Thursday, August 28, 2008

re-post from 28/06/08

In a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the White House the Press was invited to monitor the Security Council meeting.

President Bush:
"General, the Vice Presimadent has come up with a plan and we just wanted to run it up the flagpole for y'all.
If you will look up at the monitor we have an oddeo vizall presemantation...
Dick and I want to know if we have enuff Nukes to shuffle the deck in the Middle East?

Can we do this without damagin' Israel..
or dingin' up Turkey?"

"Umm..not really Mr President."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Sir, I am 100% certain."

How about Korea?

Could we just take out Bad Korea?"

" Not really Sir."

"Hell it's back to the drawin' board boys.
See y'all next week."


  1. Let me be the first to say- this is great! Double Plus Good! I looked at the map first...since when was Turkey an island?...then I got it.
    Hhahahahahah! I wish it was only a joke...

  2. *looks at doors*

    He has no exit strategy.

    He's gonna choke on that pretzel before he gets through them.

  3. :) Maybe there's a good reason for Stephen Harper after all -- Dubya is less likely to want to take US out as a parting gift.

  4. There's a Bad Korea? Is that near Iraq?

  5. Oooh! Did you have spies in there? I am so sure that's what it sounds like behind the scenes... though I would beg to differ and say that right now they are too preocuppied with killing us liberals off... check this out!

    *sigh* I smell a conspiracy!

  6. LOL too funny Donn!

    btw come drop some of ur superb cranium prints on my current topic. LOL looking forward to it!


  7. Well, if Mrs. Clinton goes ahead and blitzes Iran (she says she will if Iran gets Israel)this will all have been somewhat academic, yes?

    By the way, did everyone notice "you-know-who" having forty winks?

  8. They WORK in the whitehouse?
    Or was that shithouse?

  9. totally off topic: you're invited to a bit of a do chez moi on Thursday and earlier if you'd like to make helpful suggestions to ensure my bash goes with a swing


  10. Shades of Dr Strangelove, or, "Why I learned to love Middle East Oil...."

  11. omg too fuyny...bahahaha! :D:D:D:D

    I is got nuke I is goin to use it. LOL.

  12. fantasticamally entermertaining dude!!

  13. I would love to meet GW in the flesh , to see how stoopid he really is, or wether he just gets a bad press

  14. Me too Beasty, me too

    I like is deer caught in the headlights look

  15. Every time I see this man I'm filled with rage. That can't be a good thing.

  16. I still am struggling with amazement and wonder about this of the most (the most?) powerful countries in the world and..........there are some incredible things going on in Australia, our new PM has signed the Kyoto, told off the Chinese (in Chinese!), apologised to the Indigenous people, has a solid plan to help them, appointed our first ever Deputy female PM, our first ever!! female Governor General, held a 20/20 summit for our country, a big brainstorm feast with some great ideas to come out of it, working on a Republic, re invoked the 19th century workplace agenda John Howard set us back with, .....and there is more.....George is about to leave, and that is a good thing for our world Donn, not much longer mate.
    Hang in there world.

  17. You're a genius! That was hysterical... yet disturbing.

    I have nightmares about Cheney you know...

  18. Frighteningly funny, Monsieur le donn. Haven't team american already dealt with Bad Korea though? Bush really needs to keep up.

  19. For as scary as that's probably all true.

    I am crackin up at your pictures on the side....LMAO

  20. ALLAN
    Thank You for your vote and let me be the first to say that that would be a lot funnier if it were not actually a worst case scenario synopsis sitting in a dossier somewhere on Dubya's desk next to a picture of him and Osama's brother.

    Ha Exit Stratemagee ain't in his vocabulamary. i know that I poke fun at him but Cheney is THE GUY..he is the little devil sitting on one of his shoulders...and Gomer Pyle is the good angel on the other one.

    A-Ha a lightbulb moment...there is a good reason why we still have a maple leaf flag fluttering over the Parliament building in Ottawa...btw I always think of Lotta Hitschmanova when I hear the word Ottawa..remember all of those radio ads growing up...This is Lotta Hitschmanova of the Unitarian Service Committee 56 Sparks Street Ottawa that is an earworm.

    Yes there is just as there was a Bad Vietnam and Bad Germany in Al Haig's day but the tradition continues in political circles.

    Ooh I love a good can see the Establishment starting to work on Obama..they're releasing the hounds now so that Hillary can get the nod because she is way easier for the Republicans to sink...the Oligarchies don't want anything to change, they have had free reign of the White House for so long now that they aren't going to give it up.

  21. KESHI
    You are too kind. I am flattered that you enjoy my goofy advice. One of these days I am going to accidentally stumble upon something so stupid that it will sound smart...yes that is now officially my mandate.
    So let it be written..
    so let it be done!

    HA yes I did..just because he has such sontempt for other human beings.
    Hillary Schmillary. I am so mad at her for the way she decided to go negative on Obama and blow the chances of any Dem getting in the White House..and giving the Rest Of The World a chance to breath a sigh of relief.

    psst...did you hear that little click on your phoneline...have you noticed a little lag on your online chats and emails..guess who is monitoring this site...yep...all of this stuff is soooo easy for them to collect...
    WHO ARE YOU? WHAT THE...((click))

    Hey it's Thursday over there..over there boys over there..I'll be right over...

    Who can ever forget seeing Chill Wills, no SLIM PICKENS, ridin' that bomb down..YEE HAW! A little too close for comfort eh?

    The scariest part is that they prolly have enough firepower to do neutralise the entire Middle East for a couple of thousand years (and turn all of that sand into glass) but no way of stopping the isotopes from spreading around the globe and creating a Nuclear Winter that we could all enjoy...don't think that they haven't got a plan for a limited strike..

    I hope that I gave you some food for thought so that you can sleep peacefully knowing that the future of the world is in Dick Cheney's hands. Good Night.

    Now I have been steadfast in my visitations while you transplanted yourself and I think that you are just pulling my leg..again.
    C'mon you can't kid a kidder!

    I would too..I have no doubt that he is a real rascal and good ole boy that would would have you totin' his rhetoric in no time. There is absolutely NO F*CKIN' WAY that he could be as stoopid as he is portrayed..

    is there?

    I love that expression..I think that is an honest 'leak'..I don't think that he has perfected that prescence of mind thingamabob that most politicians use every millisecond of their existence..Dubya just seems to be flyin' by the seat of his pants.

  23. ANNA
    He gets a lot of that. I think that it isn't healthy for you to dwell on him..besides what could he possibly do to the world between now and the Elections? Really..what could possibly go wrong?

    Your PM is really goin' to town eh? Wow was everybody ready for that? He seems to be so did he ever get there? He seems more like a change guy like Obama would be in the US..which I am starting to admit to myself that the US is NOT ready for such wholesale change..they have run on a War Economy for 60 years how on earth are they going to turn that ship around all at once? I think that 'they' will need to come to a complete stop before 'they' can back it up...
    it's too bad..
    for them and for us.

    You and I both..'Duck' Cheney, so named for his penchant for shooting lawyers, is going to be as villified by Historians like Joseph MacCarthy was, once the smoke clears and people had a chance to see what he was really doing.

    He is a textbook Bully...he personally worked on the CIA night and Day to get them to drum an flimsy unprovable excuse to invade Iraq...he is THE guy.

    When you're right you're right! But Bad Korea is quietly flying under the radar because of the Muddled East..Lil Kim is not out of the picture yet..he will not go quietly into that dark night.

    I agree they prolly have thought about it. Thank You for noticing my captioned creations..I was actually contemplating doing a series of them to send off into the ether for anyone to share..go ahead and copy if you'd like..then I can snag one that you make..we should all share out here...hopefully I will get the hang of it and come up with a few display models in the next's super fun.

  24. lol ur infinitely SMART Donn! :)


  25. i could do with some

    now nuclear winter is something we can all live with...provided we dont have babies and is ok with dying before 40. zomg...ok ur 50...dying before 60 or 70. the thing is, perpetual winter sounds so romantic. sigh. i think by the time we get too close to destroy ourselves, god will resurrect JFK and stop the who guffaw. jst wishing. :)

  26. Happy May Day, HE.
    and i love your banner.

  27. Damn glad there's still someone around willing to shoot these "ideas" down.

  28. The thing that scares me the MOST is how he was elected TWICE, not just ONCE. And how there's a chance McCain could win again.

    There's politics, then there's American politics.

    Bush may indeed go down as the worst U.S. president ever, the most incompetent sop to ever live in the White House.

    But what does that say about America? (Sorry, I wish I could joke about it. I'm past that now)

  29. The world is in a sad state, and I just don't know what to do about it.

    To quote Homer, the Simpson not the Greek,
    "I am so smart..S M R T"

    JFK and his Tomcatting would have made Clinton look like a Sunday School Teacher. JFK would NOT have lasted one week in the modern Mediarazzi era. Back then people were still naive enough to believe in the Government and that everything that they did was altruisticly for the greater good and not just kowtowing to the Industrial Military Complex..noe we know but we still don't know how to change it.

    Thank You Misti. It sort of incorporates the great question and will prolly annoy people in all three camps. Which I decided was the right way to go since it is an impossible argument and the Middle Path is the one where most folks pitch their tent.

    Yes..who would that be? Since the Secret Service doesn't give a rat's ass what we think up here they don't bother to monitor our blogs..although..hold on a second there's someone at the door...
    "I need to see some ID..
    no I am not letting you in..
    stop you're going to break my door...
    what the...
    HEY you can't do that..

    get away from my compu......."

    You gotta laugh or you'll cry. Seriously..if 50% of the Yanks don't get it by now they never will.
    Even though today's poll gave BUSH a disaproval rating of 71! Higher than Nixon's rating at the peak of Watergate!!!

    I am almost certain that McCain will win because all of Hillary's desperate negativity will sully the goodwill of the Dems and they will stay home 'in droves' in November.
    Just watch.


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