Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here is a glimpse of our fantastic outting at the local Museum.

As you can see both of my sons were absolutely fascinated, riveted really, by my generous, detailed, explanations of the various exhibits.

They probably think that it's really cool that their Dad seems to know so much about all of this crap, but they are waaaay too cool to say anything. I get it.

I try to cut through all of the scientificky mumbo jumbo that can sometimes make learning about Natural History a bit tedious. They appreciate my innate ability to 'totally' cut through the 'generation gap' and really 'get down' and just 'rap' with them .

It is plainly evident that they are both super keen to learn! They just seem to absorb all of my insightful orations like little sponges. You may not know this but I generously sprinkle my topical lectures with fascinating statistics, historical data, and little known facts.

I hope that they don't brag about me at school. What a shame that my girls couldn't make it.
I am a little nervous about giving them the 'TALK' about you-know-what..but what better place to do it than the Museum.


  1. Excellent.
    Can you explain to us the significance of Neanderthal man in an anorak that seems to be in all of the shots?

  2. "I am a little nervous about giving them the 'TALK' about you-know-what.."

    You have a wife don't ya?

  3. is that a moose head in one of the pictures! U Canadian Murderers! (hoping to start an intercontinental war...fingers crossed...hehehehe) they even read ur blog? Dont they know they have the most 'geniused out' dad out there...pimped his brain to the the medula oblongata is a bling bling gold encrusted stuff right in there!

    Nice post :p

  4. Donn, it is good to see you back. Hope you have buried that stupid Lord too deep for him to get out.

    Your sons expressions speak eloquence...

  5. You shouldn't be cooped up inside, you should be out there in the wild, a-huntin' and a-fishin', making history not studying it.

    Where's ma gun? I'll show you how!

  6. How did you manage to get your older son to come to the Natural History Museum? Did you bribe him?

  7. Those two kids of yours are FANTASTIC actors! You really should get them some auditions!

    You, however......well......

    You are a great blogger, Don!

    No, really, I mean that!


  8. One of my favourite hobbies is hanging out at museums of a weekend, listening to fathers confabulate to their kids about why Inuit set their elderly out on the ice to die (they couldn't afford central heating) and why wolf stew wasn't tasty (they didn't have enough salt and pepper in those days).

  9. Anonymous11:20 a.m.

    I used to love the natural history museum. I was born to be a geek, evidently.

    An hilarious thing has happened, Homey - BBC Radio Manchester want me to 'do something' with me ... about bins. Not only am I a geek, I'm suddenly an expert on litter bins in the Greater Manchester Area. I'm beginning to rival you in the 'fascinating lectures' department it seems...

  10. oh...did I tell you we have skunk dumb museums here...sigh...i wish they give me the cleaner job at the Smithsonian's...I can die in peace.

  11. This is SO you...poor kids, they had to pose doing what they do naturally anyway...snore...

    You have now come into the real world. Amazing.

    Actually, we know they are listening to you intently, because you have a great grasp on the world.

    What you offer is what the rest of us don't get...that it's worth laughing about and making a joke over.

  12. You go OUT?!

    What's it like out there, Homey?

  13. vicus,
    In my Colonial ignorance I was forced to Wiki anorak and found this "In Britain, people who wear anoraks in their social life are often stereotyped as trainspotters or persons with unimaginative and dull pastimes/hobbies.

    In slang an anorak is a person, typically a man, who has unfathomable interest in arcane, detailed information regarded as boring by the rest of the population, and who feels compelled to talk at length about this information to anyone within earshot"
    HAHAHAHA! Good One.

    I'm afraid that's my job and what better way to ease into the Talk than a segue from a discussion of the Castoroides Ohioensis featured in the last photo.

    None of them ever read my Blog and that Moose probably met the Taxidermist well before I was born.
    What are ya gonna do?

    Your ambivelance to Lord Tennisanyone has been duly noted. Hopefully he won't read this and show up on your blog...but he does have a mind of his own.

    Our colonial cohorts to the south are far more enamoured, dare I say obssessed, with firearms and their ability to terminate wildlife with extreme prejudice. Actually I only know 2 people that actually 'stalk game'.

    The secret is to wake him and get load him into the van before he has a chance to wake up.

    THE michael,
    I wish that they were 'acting' HAHAHA but they didn't need any preparation time to get into character.

    poet laura-eate,
    HAHAHA yes indeed. Actually in this day and age, most Inuit are flown down here to die because of global warming and there aren't enough iceflows to meet demand.

    I had no doubt that someday you would be discovered and become famous. Please remember me when having Tea with the Royals and clubbing with Posh & Becks.
    You're going to be Majah!

    That would be so cool..I would probably freak out being surrounded by all of those stuffed critters at night...just like the movie.

    without whomever,
    HA they were NOT acting believe me and you know that I don't have to be in a Museum to start pontificating during one of my legendary somnambulistic speeches!
    See Vicus' comment.

    Well it's 30 below so I bolt to the Van, get to where I'm going, and then dash inside...
    it's sort of like living in the Space Station for 5 months of the year. AArrrggghhh!

  14. I thought Canucks stay in dens these days protecting themselves from heavy Snow. :)

    Nice pics HE!


  15. great pics HE!

    Good to see the cold hasn't made you and your kids hibernate yet. :D

  16. Oh my, what a great idea, taking your kids to the museum! Wasn't there any football on that day? It's what I would call a Radio 4 experience - we have this radio channel in UK that's so far up it's own arse you have to be anal to the power of four just to listen to it, let alone begin to understand why it is happening.
    No seriously HE, what a great job, get those kids out there to see how how rich our heritage is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Did Jane Fonda try to grope you?

  18. that is one big, mean beaver.

    oh hell yes i went for the obvious. someone had to.

  19. keshi,
    You can't even see my pecs?

    We need to start practising for Spring which is only TWO months away!!

    Anal to the power of 4 sounds about boys could not understand why it was happening to them.HAHA.

    She nearly broke my Klute!

    first nations,
    I knew that I could count on you. I was beginning to think that it was too subtle?

  20. I am there in spirit... ahh that musty museum smell....

  21. aidan,
    Hey buddy great to hear from you! I trust that the universe is unfolding as it should and that all is well in your new endeavour.

    I can't wait until you make your triumphant return to the Interweb.
    Hurry back.

  22. What spunky people in those images!! Oh, I love museums, so do the kids, so much to see and learn and so many hands on exhibits now too

  23. lol pecs or pics I see ya!


  24. hello he! nice post for me to find after hibernating for too long in my own crisis-of-the-moment hole.

    it's just amazing how eager for knowledge your kids so obviously are.


  25. your girls probably know more than you about er.. ya. so you needn't worry.
    you've got great kids.

  26. *ding dong*
    delivering a can of indulgences.

  27. dude- those photos are fan-friggin-tastic!!! i love how your boys played along...
    so how did the beaver talk go?

  28. cazzie,
    You are a bona fide History buff so I know that you mean that.

    Speaking of pecs did you know that Schwarzenegger once had a 54" chest!?

    Oh how they adore exploring the world around them..especially when I'm there to expound ad nauseum.

    Hush your mouth! Say it ain't so!Add another Indulgence and call me in the morning.

    I wish I could report that my boys were being coached.

  29. its an ancient moose eh! hemm....i would love to try moose meat someday... probably it tastes like mutton.

  30. ghostay,
    Guess which part of the Moose is considered a delicacy..


    Uh Uh..

    The NOSE!
    Go ahead, be my guest, I ain't tryin' it!

  31. oh gawd...u just lost my appetite and decided to become a vegetarian... :(

  32. ghostya,
    Who "nose" it may be delicious?


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