Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wrong About Right To Bear Arms

We all know that Charlton Heston really-really-really believed in the Second Amendment, but he also believed in the right to bare arms.

So much so that he would either bear arms or have bare arms in nearly every movie he made...see for yourself...

Sometimes he did both just to cover all of the bases.

I don't blame him, it is confusing and a lot of Americans seem to have the WRONG idea about the Bill Of RIGHTS.

According to Wiki:

"The SECOND AMENDMENT declares a well-regulated militia as "being necessary to the security of a free State" and prohibits infringement of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms."

The meaning of the Second Amendment is one of the most misunderstood and disputed among the entire Bill of Rights!"

Personally I don't think that the Brits are comin' back, but that's just me.

If I ever get my hands on one of these LP 2 CD thingamabobs you won't be hearing from me for about 3 years. I have millions of records, OK lots and lots, that are just waiting to born again.


  1. Baring arms is fine as long as you don’t have bingo wings.

  2. i wonder if there's something like that in the south african consitution? somehow i don't think there is, but it doesn't stop anyone, and i honestly don't think its quite the hot topic here as it is there.

  3. Oh the Brits are coming back. But we will be wearing long sleeves.

  4. I think there should be a right to bare breasts!

    Arms, legs and butts!
    All female ones

  5. Please try to spread your complacency about a return of the legal owners of the Americas among your neighbours. It will make my job easier, and, in the long haul, cut down on the bloodshed. I intend to arrive, with my party, in Newfoundland on a day when no one is at home, and travel south west, making the first incursion into US territory somewhere near Niagara, where my camouflaged, highly-trained troops will go unnoticed. We will sweep, south then west then north, although we may not bother with Montana and Idaho.
    We are expecting little opposition, as most US citizens recognize the importance of heritage and tradition. Opponents will be sunk in Boston Harbour (which will, from this point forward, be spelt with a "u"). I can tell you no more for fear of compromising the mission.

  6. Anonymous8:08 a.m.

    HAHA I love those bear arms! How awesome would that be? You'd be warm all the time. Do you reckon they'd have the women shave their arms too?

    Now why doesn't society expect that to happen? Why is it that the hair on your arms is acceptable, but hair on the legs NOOOOOOOOO. Before you start shaving it all looks the same anyway...

  7. Suh-weet indeed! How much does one of those LP 2 CD thingies go for anyway?

  8. OMG...The Omega Man. I've forgotten all about that movie!

    I've been seeing those LP 2 CD players around. NICE!!!!!!! I think now I know what to get the SO for his birthday...IF he doesn't go out and buy it for himself before June. He has a way of doing things like that...UGH!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh, come on...

    The phrase, "well-regulated militia" is clearly a synonym for "any random individual."

  10. MJ
    Arm wattle is sooo sexy! Especially if you're with a flailer!

    Everyone that I have ever met from Sith Ahfrika said that they would NOT live there without a weapon...
    especially around Joburg. How many murders a day 50!?

    Long sleeves plus brellies, cucumber sandwiches, and a thesaurus.

    Women in three Canadian Provinces including mine, Manitoba, have won the right to go topless. Thank You Topfreedom for fighting the good fight for equal rights.

    HAHAHAHA! You sly fox you. Heritage and Tradition indeed. Mums the word...good luck with Texas..they are armed to the nuts down there.

    What if you built a large wooden Eagle and then when they are all asleep you can jump out and surprise them?

    BTW If you land in Newfoundland you may think that you have simply drifted North to Ireland after hearing their native jibberish...
    ask for a glass of Screech just to be sure...
    ooh and don't ask where all of the Cod went.

    It seems to me that there is a bit of a shaving epidemic going on thanks to nasty amateur sites like YouPorn.

    Monkey see Monkey shave.

    I don't know and I don't care I NEED that...so much it hurts!

    Yes the original I AM Legend...remember Soylent Green?
    You are the greatest SO in the world for even considering such a luxurious item for his birthday.

    Which then naturally progresses to include the phrase Random Victim. Such easy access to Guns makes it far too easy to 'cap some Mofo' on the morning commute..or settle a domestic dispute regarding the coulour of a new sofa.

    You Americans can NEVER get all of those Guns out of circulation...EVER...which leaves you with two choices, get your own gun or Kevlar Pyjamas.

  11. We are coming back, but only if the exchange rate is in our favour :)

  12. I like baring the odd thing everynowandagain. . .


    even my soul sometimes

    - but yes, I totally agree that one of the best things in life is just sitting back and listening to some fab music, getting lost in your own head

    that needs no forgiveness


    (ignore vicus, we won't bother you lot over the pond in reality, only in virtuality)

  13. The 2nd Amendment was intended to provide the citizens with a means of defense against their own Government, should said Government ever fail to uphold the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of Law.

    What are the odds of that ever happening?

    Dude, the pic of that LP3 burner is like porn to to this suddenly music-deprived DJ. Droolin'!

  14. bearing arms is fine..as long as they r made of flesh? :)


  15. Anonymous10:09 p.m.

    Blech, BLECH to Heston.

    But cook invention with being able to record directly from a record to a CD.

    HA! Tonight I heard an Economist say that there is a 20% chance that the US will go past the R word and enter a Depression!

    I knew that you'd understand and appreciate my diversion.
    It's hard to ignore Scurrilous Vicuna because he is so charming.

    That sort of protective measure is very appropriate since YOUR OWN Government is your worst enemy!

    Tell me about that LP2CD!!!((*gurgling noise))

    You might not have noticed, check my reply to Whitesnake, but Ladies here have the right to bare their arms and their lucky charms..but it's only warm enough to do that for about 4 months of the year..

  17. CITIZEN de la MONDO
    Hola! Yes the NRA will never be the same...but Charlton must have racked up about one million points with St Peter afer making all of those bible flicks.

    Is that contraption suh-weet or what?


    I'm with Vicus

  19. The part that gets confusing to me on the second amendment is the fact that when the amendment was written it was in the years between 1776 and 1779. People were living much different lives in that era, as you probably know, and one of the main reasons the amendment was included in the bill of rights was because of the dangers that lurked in the wildlife, such as bears and such, that could cause danger, So, the amendment was added so that it would be a right to bear arms in order to protect yourself from such things that were unable to be controlled without the protection of lead and gun powder.
    Now, I think more than ever, Americans should have that same right in order to protect itself from all the other wild life -such as gang memebers, murderers, robbers, and so on- that are lurking in the shadows with illegal firearms.
    I mean, who would be so inclined to rob, steal or murder if they knew there was a chance that the same protection was had by the very people they consider weaker prey?
    But I am all for a tougher gun law. There has to be a way to keep a gun out of the hands of a ten year old.


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