Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Déjà vu,
the worst case scenario

By the time you read this Barack Obama will probably have grabbed the BIG MO in New Hampshire and be well on his way to securing the Democratic nomination.
I hope that the best security guards on the planet are watching over him because if the horrible events of 1968 are repeated another generation, one that is on the cusp of trying to make a difference, will have their own martyr and a reason to lose hope.

It is bad enough that the foreign Terrorists present a threat..let's face it, their cause is easier to sell if the Infidels elect a hardliner hellbent on bullying the world..

but what scares me more than anything, is the possibility of a homegrown, white trash, neo-nazi, racist, skinhead, asshole, taking his shot at infamy.

The whole thing scares me to death because the country would go into hypervault Big Brother lockdown. Not to mention shutting out the rest of the world..basically the Monroe Doctrine on steroids.

Along with the Media Firestorm, race riots, mass demonstrations, and a national political paralysis, the country would start eviscerating itself in a National charm offensive instead of attempting to rid itself of this Cancer. The lone, psychotic, gunmen, starving for celebrity at any price.

Unlike his (it's always a man) Middle Eastern counterpart who blows himself up to get a crack at the 75 Virgins waiting imaptiently for his arrival in Paradise, the American Madman demands to be taken alive in order to savor his exploits for decades from the comfort of his prison cell.

It would be a real tragedy and the Conservatives would have a chance to re-install their brand of Law and Order to calm the masses...just like they did in '68. U.S._presidential_election 1968

Cross your fingers, get out your rosaries, light a candle, send out positive mental energy, do whatever it is that you do to protect that brave, young, man.


  1. Anonymous6:34 a.m.

    He has a funny name, so of course I want him to win.

    I'm an easily pleased voter. If David Miliband was leader of the labor party I'd vote for him because he sounds like a many-legged mini-beast.

    People like me should be locked up.

    Maybe they should keep Obama in an enchanted glass dome like the rose in Beauty and the Beast. That rose lasted for AGES.

  2. fathorse,
    Bless your bent little soul. You have no idea how this Presidential campaign tsunami has saturated the Media on this side of the pond.

    I like his name too...because it is so UN American. Although I am nervous about calamity befalling the Elephant next door I realise that there is a chance for the world to get back on track and my neighbours to the South may screw it up..remember they elected Dubya TWICE hahahaha

    I don't think that they could have made a worse decision...

    I like the glass dome idea and to some extent the Media already does this quite well..
    TWICE hahahahaha.

    No, seriously..TWICE!!

  3. And to make it worse, the first time was rigged! So they just made sure they did it properly second time. Jeeeez!

    Wish I could share your optimism about Obama, but I'll never trust anyone with an ego big enough to want to lead a whole country - doesn't matter if they have a funny name, cute smile, what colour their skin is, they are all power-hungry maniacs.

  4. Hello Homey!

    Watching Obama rise in 2004 I commented that he'd be better off running in 2012 than 2008 - he needed some seasoning, a little more experience. Unfortunately the experience he gained was how to be a better politician - he's just running for the middle like the rest of them. All politicians pander to the unreality of polling numbers and focus groups. The only experience he seems to have gained is to be a more smooth politician and less of a statesman/public servant. He's better than the rest of the pack, however, that's not much of a resaon to vote for someone.

    As for some nutjob taking a whack at Obama, for any reason, it's a good possibility; it's possible for all the candidates regardless of religion, color or sex. We've made progress over the past 40 years in regards to race, but we still have a long way to go.

    Did you see/hear some neanderthals demanding Clinton iron their shirts? Charming. I hope their Mama's are proud.

  5. Anonymous2:13 p.m.

    I could lead america blindfolded using nothing but my little finger.

  6. He will be a beacon to the world and a voice of change.

  7. can't anyone tell he's in disguise? put on some beard and see who you get. aaaaaaaaahh. we are all going to die.

  8. I know nothing about his policies or himself. But hell, it's about time the so-called "civilised" and "western" world had a black leader!!!! Actually I don't really care too much, so long as it's so-long to Dubya! ;)

  9. I think good changes are blowing in, and most people sense it.

    It's really interesting watching and listening to what's happening in America at the moment, like this movie that you "hope" finishes on this great note, but your still kinda holding your breath.

    We had elections here in Oz in November, it's all good in my opinion too...seems like a great bloke and for the first time ever! we have a female Deputy Prime Minister.

    ...and from the courageous young man, Zardari Bhutto; (3 more years to finish his schooling), and stating :"Democracy is the best revenge"

    My goodness, what if we end up with countries that have leaders that inspire hope and peace, and better lives for their people.

    That is a great movie running through my head.


  10. As I write this, Hillary's leading Barack by 4,000 votes or something and Edwards finished a distant third. And McCain won for the Pubs.

    Who the heck could name their son Mitt anyway? He finished second, the plastic bastard moneybags.

    I didn't see it, but Hillary's move Monday to talk about how the effects of the campaign have weighed on her and all will help her, I figure.

    I mean, why wouldn't it? She's a woman! More in touch with her emotions, not so concerned about being seen as a dumb rock who has no feelings...

    Why wouldn't she just be the female she is instead of trying to pretend she's not? And that's meant as a compliment, not as a knock, not at all.

    If the U.S. and the world needs anything after Bush and his trainwreck, it's a strong but determined and sensitive person.

    And that could be either Hillary or Barack. The optics are incredible. And I think she'd be just as vulnerable (almost) to an assassination attempt as Barack.

    There are plenty of idiots out there who are as wacko about women having power as they are about blacks having power.

    I like that, at the moment, it appears the next U.S. president is going to be a woman or a black man.

    ...Or, if ridiculously it happens again, that McCain might emerge as the Republican candidate and actually be elected.

    On another note, why does your blog keep shaking? It's very annoying. It must be one of your new toys.

  11. I am casting a spell that a certain GROUP of people; rhymes with Leo-----, will suddenly find their dicks dropping off if anybody even LOOKS at Obama funny.

    Everybody spread this so that it gets to the right ears, because those people honestly believe I am capable of doing such a thing, and the placebo effect is all I need.

    Oh, and Don.....have a nice day!

  12. malc!
    Hola. I agree that it takes a "special" type of individual to be that driven and sufficiently self aggrandized to want to be in politics...but some folks love power, some just want to be famous, others are completely captivated by the sound of their own voice.

    We are all so fed up with the status quo and lobbyists running the government that something NEEDS to happen. It's way too early to tell what the great unwashed will do in November.

    I am sooo excited to see you back. I missed you...and you are a much more intelligent examiner of the political system..thank goodness you showed up.

    Obama is a lot smoother and he seems to have stirred up the Gen X&Yers to get involved..
    which I hope will remind the Boomers of how jaded they were back in the 60s...

    I know that to be true..which is precisely why your passport would not be accepted at any major American airport. Come to my house and I'll drive you across the border..I have a very honest face.

    He would be a signal to the world that the USA is actually preparing to enter the 21st Century with a more open mind....I hope.

  13. misti,
    You have been watching too many spy movies...wait a minute..what the..
    *muffled sound followed by a loud crash...

    The fact that Dubya cannot run again is making everyone deleriously excited. I still don't know how he ever got there????
    Anyway he is toast, Mission Accomplished!

    No kidding..I can't even remember tha last time that a politico made me feel like a positive change was even possible? The last paradigm shift here was Trudeau...about 40 years ago..hmm...

    Bhutto's widower was planning to take over the party but I phoned him and told him that I would never vote for a politician named As-if!

    The shaking must be the gawdamn youtube RRRRR I ixnay it.

    I see the result on CNN..it's still a long way to November and you are right either way it will be great to see something progressive happen. I would have made Obama run as the Vice Pres and this could have all been avoided.

    THE Mike-all,
    You can do sh*t like that?
    You have yourself a nice day now Sir.

  14. Obama Bin Laden?

    That name rings in my ears!

  15. Scary post but it's a real concern. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing? Imagine what would happen if that occurred in our current State of Fear?

    I hate those assholes. They give bald heads a bad name.

  16. he seems really popular, and the little i have read about him he seems like a good guy...


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