Monday, June 30, 2008

The sham elections this weekend held in Zimbabwe reminded me of my days at Red Reefer Community College. Back then young students like myself were giddy at the prospect of Africans reclaiming their countries in the post colonial era.

We all desperately wanted to believe that Robert (Bob) Mugabe would not become another tyrant when he transformed Rhodesia into ZimBOBway...

I finished off the ME decade at Red River Communtiy College where I was enrolled in a two year Journalism & Advertsing course called Creative Communications...

and that is where I met withinwithout !

WW is pictured here on the right and I'm on the left, at one of our many Toga Parties...with a bit of a Clash Rockin The Casbah thingamabob added for good measure.


Initially he thought that I was the biggest arsehole in the known galaxy, but I soon won him over with my high spirited hijinx and madcap, zany, antics...
hilarity ensued and we have been besties ever since .

As you can see from these yearbook pictures I introduced skateboarding through the halls thanks to a trip to California a few years earlier...

a tad ahead of the curve on that one...GO ME!

My intention was to have fun, which I did...and believe it or not I actually did get into TV production right after so I did make some use of the course.

During College I became the Illustrator for the radical student newspaper the Projector. I also started a ridiculous cartoon feature called Airhead & Woodhead.

I didn't give Airhead much thought..usually thrown together the night before deadline..afterall how could I find a lowest common denominator for students studying Hairdressing, Meat Cutting, Mechanics, Computers and Business?

So I focussed on the influential excessive experiential antics of the popular characters in the recent movie sensation Animal House. My other big influences were Hunter S. Thompson, National Lampoon, raging hornymones, a variety of mood altering pharmacological agents, ridiculous amounts of beer, and of course being in my early 20s, I knew everything!

Here are a few of those dumbass cartoons which many students seemed to enjoy and lent me a bit of notoriety during my I am portraying an angry Vietnam War Vet in the 'Oral Sex Revival Show' at Beer & Skits night..
we won First Prize, a $100 from a brewery sponsor, which I believe was immediately spent by the cast at a nearby Pub.

you can click on the Toons if you'd like to read them?

Oddly enough I was offering my 2 cents on many of the same things that I blog about...mythbusting, geopolitical issues, sex, movies...

I'm not sure if that's good or bad?

Perhaps this proves my arrested development?

Unfortunately my father passed away during final presentations in 1980...
but up until then I had a blast!


  1. Oh, I do like a man with a bit of a past...

  2. Great cartoons.
    Our Steve Bell obviously learned it all from you.

  3. You seem to have a very tame history. Here I was expecting orgies. Me and my imagination..Ha!


  4. robert mugabe should be shot on sight... honestly he is demented!

    that skateboard pic is hilarious... hehe


  5. In the toga pic, why are you wearing a wristband?

    Had you just been released from the psych ward?

    Or were you simply out on a day pass?

  6. So, it seems you're a seriously rounded out individual who is deep and philosophical all the while managing to be adorably witty.

    Go you!!

  7. Icky! (In a good way)

  8. Well, sounds like a happy past, and that's nice!

    The cartoons are cool, I laughed, Airhead is just cute! I used to do cartoons myself at school too, with 3 friends. Porn cartoons. Didn't have much success tho, so I chose to be a decent writer and started writing decent stories, hahaha.

    I didn't know you were into TV production.It must be a very interesting profession. I worked for 3 yrs for a TV channel and I really enjoyed it. It was creative, fun and I met a lot of interesting people. Best job I ever had.

    Cool post! Made me smile again. ;)
    Keep'em coming! ;)

  9. I don't know about your choice of fabrics for those togas - both you and WW look a little too flowery!!

    Great post - cool toons as well.

  10. Good one! Nothing like a blast from the past to make you feel really old yet really immature still. (No, I was talking about me...:) Very fun to read, Donn, and absoluuuuutely what I would've expected.

    PS Dig those high-waisted jeans. Had a few pairs meself.

  11. I know this might sound racist, but I have had it up to HERE with Africa, and their idea of leadership. We gave them every chance, once they were "freed" from the shackles of colonialism, to prove that they were perfectly capable of ruling themselves as civilized peoples as equal to the task of the rule of law as we Westerners have more or less proven to be.

    At this years African Nations Summit, everybody hugged Mogabi like an old friend and tried very hard not to insult him by mentioning that perhaps he had turned into A FRIGGIN" TYRANT!

    Sigh.........enough.......lets just walk away, let them stew in their own mess, I think we have wasted enough aid on these people. I still think many are worthy of escape through immigration, but short of that, either they revolt and overthrow these mobsters or they reap what they sow.

  12. Having a blast.........Bloody terrorist!

  13. I've moved to Iraq as a result of this posting.

    I realized in your retrospective just how wrecked I was at the time of that pic and how being a sheik is my true calling.

    I always wondered whether you were airhead and I was woodhead, or vice-versa, or what.

    Now I think I see that woodhead was one half of your personality and airhead was the other.

    No wonder the world has turned out the way it has turned out.

  14. Nice sheikh-down, Donn!
    Wonder how many pin-striped professionals there are with similar closets full of similar memories?

    (And aren't you just lucky that when we invented skate-boarding we didn't know about patents?)

  15. Homey love,
    You have confirmed my knowledge of you. You are a strange character with a great big heart. If I had known you then, well, being the computer freak that I am, you probably wouldn't have given me second look. But I would have been jealous of those hanging around you. A load of fun you were then and I bet still are.

    I love the pictures of the younger you. Braver than I would be. I have no intentions of pulling mine out. uhhh, NOPE!


    Gosh I have missed you. I am guessing all went well with grad night? Time flies doesn't it?

    soft love,

  16. awesome! i didn't know you were quite that artistic!

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