Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's the middle of the night

you are alone at home sound asleep

when suddenly the smoke detector goes off!

OK wait a second...

Your Pets are at the Vet,
Kids are at a sleepover,
Significant Other is on a business trip,
Visiting Relatives left yesterday,
Foreign Exchange Student is in custody,
Boarder is out skipping curfew
Alien has finished probing your wazoo and left
yada yada yada....(sigh)

what are you gonna grab on your way out?


  1. My stash...cuz methinks I'm gonna need it...

  2. Well, my own ass, for starters! The cell phone to call 911 and my rellies so they would know I wasn't fried to a crisp. And I am pretty sure I would grab the hard drive and some old photo albums too - things that are almost impossible to replace - unless the flames were lickin' at my heels already, of course.... then I would be happy to get out with only singed eyebrows.

  3. My camera, the laptop, the photo albums and the framed photos on the wall. The rest is replaceable, although my cat would probably appreciate it if I also grabbed her 8 story kitty condo (it has a cave, a house AND a hammock). I'm not sure she'd ever forgive me if I let that burn...

  4. my cellphone, a pair of pants and shirt, my harddisk(laptop) and some food. :D

  5. dope! and my wallet of course.

  6. If i can only take one thing, i think i would take the fire, if it was outside there would be nothing to worry about....

    Or is that too logical?

  7. I was going to say what Aidan said, but then I realised he already said it.

    Otherwise, I don't really know what I'd take. Perhaps my mobile phone, so that I could tell people my house burnt down, and ask my parents for money to buy new stuff?? I dunno, I don't think any particular thing is that important to me. Motorbike jacket and helmet, maybe, but only because I actually need them for safety's sake and it would be darned expensive to have to replace them. That's all I can think of.

  8. Hmmm, okay I have my purse, (with all my id), next to the camera which is next to our family photo albums (pre digital), which is next to the computer processor, which is next to my mobile the office across the hall from my bedroom...if I wasn't jeopardising my life that would be an armful but attainable....the family photos would have priority.

    (Donn! what on earth are doing to that big moosey elk????)-the pics keep flashing here and I swear you like like you are either milking it? or collecting a urine sample?)

    Rest of the house is replaceable...just stuff...and all insured..


  9. Anonymous7:58 a.m.

    My bag - its actually has my life in it, including cheque book, passport and credit cards. If someone got their hands on my bag I'd have to start my life over again...

    Although, the smoke alarm in our house tends to go off whenever you breathe, so I'd probably just ignore it and burn to death...

  10. The alien's phone number.

  11. The painting above the bed and my laptop! And maybe that last bit of chocolate...

  12. JONAS
    HA! You might as well 'go up' in smoke with the rest of the stuff.
    It's good to have a plan.

    Am I to presume that all of those treasured items are near your bed or the door?

    HA I hope that you have 8 arms like an octopus! If you did run out of a burning house dragging a Kitty Condo the men in white coats with the Butterfly Nets might have a few questions to ask you.

    Very practical, and that is prolly all that you would really have time to grab....depending on whether or not you sleep 'nudie toodie' of course.

    You won't have time to do all of that 'shopping' and I presume that you meant D'OH! instead of dope.

    HA! Always thinking aren't you? Well let's see, FIRE needs heat, fuel, and O2,
    so once you open a door to escape it gets a huge infusion of O2 and KAPOWIE!

    You could bring it outside to finish off the rest of the neighbourhood to make sure that the Insurance Company had to deal with several others and thereby ensuring that they won't try to screw you.

    Taking the Cell phone is very rational and the motorbike gear would certainly help. You are very practical..I was expecting some really weird stuff from people but I guess that nobody wants to divulge the treasures that they have hidden.

    You need to take a digital photo of all your old family pics and store them in cyberspace..that will save you some time.

    I am putting a harness on my Moose (Mr. Horny) to hook up the sleigh at Christmas..go back in my Dec's a family tradition but Mr Horny can be a very naughty boy.

    So the secrets of your universe are neatly assembled in your purse eh? If you have one of those wonky alarms that always goes off when you exhale you should prolly get a couple of NEW ones..

    HAHA! It couldn't have been that good if you slept through it!

    A HA!
    So you're the 'savvy Investor' who bought Barnett Newman's Voice of Fire!

    ..and you put it over your bed?

  13. My purse, always!

    Just like Fathorse, half of the secrets of the universe are there (wallet, cellphone, pendrives, car-home-mom's-and office keys, and last but not least: lipstick).

    And of course my laptop, where I have saved the other half of my life (most loved pics and everything I have written).

  14. My thermonuclear warhead. We already had our big bang.......

  15. oh... doh? d'oh! huh! english as she is corrupted. sigh.

  16. Were you expecting me to say that I'd take the ropes and whips? I can live without them :P

  17. The batteries for the smoke alarm. If it is beeping its telling me ta replace em......sigh.... wheres me ladder

  18. Donn, the hard drive is in the next room, and my cell is usually charging right next to that.... so, yeah, they are close. Although I would probably be exiting out a window and jumping off the roof of the addition.

    Guess I will have to revamp that plan for the new house - moving in July to a real two storey house. A little farther to jump if I head out a window... maybe I will get one of those rope ladder thingies.

    And if the dog IS here when the fire starts, she'd comin' with me. Now THAT will be interesting! Will have to rig a harness and lower her out - but she weighs 100 freakin' pounds! You know I could never leave her or the cat behind, no matter what the fire department says.

    ((note to self: start weight lifting program NOW...))

  19. Hmmm.... taking pictures of the old pictures... good idea! Never thought of that one. Then if the photo albums go up in smoke, I would still have the photos. Donn, you're sooo smart!

    Good thing there are always clothes next to the bed - cuz I do sleep nekkid as a jay bird! ((and where the hell did THAT saying come from?))

  20. Anonymous9:33 p.m.

    Laptop first. It has all my hotos on it. And something to cover my bod.

  21. my laptop bag of course!

  22. My pictures, my pot and my pantie collection.


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