Friday, December 14, 2007

One in Five (6.2 M) Canadians were born in a foreign land.

In fact, 14% of the One Million Immigrants who came to Canada between 2001 and 2006, were ‘made in China’...
11% were made in India,
7% in the Philippines and
5% in Pakistan.

Of the 8,896,480 Family Units in Canada about 68% are comprised of traditional Married Couples, down from 80% in the 80s. Common Law Couples have doubled to 15% and Single Parent Households have risen to 16%.

Stats Can also reported that the number of Same Sex Couples has risen 32%. This label is NOT referring to the Traditional Married Couples who have the ‘Same’ (zzz) Sex year after year, it refers to couples who ARE of the same gender. Same Sex Couples (legalized in ’05) now make up .06% of all households in Canada.

One other item of interest was the announcement that almost one half (44%) of Young Adults (20-29) live at Home. This is the direct result of several factors that are causing a Perfect Storm:
-the massive influence that the Demand caused by their Parents (Baby Boomers), hurled upon the Housing Market decades ago and
-because of declining Birth Rates, Immigration was increased and instead of allowing the Housing Market to self-correct, the influx of wealthy foreigners actually increased the cost of housing to their present state which is not only ridiculous but unsustainable. A massive correction is imminent.

You might also be surprised to discover that only 17% of Canada’s population are Bilingual, which is pretty pathetic for a so-called Bilingual Nation. Francophones in Quebec feel threatened more than the majority of English speaking Canucks because the Media and Internet have secured Inglitch as the global language. The majority of Allophones, those who speak anything other than the two ‘official’ Languages, learn to converse in English in order to assimilate into the great, multi-cultural social experiment known as ‘CAN’ada.

We all know that the USA is considered more of a ‘melting pot’ wherein immigrants become ‘Merkins’, while Canada, for better or worse, is a little more lassez-faire.
This is why we have hyphenated-Canadians.

One of the chief obstacles of ‘hoping’ that immigrants adopt our predominantly secular social and legal structure is the ‘baggage’ that SOME of them refuse to discard at the border. The most egregious offence being the horrendous, barbaric, practice of honour killings!

When you come to Canada your Spouse and Children are NOT your property!
I don’t give a F*CK about what your handlers or peers think about you maintaining appearances.

This is the modern world and if you cannot handle that, and refuse to allow your family members to join the 21st Century, then don’t come here.

Time and time again, the vapid, ridiculous, religio-cultural shackles of the past cling to the institutionalized psyche of many transplanted men and innocent wives and children pay the ultimate price. Honour? You can take your f*cking honour and go live in the Dark Ages somewhere else.
Not Here.

This IS not an extension of your homeland. This place is a work in progress. It has evolved and strives to be more egalitarian and secular out of necessity because the other societal models have proven themselves to be undesirable.
We cannot undo the Enlightenment and Centuries of Scientific progress. We are forced to deal with the empirical reality of our circumstances. Hiding behind myths and conjecture is no longer a reasonable option for us, not here anyway.
You need to play the hand that you’re dealt,
even if you are not playing with a full deck.


  1. Anonymous12:55 p.m.

    I get it:

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    When in Canada, don't kill your children for marrying whites.

    Simple really.

  2. I wasn't aware that there still was a "Canada". I thought that was just a scary story people told their kids to get them to behave.

  3. This is one of those issues that gets my blood boiling. My tolerance and acceptance of varied cultural practices in Canada is pretty high, but not when it comes at the expense of another's life or their emotional or physical health. Not only is that unacceptable here, but it should be unacceptable ANYWHERE.

    Sadly, I don't think there's much that can be done to stop it. They believe what they believe and no amount of reasoning will change their minds. Aside from prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law to discourage these "honour killings", I think it's a matter of just waiting for this mindset to die out with the older and more traditional generation.

    In the meantime, perhaps we should be adamant about informing these (mostly) women about the resources available to them - safe places for victims of domestic abuse, mediators, etc.

  4. hmmm... when i acquired my coveted dual citizenship in canada i was the ONLY white person in a room of hundreds, i was the ONLY ONE able to recite everything with out looking at the cards and was ONLY PERSON able to sing loudly and proudly...

    i still feel quite odd about it. great post!

  5. fathorse,
    This bastard strangled his own daughter. In 'his' country he would probably require 4 witnesses to convict him. For genetic deadend miscreants like that piece of sh*t I would reinstate the Death Penalty in a heartbeat..
    a slow, painful, version, in a heartbeat...then resuscitate and repeat if time warranted.

    I am concerned that some of our invitees are not quite getting the nuts and bolts of what it means to be living in the 21st Century.
    Perhaps Canadians are going to actually get involved in the political process...OK..that's not going to happen...maybe a brochure.

    Perhaps we need to quarantine certain elements of society until they have watched 10,000 hours of shows like Will & Grace, The L Word, Murphy Brown, South Park, Family Guy...enough to make them realise how far removed we are, psychologically speaking, from the bullsh*t rattling around in their skulls.

    HI inner voices,
    I suppose that I must sound like a xenophobic white supremecist nutjob but I am colour blind and realise that in order to express my views that I must listen to others...but that doesn't mean that I have to acquiesce ala political correctness.

    People are welcome to come here make a better life for themselves, both of my grandfathers did. I just think that we need to be adamant about HOW things are done around here.

    Otherwise it's just a numbers game and a mathematical certainty that all of those offshore rivalries and prejudices will eventually prevail...

    unless their kids watch TV or have access to the Internet.

  6. I like your term "colour blind."

    This is murder, not religious devotion.I know several Islamic friends who will be horrified at this, particularly that the girl was murdered in Canada, not in a cave in Afghanistan.
    Well-written, HE.

  7. Like i said, i thought it was a great post, never thought ill of you or your writing for minute. perhaps if folks are going to continue their barbaric customs in their new country they should abide by the same punishmeents as well... a little stoning anyone? id go and see the hanging of that particular individual! anyway, i'll be back to read some more... thanks for your time!

  8. Here in 'Merica, half of the population would dearly love to elect as our Allatolah a Southern Baptist who would wish our women to "defer to the sacred authority granted their husbands", which, in the clear light of logic, is Taliban "Lite", on the slippery slope back to that era when women are once again property and we can sell them back and forth, perhaps some small consolation for not being able to do the same with black people anymore.

    As long as ANY one in this world can suggest to ANY body that ANY one is less worthy, we are SCREWED as a species and will continue to practice murdering each other as our favorite pastime.

  9. This is the worst possible result or element of something you and I have previously debated or argued about.

    I'll refrain from pouring gas on some of the more enflamed, vitriolic comments here.

    In an ideal world, I still think Canada is a place where people of all religions and cultures should feel welcome.

    But this is barbaric, at least in our country. And it can't be tolerated, in our society.

    If this is the culture they live, as much as I disagree with it, they should live that culture in their country.

    Not to to that extreme in this one.

  10. Innocent people just choosing to live their own life..and murdered for it.

    Murdered by members of their own family.

    It is really distressing HE.

    The michael hit the nail on the head:

    "As long as ANY one in this world can suggest to ANY body that ANY one is less worthy, we are SCREWED as a species and will continue to practice murdering each other as our favorite pastime."

    Just so many atrocities...thanks for the site, I am aware of this insane, evil practice of murders but I wasn't familiar with the site.

    Thanks so much.


  11. HE I read abt this and I really wasnt surprised. Cmon u and I know that some ppl from some religous backgrounds r just morons who will never change. I hv basically given up on em.

    Look ard HE, in Iraq/Afghanistan/Paksitan etc we hear of such horrible stories happening every single day. wut abt the British teacher who was jailed and nearly killed for naming a Teddy of a student as Mohammed? If calling a lifeless soft toy Mohammed is a sin, then wut abt 'Mohammed' Atta who flew a plane into the WTC? Plz gimme a break!

    It is these very ppl who migrate to Canada or Aus...and such ppl's mindset DONT change just cos they r in a different country. Its in their blood.

    Unless the Canadian/Aus/British etc governments bring up a Immigration Law that reads 'NO IDIOTS ALLOWED IN' and get to screen migrants for their cranium levels, we'll still hv this problem.

    HONOR killings? I say FUCKED-UP mentalities! Pardon my language I get really furious when I read abt such losers.


  12. I thought you were all eskimos!

  13. I'm so angry right now that I've tried to write a comment 3 times and have deleted each time because I can't get my words out in a clear and concise manner.

    I'll come back later and try again....however, for the moment, just let me say that the ANIMAL who murders someone, especially a young, innocent girl in their OWN family for the sake of PRIDE should be stripped naked and left in an enclosed room with about 30 men who all wield chainsaws!

  14. my sister-in-law (of direct Irish descent, but a true Brit in reality) lives in Canada with her husband (a Peruvian, they married in Portugal and have also lived in Mexico and Germany) with their three children (one of whom was born in England). . .

    or did I miss the point of your post?

  15. Agreed!
    tell ya what, though...I want to bring up the issue of 'black' or 'elective surgery' here but I also don't want to dis Canada. I'll just say that the government can't have it both ways...decry barbarism on one hand and then profit from it on the other.

  16. I concur.

    I appreciate "the michael"s comment as well.

  17. What's so honourable about killing your child?
    This barbaric practice stems from stupid ignorance, lack of tolerance and misplaced machismo.

    Absolutely sick that these murders still happen in my native country although they very rarely come to the fore.

  18. extremists know no borders. and they are everywhere. it's worse when they combine that with religion. taboo topic. we could get blown off. fzzzzzzz...

  19. Nothing like a good mixture of ignorance, egomania, and religion. This is why we can't have nice things. Those who say Islam is not a fucked-up religion (is there any other kind?) because they are more civilized than this follower, would do well to try to lose the chains of their delusion altogether and stop supporting this with their financial contributions.

    I am in favor of justice, not political correctness, or legal niceties in a case like this one. If you imprison assholes like this one, they will wrap themselves in the cloak of martyrdom. They will believe they suffer imprisonment for a higher cause, not for their criminal acts of murder. Two things would happen in my ideal world. First, immediate and irreversible castration. If this is the way he treats his children, he shall have no more. Second, if he did this for "honor", then he should have none. Make him work on a pig farm, shoveling shit. Give him nothing to wear but a Santa suit. Most importantly, give him the opportunity every day to balance the books by blowing his own brains out.

  20. Oh my Oh my.
    I know you can get all emotional about this stuff, and I do too. But some of the stuff being said here, taken out into the big wide world, isn't exactly going to help move things forward.
    Piling shit on shit never helped anyone in my view. I would say, do the best you can with the life you have, and by that I mean, create from yourself, the same stuff you want to happen in this world. Getting all angry and irrational just puts you somewhere near the very same twats you're getting angry about.

  21. dinahmow,
    You are right this is not meant to be an all encompassing endictment against Islam. The actions of this so called Father would be reviled by any human being.
    My gut reaction was that I am sickened that this sort of mentality can be attributed to an intense scrutiny of artificial rules. It is not acceptable under any guise and if his lawyer tries to wrap some sort of legitimacy to his actions based upon his version of a creed then to hell with him.

    inner voices,
    I sound as crazy as the next guy but the underwhelming ineffectiveness of our legal system..I refuse to call it justice anymore...catapults myself and many others over the deep end.
    Now perhaps the son did it and the father is taking the blame..I don't know..but the crux of the matter is that a beautiful, young, person has lost her chance at life because of what? Pride? Bollocks.

    THE michael,
    Brilliant anaolgy. This man would have been a defective Buddhist, Christian, Zoroastrian or Atheist. For whatever reason the moral governor in his brain does not function.
    Why it is taking so long for us to undo all of the archaic misogynist traditions of the past is beyond my comprehension.
    Your summation was outstanding.

    We do talk about this quite often because the dynamics of our country are changing. Neither of us are xenophobes and we both believe that this is the place to be if you want a new start.
    Yesterday I was at our largest regional shopping centre and realised that the demographics have vastly changed in the last 20 years. My children are not growing up in a sea of 'white' faces. Which is great because the whole idea that we are one species that has externally evolved in order to adapt to various levels of solar radiation is all that there is to it. All of the add-ons are the problem. It will take a while but sooner or later I believe that most of us will get there...and the sooner the better.

    I know that Oz has a similar transition in progress. Humans are naturally inclinated to associate with mirror imaged individuals. The great thing about having a big brain is that it allows us to comprehend the artificiality of looking different and understanding that we are all the same..except for the defective bastards who come in every shade.

    It is pathetic that there needs to be such a site but this is a huge problem. The abolition of gender superiority is an absolute neccessity and women in many countries are born into a horrendous brutal system that restricts their basic human rights.
    It breaks my heart that little girls are still being treated as third class citizens and destined to live in such barbarous conditions.

    This does happen every day. As you said our governments do not have the resources to adequately screen the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who move to our New World. What we as members of society need to do is to be vigilant in our supporting the moral imperitives in the political process. We need to live our lives with this in mind and be examples...but we also need to vote and stay on top of our governments. Governments should be afraid of us not the other way around.
    If our social fabric is torn we need to stitch it back up together with civil servants that understand that they work for us not the other way around.

  22. zig,
    The preferred nomenclature of the day is actually Inuit...who live further north in places like Nunavut. Hopefully this will clear up some-of-it.

    Your initial reaction is understanable. I was so mad that I was shaking. It just drives me crazy that one idiot like this guy can drive such a wedge between us..because he supposedly did this under the auspices of some archaic tribal mentality does nothing, NOTHING, to justify his actions.
    That being said he immediately casts a very dark shadow over the majority of adherents to his creed who are absolutely revolted by his actions. What happens is that the majority of those who subscribe to his religion do not jump on the opprtunity to condemn his actions and the whole thing starts circling the drain.
    I do not believe for one second that anyone in any religion, other than extreme nutjobs, would hesitate to express utter horror at this tragedy. The post 911 mentality easily rears it's ugly head...the perfect storm is brewing.

    This was not meant to be about us and them. For me it's about WHY?
    Why are we not advancing and why do these old primitive rules from ANY source have anything to do with living in the 21st century?

    i like the view,
    Comments should be open to any tangential avenue. Aside from the first Asians who travelled here over ten thousand years ago and whose 500 Nations were virtually disintegrated by the superior technology and viral companions of the Europeans...everybody else in the New World is from somewhere else..even the First explorers.

    Our species all started out from the same spot. What is remarkable is how different we became with all of our add-ons.

    first nations,
    The double edged sword of immigration..
    the government needs to feed the machinery..
    they need more taxpayers because the residents have been overeducated and realise that overpopulating the planet and living within their means is a logical decision..
    but the governments also kowtow to the lobbyists of the corporate conglomerates who convince the bureaucrats that exponential growth and consumerism is the only way to succeed because they have borrowed too much money and the well is dry..
    so unless we have tens of thousands of fresh victims for our system the whole f*cking thing is going to collapse...
    and the government's first priority is self preservation..
    so you do the math.
    Read my lips no new taxes?
    Wouldn't be prudent?..
    not going to change.

    Yes the old boy school of thought is not the exclusive affliction of any religion or denomination which sounds like domination...unfortunately the old subservent wife and children trough is at the ready for many men to dunk their thick skulls in and drink deeply from the well of male domination. ((sigh))

    I shudder to think how many innocent victims actually suffer from this barbaric practice. Worldwide.
    We can only hope that sharing information will accelerate the abolition of these stupid artifacts from the past and that little girls will grow up empowered enough to change their own societies. So many countries still have "separate" facilities for women..because the men cannot control themselves if they see a woman??? HELLO! Newsflash! There is a simple biological reason why evolution and mother nature created physical features from head to toe that catch the attention of males. Get a grip.

    Taboo. I know that many parts of the world are not able to deal with these kinds of issues. That doesn't mean that it's OK to ignore it and support the status quo. We certainly enjoy more freedom of expression than most other Earthlings but we squander it most of the time by entertaining ourselves. Look at how the tone changed won't go away on it's own. We need to make equality of the genders a global institution because the majority of Earthlings are female!

  23. breakerslion,
    I understand how strongly you feel about the entire subject. I should temper my indictment by saying that the only Muslims that I know personally are moderate kind hearted well educated people who have never imposed their beliefs on me. They will be absolutely mortified at the prospect of yet another delusioned idiot casting aspersions upon the entire religion.

    This murderer would have been the defective bad machine in any the so-called christian who fire bombs a clinic or impregnates teenage girls under the guise of multiple marriages. You and I agree that logically there is no reason to recquire some sort of supernatural imposition of being threatened with eternal damnation in order for a human being to be a good person.

    We can look back through recorded history and examine how these instituions evolved, inch by inch, and rationally dissect the psychological voids that these gods filled in a world that did not have scientific, empirical reasoning to explain how everyday events and natural phenomenon worked...I agree that we should be miles ahead.

    The voice of sober second thought and reason. Vitriol certainly does invite more of the same. ..
    and yes perhaps lowering oneself to their level is a recipe for disaster.

    I am not very good at ignoring the opportunity to make an ass of myself. The notion that anything that I write is going to change a thing is preposterously naive.
    That being said, every once in a while I need to rant and vent because while I was out here in the blogosphere being witty and funny a young Canadian girl had her life exinguished becuase of some monstrous act of hubris by her own father.
    I couldn't let it slide.

    Tomorrow or the next day I'll be back here being a smartass and having cyberfun commenting about frivolous things and life will go on. Such is life.

    We're not designed to comprehend the enormity of the whole thing...but every so often I catch a glimpse and have to open my big mouth.

    You're right.
    I probably should have tempered my disgust with a dose of reality and decorum.
    I'll try harder next time.

  24. I agree with you. We do need to make a stand. How, I'm not sure. How do you screen for this kind of thing without infringing on someones rights? We have to be careful not to generalize. We are all brothers and sisters. It's hard not to feel like we're under attack when they call us the enemy but we have to be strong and rise above.

  25. hi chrsitine,
    I am so happy to hear from you. You are absolutely right about generalizing and truning it into an us or them proposition when it is a he or she thing...individuals.
    I think the best way to discourage hardliners from wanting to come here is to make our society so transparent and shallow and irreverant and egalitarian: in terms of questioning everything and not allowing little corners of society to fester..sweep the whole damn place...I am willing to give up a little to ensure that I am safe.

    Humans are fairly predictable (ask any actuary) so I would support more invasive prodding of immigrants and citizens..what we need to agree upon is what to do with people who we know are ticking time bombs??

  26. ugh dude... very well said- and immigrants EVERYWHERE should take note!


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