Friday, June 06, 2008

Eternal Enemies (1993) is a National Geographic documentary that revealed the bad blood that exists between Lions and is one of my favorites.
" Never-before-seen footage, much of it filmed at night, takes you into the mysterious world of Botswana's lions and hyenas. Their intense, even vicious, clashes go beyond competition, almost as if the animals were nurturing a blood feud."

The film eerily echoed the events of a recent political event in the US.
The clip begins with a pissing match between the Matriarch of the Hyena sisterhood clan, and the Leader of the Lion Pride...
I have transcribed some script lines...
and then watch the clip and you'll see what I mean.
The clip begins with these two fierce competitors having a pissing match.
The Lion looks fairly regal and composed as he trots along, while the Hyena nervously laughs and tags along just outside of his reach.
It is on!
"In a unique display of overlapping territorial language they openly express hostility with unmistakable actions."
"The Matriarch is confident and harassing the much larger Lion."
"Her calls and fluffed up tail posture attract support from other clan members."
"The Matriarch seems to succeed in the psychological warfare."

"Frenzied calls filter across to the ears of
HE is the Hyena killer."
"A swift bite to the neck and the Matriarch is dead..the day belongs to the Lions."

"It was not always easy for us to witness this struggle..
but in the end of it all,
we came to know more about ourselves,
and the struggles that rage within our savage souls.
Creatures of instinct,
helpless to change their destiny."
Sound familiar?


  1. Excellent as always. I recall a similar documentaries about previous presidents, featuring:
    Alas, they couldn't find an animal dumb enough to be Reagan.

  2. So what does it prove? We are animal enough or just the opposite?

    I like this! I like this a lot..

    From gay to animals...

    You are simply going upwards or is it downwards?

  3. hahahahahaha! Human is the dumbest in many ways.


  4. yes, and yet all that sound and fury will signify nothing...because our next president is going to be whoever the vp is when McCain dies 3 months after taking office.

    just watch.

    btw, on the gay post? explain all those car fixing, organized, assertive gay men I know to all the scatterbrained, helpless lesbians i know, ok? because im tired of playing go between.

  5. I'm with FirstNations --- unless the Lion resuscitates the Hyena and brings along the Hyena's patriarch as well and puts up with their posturing and arrogance, he's not going to get the King of the Jungle title. Ugh! Everybody wants to be President and Bill, more so than any of the other three.

    We all seem to be writing along the same vein this week.

  6. Amazing! You seem to always captivate either my thoughts, or my interest. How you do dat?

    All those Bedtime For Bonzo movies didn't help Raygun's cause any...
    he should have listened to W C Fields who warned against working with kids and animals!

    I was struck by the similarity between the brazen Hyena Matriarch(who even have a fake penis) taunting the King...
    this is what happens when you start believing your own spin.

    HA I love that is incredibly funny how similar those expressions's that big puffy top lip.

    We 'take the cake' for sure...
    I realise that by putting Anthropomorphic emotions to this encounter, we overlook the obvious competition conflict that took ot's natural course...Lions don't HATE Hyenas...or do they?

    It was pretty subtle...
    for me anyway.
    It just occured to me the other day how these two politicians were fighting over overlapping terrtory..I sure hope that he doesn't pick her for a running mate...that horse left the barn a year ago.

    I concur...
    Condoleeza Rice should be lobbying hard for the VP job because when McCain kicks then America could have a Black Woman for President!

    You know scatterbrained helpless Lesbians? Kewl.

    HI! Bill would be impossible to keep out of the White House if Hillary was VP..UGH..
    Hillary will have to finally let him hook up with Hugh Hefner and get his real dream job.

    Can't you just see Bill hobbling around the Mansion Grounds in his PJs chattin' up the Bunnies..
    "Hi I'm Bill, How Y'all Doin?"

    HA! I don't think that anyone on this side of the world could ignore the Hillary's Shakespearian Drama of Hubris and lust for power.
    In my opinion she did a fantastic job of dividing the Dems...
    prolly more so that even Nader could have done..
    anyway, we'll see how much damage was done.

  9. It certainly has been a very interesting series of events and personalities unfold over the months.

    I am following from downunder with the greatest of curiousity of how it will go now......

    The image of Bill with the Bunnies is very funny!!!


  10. You and me HE aint nothing but mammals
    So let's do it like they do it
    On Discovery Channel....

    Mates for life......hmmm this is getting silly!
    Bugga Aye!

  11. Brilliant analogy! Donn for president! Viva Homo Escapeons!

    Now to think happy thoughts about the Lion King after reading the chilling scenario shared by First Nations.

    McCain's VP? God forbid.

  12. Donn, that's pretty much right but you left out the "I got 18 million votes" part at the end of the quotation.

  13. Anonymous2:46 p.m.

    Hillary is such a hyena!

  14. LOL!

    hey no worries - abt mt last post. HUGZ!

    Come n take part in my current post :) Wud love to know ur thoughts.


  15. SIENNA
    I feel sorry for Hilary because winning the Presidency might have been her ultimate payback to Bill for putting her through all of the humiliation. She was prolly planning on giving him his walking papers the second after she was sworn in.

    Take a deep breath....
    now hold it for a second...
    now exhale...
    feel better?

    To add to this scenario if it is Condie Rice the Republicans are going to say Neener Neener Neener we have a Black Woman on our ticket.

    I like McCain as a person and I think that he is honestly perturbed by how much the Lobbyists have embedded themselves in the White House BUT...
    America needs to change it's direction before the rest of the world finally gives up on it.

    Oh yeah about the 18 million Democrats..well there has been much hyperbole written about some of them voting for McCain instead of Obama out of spite! If that really is the case then it is proof positive that your population doesn't deserve to even have an election process..

    even if it is byzantine hodge-podge of rules that were meant to be broken. This pre election drama has been going on for years and we aren't even close to November?
    Jeeze Louise!

    Hill is an object for your pity and not your scorn (*ducks)
    Seriously, what better way to regain her 'brand' than to become President, turf Bill, and start dating George Clooney? She could name her price for selling the movie rights?
    Now that's a story!

    You're very kind. Sometimes I get rebellious and just want to say something really stupid..

  16. Monsier: Mais votre email! Chercher votre email, s'il vous plais!

    Abientot et au demain,

    Le Chevalier

    Poste Scripte: C'est tres important, "kind of." Je le demand aussi de la Gautami et de la Hazzbuzz et ils dis:

    "Mais oui, c'est possible, mais il y a trop d'argent au le US Amazon."

    But not in those exact words - "n'est pas en les mot le meme..."

    Et au Canada? Le meme??

    Enfin, bon nuit et n'oublie pas l'Alamo,

    Le Chevalier

    Comment vous avez su que je ne comprends pas le français?

    J'ai l'e-mail?

    Jai vous font savoir que je lis mon d'email… une fois par semaine ! Ha !
    Comment est-ce que je pourrais oublier Alamo ?

    Votre livre est-il dehors sur Amazon!?

  18. Maison! Votre Francais est meilleur que chez moi.

    Pas encore sur Amazon, mais... abientot?

    Oui, vous avez l'email. Vous etez mon premier contacte Canadienne.

    L'Alamo avec Fess Parker - qui oublier ca? Mecredi!

    Le Chevalier

  19. Amazing analogy. Balls on.

  20. bucking frilliant dude!

    Fess Parker WAS Daniel Boone and Davy, "DAVE-EE Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier"

    I just found out that he was too tall to be a pilot 6'5".

    Back in the 60s I had me one of them Coon Skin caps..yup.

    It eerily mirrored the events...except the King took a lot longer to snap her neck and he didn't parade around with the corpse as the Lion's scary how much that Lion seemed to enjoy dragging the Matriarch's body around..I think that they do HATE each other.

    Over here in the West we grew up in the 60s watching zillions of hours of shows about African Wildlife. We now know that the King of Beasts has a horrible life unlike the majestic charcter portrayed on those shows.

    Males have a few years at the top of the pride before they are killed or driven off by younger stronger males...which kill all of the cubs and put the females into estrus so that they can add their genes to the pool...horrific.


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