Monday, January 07, 2008

Today’s theory is that the inevitable destiny of Homo Escapeon populations will be to reorganise into archeo-homogenous Clans.

Here is the short version: After 7,000 Generations, homo escapeons appear to be unable to overcome their bio-evolutionary psycho-socio predisposition that makes it almost impossible to share their territory with people who look, think, behave, and believe differently...

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click on these maps: Yugoslavia . USSR. Czechoslovakia .

Race riots in Europe. Tribalistic atrocities in (click) Africa. Sectarian warfare in the Middle East. Iraq on the verge of trisecting. Militant tribalistic terrorism from Indonesia to Pakistan.
American political de-fragmentation..Red State/Blue State blah blah blah.

Humans seem incapable of escaping their evolutionary predisposition to assimilating in racial/religious clans.

Even the outrageous behavior of extreme Fanaticism displayed at sporting events, most notably soccer, is another indication that it takes very little to unleash the dark side of our past. This phenomenon is a sad reminder of how our primal wiring is overloaded by the psychological demands of living in large urban centres. Perhaps 140,000 years hasn't been long enough for our brains to adapt to livng outside of Clans and Villages of 150 people?

What is it that drives this significant portion of our population to reject accepting ‘outsiders’ within their midst.

Perhaps the idea that there is some concrete identifiable form of 'WE ' that is a soothing consolation for the stark realization that we are living on a gigantic, spinning, rock (replete with molten core) out in the middle of a cold, dark, Universe. Hmm...I suppose that most of the people who adhere to US v. THEM probably don't think about our galactic isolation in Scientific Empirical terms?

Their cosmology is relegated to the confines of Religious Dogmatism.
I would dare to suggest that they are more inclined to view their predicament as one of Mythical Divine Predestination or Providential Manifest Destiny.
The absolute scariest type of thinking on the planet.
So should we say Goodbye to the idea of a Global Village?

Look at the dynamics of the current American Presidential Election. Each faction jockeying to have their own representative implement their cosmology on the entire nation. Pollsters and Politicians target each segment of voters by Age, Race, Income, Lingo, and Religious Ideology.

I watched an interview with an American Tradesman who had lost his job and his house, but he and his wife were still planning on voting Republican because they are Christians more than they are Americans and adamently opposed to abortion. HUH? Anyone notice any disconnect? What separation of Church of State?

There are literally millions of other people around the globe who think just like he does. This is a perfect example of how powerful Religio-Ideological bonds are. The individual can completely ignore relevant life affecting issues in order to bond with like-minded others to form a Clan and feel less alienated. Once in a group the mob mentality morphs into a self righteous, defensive, Clan which becomes an agent of self preservation. The Clan takes any measures deemed necessary to protect itself from any and all outside ideological intrusions from the rest of the world. US versus THEM!

Religion and Pigmentation are certainly the Grand-Daddies of most division and derision. What better way to separate the Sheeple from the Goats. We are visual creatures. At the lowest level of entry, YOUeither LOOK like US or you don’t, then, YOU either THINK like US or you’re against us.

Whether you are a sheepherder in a forlorn pile of rocks like Afghanistan, or a successful Businessman in a posh Mega-Church in the American Bible Belt, your REAL identity seems to be centered on your CLAN.

In modern countries, you don’t need to look exactly like us, you just need to think like us. In many older parts of the world, you absolutely need to do both without question.

Some of us obviously want to get past our past. The very notion of trying to build a society that is not limited by the tyrannical dominance of one single ‘group’ is still in it’s infancy…but I am seriously starting to wonder whether it is viable.

Countries are ideas. Those lines on the map mean nothing when the Earth is viewed from outer space. Humans evolved into groups with similar features because of their Environment. Adaptations to UV rays and other Climatic conditions, along with limitations in accessing reproductive partners, gave rise to our ancient Clans forming large pockets of “familiar faces”.

For 140,000 years this process plodded along.

Somewhere down the line some Clan dwelling Villagers miraculously gave up killing neighbouring Clans via inter-generational wars and began trading with them. Eventually these temporary truces and the advancement of collective Agricultural advancements that were accidentally discovered and preciptated by Climatic conditions, led to the creation of City-States, and invariably, Empires.

History attests to the fact that most Empires were held together by force.
Empires have come and gone, but one thing is certain. Empires NEVER last forever.

I have always hoped that we could rise above the beast, can you say Idealist, but when I watch the News it becomes evident that without a proper (non-religiously biased) education, Escapeons will continue to keep their kinfolk immersed in self preservation mode. The path of least resistance.

Perhaps we should readjust our thinking and pluralize Global VillageSSSS. The present American Empire is showing serious signs of decay and retraction and one has to think that the other Monolith, China, will eventually lose it's centralised, coercive, control, and defragment at some point in the near future.

The hilarious and irrefutably Politically Incorrect movie Blazing Saddles, is a colossal testament to these two factors of race and religion. When the town Mayor exclaims that they will "take the n*ggers and the ch*nks, but we don’t want the Irish,” (Catholics), it is a telling leak in the subliminal mindset of mentally rsing above 140,000 years of evolutionary behavior.

The unholy alliance between Pigmentation and Religious Ideology is percolating just beneath a thin veneer of acceptable behavior. I understand that Mel Brooks was satirically exposing America's the Achilles Heel of tolerance and getting it out in the open. Many others take exception to his methodology.

America has struggled with these issues from since it’s inception. The subjugation of the First Asians who had evolved into 500 Nations after crossing the Bering landbridge and the immediate importation of African Slaves are still sending repercussion waves 400 years later. The aforementioned groups had been minding their own business and enjoying their own inter-Tribal warfare for thousands of years before the Europeans intruded. How rude!

Scan forward to the American Elections in the 21st Century and witness the self congratulatory, political, wankfest. Imagine that a Person of Other Pigmentation or Bearer of Ovaries might actually become the President? This is deemed to be monumental breakthrough for this Empire. Come On!

Escapeons have been experimenting with Civilization and Nationalism for over two Millenia. How many more countries do you suppose will collapse into their original Tribal/Clannish units? I suspect that there are probably far more revisions to be made on the the world map.

Good news for the folks at Rand McNally.

Will we recognise the Map of the World in 100 Years?


  1. I promise that this is the last in my series that I refer to as Beating The Dead Horse. This exhaustive rehashing of stating the obvious will be put to rest and I can retire Homo Escapeons as a "suede-oh" half assed Psycho Anthropological vehicle of self satisfactory mental masturbations.

    In the future, I intend to limit my Blogospherian intrusions to brief comical observations about Life. Having overstepped the boundaries of your patience and my knowledge base, this practice of exascerbating this topic ad infinitum, serves no other purpose other than exercising my right to self congratulatory excess.

    Thank You for tolerating my tedious deliberations. I think that I finally got it out of my system.

    Yours Truly,
    Homo Escapeons

  2. Chimps and Bonobos have troupes. Gorillas have families. Orangs are antisocial. Primates are genetically predisposed to forming family/extended family groups and repelling outsiders. Several thousand years of "civilisation" aren't enough to reprogramme us it seems.

  3. You should never stop beating a dead horse. After all, it won't feel any pain!

    What you've said is depressing but true. But I find it meaningful that I see these things on the news without ever seeing it in people I actually know. It leads me to be hopeful that maybe younger generations will be able to overcome evolution and really change things. Or maybe it's just a characteristic of the type of people I choose to surround myself with? Either way, I think there's more of us - we just managed to get rid of our racist prime minister and replace him with a white guy who speaks fluent Mandarin and will build better relations with our giant neighbour, China.

    So maybe, just maybe, we can change things. Just give it a little more time :)

  4. HE love,
    I will never understand a world like we have now, or any in the future because I will never understand selfish people. I will never be able to sit across from someone like that and not have to ask what made them the way they are.

    Why is everything so complicated when the answers are quite simple? Course, to make anything work one must offer effort and well, who wants to put forth any of that?

    I miss seeing you.

    soft love,

  5. Anonymous6:40 p.m.

    I participated in the Naitonal Geographic DNA migration study - my ex and I sent in cheek cell swabs and got back maps of ancetral origin. Really interesting stuff.

    Not that you were talking about that exactly.

    Fr some people the election is bout a single issue - abortion. The country can go to hell in a handbasket as long as their candidate ensure that women don't retain the right to govern their own bodies. It sickens me.

  6. To the Brave souls...

    Apparently we need a few more thousand generations however given our increasing expertise at annihilating each otherin mass quantity I doubt that we will be afforded such a luxury. Mother Nature will have had enough and put us out of our misery.

    The big story in thee American Elections is the arrival of the Gen X & Y constituency. I hope that you are right and that they will grab hold of the rudder and start steering us in a new direction.

    Fear drives us little hairless apes. Self preservation is our prime motivation and fear is the catalyst. The puppeteers know this and they have perfected pulling our strings. We keep telling lies just like Pinnochio and that is what keeps us from becoming a 'real' boy.

    That DNA migration is very interesting. I have seen a few docs on it and it is amazing how we carry such a diverse packet of DNA in our cells. If people knew how closely related we were to each other they would certainly change their attitudes. It only takes a few generations to 'look' completely different than our grandparents.

    The poor misguided soul that is voting because he wants to force his will upon others deserves a huge kick in the balls. How arrogant can you be to imagine that you have an exclusive understanding of such matters.
    It depresses me that people are so easily manipulated.

  7. You have Election? Or was that Erections?

  8. whitesnake,
    Actually our elections are fast and furious..they only last for 36 days compared to 36 months in the USA.

    Regarding the other thing that you mentioned, Hey, we have 5 months of Winter to contend with so why rush?


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