opponent and throw gas on the fire by hiding gravy in my pants. Live and learn I say.

    Good for you. I feel sorry for them and angry at their captors..who are lucky that I am not their Judge, Jury and Executioner!

    In the end my instincts kicked in and I opened a large can of Whoop-Ass on that mofo!

    Most of that was Windburn from being out on the Lake in the morning and I was already quite tanned because I am virtually out-of-doors from May to October...except for the 18 hours a day that I spend Blogging.

    Who doesn't? Out here in cyberspace nobody can really tell the difference betwixt Clever and Stupid..such a fine line.

  35. That’s going way too far and missing the point, I think. The term “veggieterrorists” (I’m quoting Gillette, see above) suits them very well this time. It’s a matter of respect, in my opinion (the campaign is supposedly opportunist, bordering on obscene; that was a crime, not usable material to be commented for their publicity)

    We certainly, as humans, can do something to prevent cruelty against animals, but man, some people overdo about it.

  36. Ouch! You really should get a hobby that doesn't involve animals and pain.

    Which Elvis were you impersonating?

  37. LENI
    No kidding eh? Their heads are so far up their could they ever imagine that this would be OK?
    Thumbs Down..Throw them to the Lions.

    The Pelvis's a good Nordic name and I guess that it doesn't matter to the organisers that he was a Southern Yank.

    Maybe they'll do Thor next year that would be cool!


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