Friday, January 11, 2008


We've come a long way from chucking rocks at strangers out on the African Savannah.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of money and resources that Governments waste on developing, maintaining, instigating, and applicating, to the Death and Destruction of other Homo Escapeons.

War is the BIGGEST BUSINESS on the planet. I have no way of knowing how accurate THIS is, but take a look and tell me what you think.

Now look at this THIS

Imagine all the people,
Living Life in Peace?


  1. I was talking to my mum yesterday. I really was. And we were talking about how certain things never ever change. Mum was telling me how back when tobacco was first introduced into England (we're talking hundreds and hundreds of years ago) it was common knowledge that smoking was bad for you. (Naturally that excluded all the shit we put in cigarettes these days, which only make it worse.) But the king encouraged smoking, openly admitting that he needed the money from the taxes on tobacco. The other thing my mum and I talked about not changing was war, and American interference. I've just finished re-reading "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver (if you haven't read it, READ IT, seriously, it is SO GOOD) anyway, it talks about how the USA impose their own leadership on the Congo, despite having just granted them independence. They didn't like the leader the Congolese elected, so bye bye Lumumba, hello Mobutu. Mum then mentioned Saddam Hussein in the same context.

    Now I've forgotten what your post was about. I'm sure it was very interesting.

  2. ...and John Lennon's Imagine millions and millions of people love it. It is actually one of my all time favorite songs.

    How could you ever picture such one beautiful song bringing us so much joy....but it does.

    Funny thing is George Harrison sings one of my other, all time favorite songs..My Sweet Lord.....and Paul's Maybe I'm Amazed is another!

    I wasn't even barely comprehendo when the Beatles were in action.

    People will always be inspired for peace and harmony, that can never ever be taken from us.

    For all the stealth's and bombs and warrring and killing, more people want peace, they will die for it! We just need to figure out the best way to facilitate it.

    Little things help! truly, there is a small impoverished family in Cambodia; Mum, Dad 2 x boys, 2 x girls..

    The youngest girl (like her brothers and sister) is already saving every cent!!! she can for the ten dollars for her first years education...How amazing is nephew and I are are able to help out with various things (he is a schoolteacher), but the burning desire of that little girl is overwhelming, this will be our world's future.

    Inspiration and determination and compassion.

    Truly, HE, I know for every step taken it may feel like 2 back, but just keep walking, we just keep walking.


  3. Where can I get a magic carpet like that?

  4. i prefer yesteryears' songs.

  5. those fighter jets are damn sexy though aren't they!

  6. Amen -- and awesoem flying carpet picture! (I have also read The Poisonwood Bible -- it's excellent.)

  7. Anonymous10:19 a.m.

    This doesn't surprise me at all, which is sad :( It's funny, 'cause I missed John Lennon by decades yet his voice is synonymous with the anti-war feeling in my head. How peculiar...

    Although, without warfare, we would be missing such cinematic gems as Top Gun, which would be a great loss to civilization.

  8. You've spelled it out so black and white, and I believe the Washington Post's figs and the other stats.

    Where's the denying the truth that the U.S. is the most war-mongering country on the planet?

    I guess the big question is, does it have to be? Does the world want or need these wars? Almost universally, aside from Canada and the UK and a few other nations that are beholden to America, the answer is no.

    It's no from Germany, from France, from Russia, from China and so many others. So what's goin' on?

    Imagine, indeed.

  9. something we cant imagine happening in our life time.

  10. Anonymous4:48 p.m.

    Just went to see Charlie Wilson's War - very interesting...

  11. Short of some extensive genetic engineering? No.

  12. Fathorse, you make a valid point about Top Gun... but don't forget Good Morning Vietnam!

  13. I can think of little worse than having nothing to die for. But that's just me.

    Every hive needs the worker bees.

  14. I'm partial to The Beatles' "Revolution" lyrics.

    "We're all doing what we can"

  15. When there is no war, politicians create it. In my country, terrorists who are caught are let loose sooner than later as the powers that are do not desire peace. More trouble, there, more vocal they are, more powerful they feel. Hell with the people, who really cares? All over the world, it is the same. Greed too plays such a major role. I think, greed is the only thing going for them.

    Look, I was peacefully listning to some soothing music and what have you done? Took away my peace of mind!

    You will pay for it...

  16. "Imagine all the people,
    Living Life in Peace?"

    How is it still so hard to picture it?

    We can always dream though....

    Hoping you are alive and well, please pass on my best to chris and your family for the new year.
    ( finaly got a few minutes to my self)


  17. The Poisonwood Bible is a good read, until the last third (IMHO)

    but the stats you provide fro our perusal show the power of biggots and bullies - which, let's face it is, what politics (and corporate advertising) is mainly about

    all the talented people seem to become architects or musicians or artists/creatives of one kind of another

    and those with less (or differing) talents, accountants and lawyers and doctors and statisticians

    and the list goes on and down

    until you get to the people who do the essential jobs like clean the streets and remove the rubbish and work in the hospitals and shops and on the farms or - choosing "adventure" as the advertising gurus sell it here, at least - sign up instead to die for their countries; and in the case of the UK, if they are injured but survive, they and their families are treated very very poorly indeed by the state for whom they would have made the ultimate sacrifice

    the advertising gurus don't have a budget to get their teeth into that one

    funnily enough, or is it blogging serendipity again, I posted something about a grand piano - you might like it! (go via my profile view)


  18. War would seem to be a profitable enterprise for a select group, that is certain. What are we to do about it?

  19. Anonymous9:20 a.m.

    Stace - A world without Dad's Army? Blackadder the 4th?? WILL SMITH IN INDEPENDENCE DAY??

    Who could live in such a place...?

  20. Fathorse, nobody could! I'd rather not live, than live without Blackadder or Dad's Army!!! Indepdence Day I could probably survive without a little easier. Just a little.

  21. Living life pissed?

    is that pissed as in angry or pissed as in drinking?

  22. Living life pissed?

    is that pissed as in angry or pissed as in drinking?

  23. Oh you said peace.......Sorry, sorry as the Dalek said climbing off the dustbin.!

    Yeah Right!

  24. stace,
    The Congo is still in disarray and in the News. The aftershockls of the American Colonialists is also still being felt. One of the first things they did was imposrt black slaves and now hundreds of years later it is still a huge deal that a black man is running for President.

    I will definitely look into your book.

    That is inspiring. What would the world be like if Nations competed on Education spending? If the world spent a Trillion Dollars on schools every year this place would be fantastic.

    PS You forgot Ringo..have you ever heard 'it don't come easy'?

    You can get them at the Airport Gift Shop.

    I am glad that my young adult kids have made me listen to New music..I have found a lot of bands that have built upon the classics and they are still hungry and angry enough to speak up..the old farts are all millionaires now and just doin' it for the dough.

    How many times have you watched Top Gun?

  25. andrea,
    Really..I seem to be the only one who hasn't read it. I thought that photo was a good metaphor for the incredible mismatch of combatants..and yet it is still not enough...the Military/Industrial Complex doesn't want this thing to ever end anyway because they are raking in the dough.

    I wouldn't want anyone nicknamed Goose sitting behind me when I'm pullin 6 G's!

    THE Michael,
    I am all for genetic engineering if it will help...but I don't trust the government to do it. As far as the engineering goes Peaceful people will eventually have to create New countries to get away from all of the psychos...and then stockpile Nukes so that they don't get attacked by them...ironic?

    How many Vietnam Movies have you seen? I still think Apocalypse now is my fave...but Jacob's Ladder and Platoon, Hamburger Hill were great too.

    You just fired your warning over the bow didn't you? I understand your sentiment but at some point progress should be possible without the fear of being annihilated as our primary motivation.
    Look at those numbers! It is obscene.

  26. breakerslion,
    Great Link..verifies my worst fears. I know in my head that there will always be another group that would take advantage of the West were it not loaded to the nuts with armaments...but how much is enough?

    We all want to change the world.

    Sorry. I was just so amazed at how ridiculous the whole thing is. If Aliens came to Earth they would look at us as warring ant colonies bent on destroying each other.

    Politicians have way too much power in orchestrating these conflicts. We're too busy avoiding reality by watching Britney Spears and her ilk...sicking our collective head up our butt isn't working out too well.

    How are ya? I can't wait until you get back here and straighten out this mess. I hope that your new venture is paying off and that you will be reunited and on course soon.

    Miss your astounding knowledge and humour mate.
    Take excellent care of yourself and hurry back.

    I ALWAYS like your view,
    Huzzah you're back too! What a great day.
    It is weird to think that the Media alwways pretends that the world economy is commercial and not military...when the hell is everyone going to take back control..oh yeah we never have and by the looks of things we never will because there are far too many Weapons at the ready.

    within whoops!
    I guess that when the reigning Empire sets the tone everyone else has to follow the trend. I did a post last week on how many Nations actually have Nukes but the scariest part was the list of countries with biochemical can we be so inhuman?

    This world needs an enema!

    I fear that you are right. No wonder so many Sci-Fi writers seem to place a few scattered survivors out in space looking for a new place to start. I am amazed that we have accomplished such horrendous achievements in 140,000 short years. That really sucks!

    Did you like Julia playing a mature woman...don't it make ya feel old?

    I just watched The's about the Saudi Arabian Monarchy and their tightrope walk between the West and the Fundamentalists..I actually loved it.

  27. I thought perhaps it was a Sears Magic Carpet.

  28. spentrails,
    We need to keep asking questions and make sure that the few remaining independent sources of News..bloggers..stay vigilant and make..pfft!

    We are talking about trillions of dollars and the oil and everything else is just window dressing. I am amazed that a Republican Government dragged the country into such unfathomnable debt..seriously the GOP is supposed to be all about fiscal responsibility...borrowing $3B a day from China would have made Ronnie Reagan's head explode!

    Will Smith is pretty smart (supposedly headed for MIT) but he figured out that special effects movies about a christ-like figure saving the world are always the biggest films.

    Blackadder was a scream..what a hilarious ass.

    Willard Smith is the most powerful actor in the world according to Newsweek...c'mon you have to see I Am Legend?

    Translation mate? Are you a big Dr Who fan?

  29. nice and simple, he, just as you've presented it.

    sometimes i wonder if one of our dna chips is defective....

  30. no not on walkabout, he, :) - which, apparently, was code name for aboriginal people just getting stoned and wandering around -hence the Dreaming/Dream time. It's true.Is that really his name? Willard?

  31. Anonymous6:04 a.m.

    Will smith is a god. Fresh prince never gets old, despite the godawful fashion sense of most of the actors...

    Having said that, my '90s outfits always make me swoon with embarrassment... leggings...uuurrrghhhh.

  32. a) it's not my book! If I could write like that, I would be as happy as a pig in shit. But I can't. But read the book anyway :)

    b) I have not seen enough Vietnam movies. I have seen (and loved) Apocalypse Now, but not the other ones you mentioned. I will look out for them.

    c) I do want to see I Am Legend. I'm going out with mum-in-law in a couple of days, she suggested we should see a movie... I'll see if I can convince her.

  33. kj,
    Now if only there was a simple solution! It is absolutely obscene.
    We Westerners live in la la land worrying about the price of gas when it is the 'cost' that we should be concerned about.

    I did that very thing throughout most of the 70s! Got pharmacalogically altered, left society and on good days, the planet, and lived in the Dream Time...
    ah the glorious state of nihilism..
    such a simple way of life..
    good times.

    Actually I figured that one out. I am currently into movies about the politics in the Middle East such as Syriana and The Kingdom..and the background/ historical accounts like The Kingdom of Heaven which examines the Crusades.

    There is a lot of bad blood to mop up before we can have any semblence of a Peaceful co-existance.

    Your MIL should remember the 1971 Charlton Heston version, Omega Man.

    Come on really!? Of course you love Happy Days too don'tcha?
    I look at the Americana Era of the 50s & 6os as paraphrase James Burke discussing the 18th Century...
    "In my (grandfather's) lifetime. That's how close we are to it. And, yet, that world has disappeared so totally, it's like fairyland. Thatched cottages, meadows, happy peasants. A golden age. Garbage, all that.

    Nasty, brutish, and short - that's what life was all about. And dirty. And boring. And it had been like that for thousands of years! And then, suddenly, the whole complex polluted overpopulated phrenetic nonstop stressful high tech rat race that is the modern world... Life was suddenly no longer as simple as it had been. And the extraordinary thing is, none of that was planned"

    This has nothing to do with Will Smith does it?

  34. Ha! I'm watching "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" right now!

  35. Ha! I'm watching "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" right now!

  36. Sadly, without war I'd be unemployed. The informal motto of our company is "making killing people safer" (a lot of what I do is aimed at preventing people getting killed by the other side rather than actively trying to kill someone)


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