Tuesday, January 29, 2008


One of Dubya's final acts of dismantling international diplomacy, and what a legacy it will be, is to begin to barricade the longest, unmilitarized, border in the world. This one!

Of course we should be thankful because VP Dick Cheney probably tried to reinstate the old FIFTY FOUR FORTY OR FIGHT! campaign. Actually Cheney and his 'Peeps' would just as soon invade us RFN if all of the troops weren't overseas.

I guess that a "Good Neighbour Fence" is inevitable.

This one has holes in the top and bottom so that we can shoot at each other but..

they will probably want something more durable..perhaps designed by German Engineers like this beauty built back in 1961.

You would think that Dubya would be more concerned with his Southern Border but what do I know? I guess his 'Posse' misses the Cold War and it is colder up here than it is in Mexico.
(Photo is the brilliant work of Lee at footnote TV )
Homeland Security's deliberate decision to erect a psychological barrier at the 49th Parallel has certainly put a damper on my plans to sneak into the USA and pursue my lifelong dream of getting paid $1/hr. (under the table) to wash dishes in a downtown Los Angeles Restaurant.
Damnit anyway!

I keep hearing the ghost of Ronny Raygun saying,

"Mr Bush, tear down that wall!"

Now I have one of those good ole days stories to tell my future AMERICAN Grandchildren.
Is there anyway that we can convince Dubya to lose his Erection BEFORE the November Election?
it is a Federal Offence to threaten the President and they have this fancy schmancy prison in Cuba where lawyers are persona non grata.


  1. Ask yourself whether there is ever a good reason to cross the border.
    If you can think of no good reason, which is what I predict, then I suggest construction of a 200 mile wide canal.
    On their side of the border.

  2. Absolutely B-f*ckn-RILLIANT!

    I wonder what they're going to do with the International Peace Garden straddling the North Dakota-Manitoba border?

    It celebrates the "longest undefended international border in the world," or something like that.

    After 9-11, they erected a memorial. It's where Canadian and American kids go to play together.

    But gotta stop them terrorists and their WMDs! (while we let in millions of Mexicans willing to work for nothing at the insistence of our corporate elite).

    Super post, pal. Have a nice time in Guantanamo! Don't forget to write!

  3. Federal offense, huh? How's THIS for an "offense"?

    DUBYA, you walk into MY living room, I kick your ass. Plain and simple.

    Oh, and by the way, I have not, nor will I ever, threaten a LAWFULLY ELECTED President. That would not be nice.

    Oh, and Dick? I have guns too. Asshole!

  4. GREAT post HE, as usual! u r too smart and Im speechless whenever Im here..cos u've said it all and in the best way possible.

    btw plz take part in my current post ok ;-)


  5. He's an idiot. I'm counting down the days til we are rid of him, but I fear we will be suffering the effects of his presidency for many years to come.

  6. does everybody need a Canadian passport to get in to the US of A now then? If so where can you get them?

  7. I vote for the fence with the holes, but I dig that Trojan horse idea!

  8. The whole idea af walls just seems wrong doesn't it? But I am guilty of having 'Keep em out' feelings myself.
    Is there a difference between some Mexicans who want a slice of the action (here in the UK that would be Poles and Romanians), and those other guys who want to come here and make us live by their very silly religeous ideals. I'm fine with the first lot of guys, but the second, Nah, I do think they should stay right where they are!
    Jeez, am I turning into some right wing protectionist arsehole, after all these years - shit, have I been one all along?

  9. Anonymous10:07 a.m.

    Well, I have a pretty sharp axe you might find useful here....

  10. Unbelievable.
    I shall watch how this develops.

  11. oh snaps...i need a bucket of advil to get rid of the pain of my sanity!!!!!!

    all said...we had this coming. I can threaten that num nut...yes I can. try me.

  12. wait! i just remember...its far far harder for me to even get a US visa anyway...so I think i might just dream of america till kingdom come. or die wanking to playboy. whichever drives me nuts faster.

  13. so canadians WANT to go to america?

  14. Lovely post. I got that same little thing in the mail yesterday I think it was.

    If only all these precautions would really keep the bad guys out of their country.

  15. Dubya????

    I thought you were talking about the city........

  16. Unreal...also, I want that piniata!!

  17. You know, I was scratching my head, thinking how to respond to this. Then I thought why should I bother?

    You are doing fine for all of us!

  18. i still don't understand why he was voted twice. twice! hahah. sorries. :P

  19. I can't think of any reason a Canadian would want to visit that noisy uncouth nation next door. I much preferred Canada the the USA.

  20. Anonymous9:12 p.m.

    Okay, I brought it on.

    (And where can I get my hands on a giant pinata? Bet there's a LOT of candy in that thing.)

  21. Is it just me or does the USA get more like the Soviet Union every day?

    Don't worry matey, if you get sent to Guantanemo, I'll bake a cake with a file in it.

    The other thing that surprises me is this revisionism of Reagan's presidency. Somehow we are being convinced he was kind, cuddly Uncle Ronnie. I remember an dangerous right-winger with dementia.
    Thatcher's best friend - need I say more?

  22. No one will probably see this but damn! Just because there are some Americans that need a taste of their own medicine doesn't mean we are all complete idiots.

    What kind of person clumps everyone into one pot and expects not to get slammed!

    Soft love,


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