Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This evening I watched a wonderful doc on PBS about Folk Singer and Social Activist Pete Seeger.
He said," Music Makes Life Livable."
I can remember listening to 'Protest Songs' about the War in Vietnam.
Forty years later it's Deja Vu all over again!

Do any of you remember Donald Sutherland's character, "X", in the fanciful but compelling conspiratorial movie JFK? He asked THE right question..


Who really stands to benefit from the War in Iraq?
Hmm? How about the proverbial MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX that President Eisenhower warned the American people about.
The MOTHER OF ALL special interest groups.

Unfortunately, since the 1940s the US GOVERNMENT has been hellbent on maintaining a PERMANENT WAR ECONOMY .

How else could it maintain 700 Military Installations in 50 countries?
Can you say GLOBAL EMPIRE?

If you don't believe me have a look at this list of the

The comparisons between the wars in Iraq and Vietnam are flowing like a severed artery...
-like all wars, they were initiated upon complete fabrications and sold as Patriotic Crusades to rid the world of supernatural evil forces.
Both wars polarised the Nation by pitting neighbour against neighbour.
One thing is certain, the M-I-C knows how to Divide and Conquer.
They are still doing it in the current Presidential Election.

President George Bush, grand prize winner of the lucky sperm club, will go down in history as an 'aw shucks-silver-spooner' who found himself in one dilly of a pickle. He couldn't withstand the formidable forces of those who had bought and paid for his ascension to the Oval Office...who could?...and he was forced to follow their agenda.

As far as I can tell, Bush sincerely believes his spin and he has complete Faith in the basic tenets of the Permanent War Economy. Keep the Corporations happy and they will supply jobs to the people. It's all about the Economy stupid and this Permanent War Economy runs on Oil.

What his 'posse' succeeded in doing was writin' cheques that the Empire couldn't cash and put the country into it's present state of fiscal crisis. Ironically, these manipulators may have actually sped up the demise of the Permanent War Economy!
Do you think that 'they' can still fool another 51% of American voters in November?


  1. nothing is right when anybody has to die unnecessarily.

  2. Anonymous5:56 a.m.

    Not just a permanent war economy, although that's truw, but also a permanent growth economy. Which simply cannot be sustained. Can "They" fool people again in November? Are you kidding me? They already are.

  3. misti,
    Are you still celebrating your Birthday?
    My little rant was an exercise in futility but what are ya gonna do?
    We have ALWAYS been a species that cannot resist WAR so the most that we can hope for is that each generation gets more repulsed.

    citizen mondo,
    The three big lies are still...
    the cheque is on the mail,
    it's a brand new motor,
    and Mr President we can have permanent expanding economy as long as you'll OK this contract to procure 80,000 of these Fighter Jets @ $100M a pop.

    The MIC is pretty nervous about McCain? They've got Rush and his ilk feverishly working on him to tow the line. Come On people, wrap yourself in the Flag and let Washington know how much you want them to keep fightin' Evilism!

  4. Very entertaining. Thank goodness it's all bunkum. Imagine if the world really were like that.

  5. spentrails,
    Bunkum or fair dinkum?
    You know more about the Global Economy than I ever will...but isn't the US$ going to be like the Yen of the 90s?..HELLO $Euro$!

    and it looks like the US Government's 60 spending spree on the Permanent War Economy, especially the last 5 years known as the 'Drunken Sailor' phase, has finally sunk their Economy.

    They have already hit the Iceberg..
    Now they are just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  6. Bunkem, dinkum, hokum.

    A natural progression.

  7. I think Dubya was raised on John Wayne movies and mythical stories of glory and desire for the admiration of the rest of the world (an idea ingrained in many Americans who, in spite of what's happened in the past decade, still think everyone wants to be American), but has had his comeuppance (and still won't let go).

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'm not sure how, exactly, but I think the average American's critical thinking skills have been damaged beyond repair and so of course we as a people have lost the ability to make logical decisions or to vote in our own best interests.

  10. I love word association football. Or what are those word games whereby you start with "Homey" and end up with "Genius" by changing one letter at a time and you're only allowed real words?

    **goes off to work that one out in five easy steps** I may be some time.

  11. you hear choppers outside ur house? theyre coming to get you!

    well, its a dumb moment saying that a Gop will win and keep them in Iraq, for Gods sake, MCain the idiot wants to be there for 1000 years! they havent found oil there, i think they found the unlimited supplies of somesheet that feeds the republicans.

    anyway, guess what, 1 in 100 of ur neighbour is in Jail!

  12. In the US we are busy thinking about our job(s), how to make the next mortgage payment, and who is on American Idol this week. We don't worry about any REAL things, we just exist and have our decisions handed down to us by whatever bit of opinion we hear.

  13. I didn't think they could be fooled last time and, boy, was I shocked to find out I was wrong!

    So yes, I think "they" still can.

  14. people make mistakes...and some never learn. Im scared for the US!


  15. It is human nature to rinse and repeat.

  16. If it's another close one in favor of the Republicans... I honestly can't say I necessarily believe that we actually elected Bush that second time.

    I've heard plenty of people voice that same concern. In the "greatest democracy on earth" (whatever... I love my country but I can't do jingoism and I love other countries too), plenty of US citizens are wondering whether, following our own elections between the various Tweedle-Dumbs and Tweedle-Dees we get to pick from, the vote count is done right.

  17. Anonymous11:17 p.m.

    This whole war thing is retarded if you ask me!

    Yes that was my intelligent answer!!!!

  18. mj,
    So you're not buyin' it eh?
    FINE! Ruin my vibe.
    "You may be right
    I may be crazy
    But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for.
    Turn out the light
    Dont try to save me
    You may be wrong for all I know
    But you may be right"

    Now look here Pilgrim..HA..I think that you're right. In the movie Full Metal Jacket one of the officers told a soldier,
    "Son, inside every G**k is an American trying to get out."

    I think that Dubya believes that.

    THE michael,
    Well if you guys aren't using your critical thinking skills would you mind if we borrowed them?

    HA yes a very looooong time.

    Well McCain means that America still has outposts in Germany and Japan 60 years after WW2 and that they might need to do that in Iraq.

    The fact that 1/100th of the Pop is incarcerated is mindboggling isn't it? How is that even possible?

    It is a brilliant time honored system isn't it? Keep everybody so busy trying to pay their bills that they don't have time to shine any lights in the dark corners...all those (Lobbyist) cucarachas have found a cozy little nest.

    To tell you the truth I was completely stunned..then again we don't have every major terrorist group in the universe trying to blow up Canada and FEAR is a powerful motivator.

    I am afraid too and I can see how tempting it is for them to cling to their nostalgic vision of their country and have one last hurrah...

    but that train may have left the station.

    HEY michael!
    Another Whateverpegger woohoo!
    Nicely said. Apparently compulsive repetition is a sure fire sign of being what psychologists like to term being Coo-Coo.
    I myself have several incurable conditions that fit nicely into this category...but whatareyagonnado?

    Thanks for dropping by

    paul maurice chevalier,
    Well it costs what, about 50 Million to get a whiff of the Oval Office so that can't be good..

    plus I am not sure if they have fixed all of those nasty hanging chads? November is still months away and this has been going on for 2 years..that process is crazy. I don't know any other way to say it but I feel a song comin' on...

    "America O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam
    Undimmed by human tears!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    Till nobler men keep once again
    Thy whiter jubilee!"

    preposterous ponderings,
    Thank You for putting that so succinctly. It IS retarded...

    but look at all of that money that I mentioned. War is a cash cow for those corporations and nothing can even come close to matching it.

  19. How about this:


    If you ignore the miscounting of letters in both words, the more than five steps and one word being technically slang, it works excellently. I like it. It suits you!

    Such is my hommage to Homey for this special day, 29 Feb. xx

  20. spentrails,
    Such undeserving praise made me "LEAP" for joy.
    How very thoughtful.


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