Friday, March 21, 2008


You may have heard about a freak accident in Florida this week...the odds of which are probably incalculable.

A 57 year old woman was soaking up the sun on the bow of a boat cruising in the Florida Keys. The boat was travelling about 25 miles per hour when a 75 pound Spotted Eagle Ray flew up out of the water and collided with the woman.
She died from the impact.

Now two normal everyday occurences, a person enjoying a boat ride and a Ray leaping out of the water, combined in a freak occurence that ended the lives of both creatures.

Rays leap out of the water to rid themselves of parasites and escape predators. What are the odds of this thing jumping at the exact moment that the boat was passing overhead? Two rights made a wrong.

Life can be totally unprefrickindictable.

Another news item that caught my eye was the Wednesday draw in our National Lottery. It is a bi-weekly event and the pot was an unspectacular $3.5 Million...however the numbers that came up were very unusual...
23 40 41 42 44 45 and the bonus was 43.
Most people either let the machine pick the numbers or use birthdates but nobody won the Jackpot but 239 people had 5 of the numbers plus the bonus number. Very unusual.
Still, can you imagine how excited you would be if you were looking up the numbers in the morning paper and you had 5 +!

Usually only 1 person has all 6 numbers and then only 2 0r 3 or people get 5+numbers. Anyway the winners soon discovered that instead of winning $106,572.50 like the 3 people did on the previous draw, they won $1,193.70 each.
Actually the third place prize (5/6) was won by 106 people who won twice as much as the second place prize. They won $2,223.40 each.

Now it would still be fun to win $1,000 dollars on a $2 ticket but you only get 5/6 once in a lifetime so you'd be pissed off. Hey, they don't call it gambling for nothing.

Still the unpredictability of Life is what makes us crazy because we spend most of our lives immersed in routine and familiarity.

That poor woman killed by the Ray had probably been looking forward to that vacation for months. One second she is relaxing in the breeze and the next WHAM!
The ticket holders who saw 5+ numbers prolly raced to the corner store in their pyjamas thinking that they had just won $100,000! Then wham.

You just never know.


  1. A different ray of sunshine perhaps?

  2. I was reading the newspaper a while backand this snippet caught my eye becos I remember "crocodile hunter" Steve Irwin being killed by a ray. That was a different type.

    Two rare cases are one too many, as of now.

  3. yead read abt that Sting Ray sad.


  4. Freaky. This morning I called in here to find that you had written complete nonsense. Exactly the same thing happened yesterday! What are the chances?

  5. I should be feeling sorry for the woman - but I'm wondering what's in the plastic bag.
    Does this make me a bad person?

  6. I am horrified by the Crocs shoes near the stingray!

  7. I just want to know when a certain "rancher" in Crawford and a pissed off rattlesnake are gonna cross paths.........

  8. I feel sorry for the ray, fancy having the ignominy of choosing a victim and then when it's too late to change your mind, realise that they're the sort of person that wears those plastic clogs.

  9. Oh and on another point.
    I didn't win lotto again....sigh!

    Some would say not having a ticket might have something to do with it but me thinks it would have mattered.

    "RIGHT OLE Snakey.....change thy thinking!"

  10. i jst saw a devastatingly sad movie...'into the wild' so pissed at dis world right now...and who on earth would wanna give a beautiful thing like that a name like 'spotted eagle'...i mean fudge...does it look like a pathetic eagle?

    im going alaska baby...thats where im going!

  11. whitesnake,
    Ba da boom!

    Believe it or not but Humans were once a part of the Natural World.

    That, is unbelievably BAD luck..
    beyond the pale...

    The odds are astronomical! I pride myself on being consistently's a gift really.

    No it doesn't..
    well, maybe just a little.

    What if there was a wooden leg and a cheque for 48.6 Million dollars sitting there instead?

    THE michael,
    Nobody is THAT lucky.

    Not many of us get to choose our grim reaper and if we did, I want Monica Bellucci to put me out of my your worst!

    It doesn't really matter if you have a ticket or not the odds are virtually the same.

    What can I say,
    Stay away,
    from Eskimo Taters!

  12. Life is full of "Wham" moments... and I'm not talking about George Michael. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket this week.

  13. But I'll avoid boats and rays...

  14. i wonder what they did to the ray after that?

  15. Thanks for your wishes and dude, we must not get too sentimental about it!



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