Friday, October 12, 2007


Surely by now I have convinced you there is only one (1) species of Homo Escapeons. Therefore it is time to discuss the three (3) sub-species of Escapeons.

Homo Salvapiens,
Homo Rejectus,
& Meanderthals.

How each and every Homo Escapeon behaves, interprets and reacts towards EVERYTHING in Life, all stems from their answer to one question.
Is There A God?

We can identify any & all cosmological viewpoints known to Escapeons from their answer to this one question. Every aspect of an individual’s reality, or the Meaning of Life, is merely an extension of one of these three viewpoints.

(1) Homo Salvapiens: THERE IS A GOD!
(2) Homo Rejectus: god does NOT exist!
(3) Meanderthals: There could be a God?

For instance, those who choose to believe;

For Homo Salvapiens GOD is unquestionably and infinitesimally implicated in everything that exists in every sub-atomic particle of the entire Universe. Affirmative answers to this question may vary from peaceful, appreciative, certainty to exasperated no-brainer/any idiot can see that dogmatism.

(2) HELL NO!
Rejectus types are convinced that all gods were Escapeon inventions conceived throughout History to try to placate our natural proclivity to disdain Death, inexplicable or circumstantial Natural phenomenon and events that defied simple explanation.

Meanderthals have decided, or sort of decided, to believe that there could be a God or Force but that it, he, or she, moves in mysterious ways far beyond the parameters of Human comprehension..dunno fo sho.


The next logical step in this exercise is deciphering the Who-What-Where-When-Why & How they arrived at their cosmological identity:

(1) Voluntarily
(2) Involuntarily
(3) Osmosis or
(4) Withholding Final Verdict

Many Escapeons may have been indoctrinated as an impressionable child and never EVER questioned, or felt the need to question, the information. Perhaps they live in circumstances that prevent them from even entertaining any thought of questioning the ‘facts’, and finally, there are those who believe that it is inherently impossible to even consider responding to such inquiries.

In any event practically every Homo Escapeon arrived at a some sort of decision and it is very important to know How they arrived there in order to comprehend Why they did.

The final aspect of this matter is the Who-What-Where-When-Why & How Homo Escapeons plan to express and utilize their personal Cosmology.

Whatcha gonna do about it?

(1) Blare It: Make it a Universal Planetary Law
(2) Share it: Appropriate your Beliefs to those concerned
(3) Grin & Bear It: Keep it Private & Personal

From these three steps we can get to the very core of every Homo Escapeon.

Some of them are quietly confident in their beliefs while others fester with insecurity and become dogmatic fanatics who will not rest until everybody else either believes the exact same thing or a reasonable facsimile.

The real kicker is that Salvapiens and Rejectus are both burdened with a Cosmology that is as equally impossible to prove to the other side and n'er the twain shall meet. It is nearly impossible to have a civilized debate between the Faithful and the Fatalist. Meanderthals on the other hand enjoy a little wiggle-room from the absolutes but..

..and n’er the Twain shall meet!
(time fo a bwief Twainwreck of a tangent by my inner Tweety)
"Appawentwee we cannot hope to get the Escapeons awll-abwoard because this debate always goes off twack and jumps the wails.
Twying to build a bwidge or causeway over this mowass seems impossibwle. So, for the time bewing, in the Western Wowld anyway, we are callwing this dis-twestle-ing aspwect of the cultuwe waw a dwaw.
Tanks Homey.
I tought I made a pwetty good summation!"


  1. I twatt I taw a gawd. :p

    I am a Meanderthal! Dang...I wanna be a Home Rejectus but I cant...There is science and there is mystery. sigh.

  2. ghosty,
    Moi aussi! I can scurry throughout History and rationally deconstruct each incarnation and understand their geographical and political relevence, even their transformation into the next logical progression from their predecessors and competitors and soforth BUT..

    I know that I cannot get beyond the Big Bang and honestly not wonder...and so it goes.

    To paraphrase Joni Mitchell,
    "I've looked at gods from both sides now, from near and far and still somehow, it's Life's illusion I recall, I really don't know Life at all."

    I will keep asking, keep digging, and keep searching & researching right up until the millisecond before I am actually going to find out what is on the other side..

    if you happen to be at my deathbed you'll prolly hear me scream "D'OH!"

  3. I love wiggly room personally. . .

    or maybe I don't?

    . . .I can't make my mind up


    (so glad to see you've linked double oh!)(even gladder to see you back!!)

  4. There MUST be a God if you've posted.

  5. yeah, what MJ said.

  6. What an ass!

    But the world shifted back on to its normal axis today. All seems right. You have returned.

    These paradigm shifts are too distressing given the current global circumstances.

    I need something to ridicule every day, and you are it. Thanks for making yourself available again.

    (I also need something to keep me grounded and laughing, and you are also it. We have missed you dearly).

  7. I'm ignoring your post for a second to ask "What's up, Donn Juan?" Do you need to check back into blog rehab? I hear it takes 10 tries to quit something! :)

    Thrilled that you're back -- now don't let me forget to reattch you to my blogroll!

  8. Homey...::soft love and hug:::

    I think I am a little of everything. I believe there is something bigger than us in the universe, i can say that even the earth was growing out of the stretches and pulls of the universe. I will even say that there is some doubt on exactly how things are what they are given the fact that so many say the bible is a story based on others and not written by God. Although, God was its beginning and end.

    Oh chalk me up to i believe in God, but I am sure evolution played its role as well.

    I am smiling ear to ear knowing you are here.

    soft love,

  9. hey there h.e.!!!
    i'm so glad you're back!!!
    after being a salvapiens for a long time, i'm afraid i've kinda fallen off the wagon a bit myself...

  10. Finally, like the crack addict come to momma, our fearless hero returns for sustenance, for he knows he simply CANNOT keep bottled up all these ideas, pontifications, and brilliant insights which MUST see the light of day if our friend and colleague hopes to successfully fullfill his legacy as the seer of all things worth seeing, even if he confuses some with his brilliant clarity!

    Welcome back, dear sage, to the world that truly needs you to be in it.

  11. you are my security blanket.
    if you're not here, i know the sky is falling.

  12. HOMO -Here we go again.

    About time ya got ya ass into gear.....
    Now what was that you were saying??

  13. I can't tell you how good it is to have you back. It's like a friend has just come out of a coma, or something! Don't do that to us again. I wish I was joking.

    Anyway, I'm definately Homo Rejectus. There ain't no God, brother, and if there is He can bite my little bum. A God that I would choose to believe in wouldn't have fucked everything up so badly. What kind of God would make or allow to be made so many diseases, so much greed, all the violence, and the small minded petty insecurities that are the indirect cause of so much evil? Some might say it's Satan's influence causing that, but it's just human nature. It's men who screw it all up (and women, to be sure), and you can't just use the Devil as a scapegoat. Give me proof that the Devil made you do it, and then I might believe in God.

  14. I am....I am......

    *The universe seems wondrous to me, with or without God. It has powerful lines and uncompromising ways. Patience and time sit like sages on the planets, strong and impersonal. There is a stark beauty to all of this.*

    I am a believer of stark beauty and wonder.

    I am Homo Sienna...a lustful one night stand result of Salvapiens and Meanderthal..."you've got your fathers lips and mother's hips"'s possible.... I just might not have a clue what I'm talking about..

    ....and this could be a sign of the future. *I know not of my past, nor that of where I am going..*

    You bring out the biblical in me.


  15. I've missed your posts!

    Am definitely the first one. A product of indoctrination when i was a child but definitely believe in that now that i am an adult.

    But what I really want to say is...i gotta learn that Tweety talk! :D

  16. Ha! I knew it. I never deleted you from my Favorites list. Like what MJ said. The blog is a new form of punishment.

  17. Anonymous9:55 a.m.


    I knew you'd come craaawling back :P

    I'm a homo rejectus, but I'm willing to pretend to be a meanderthal for the purposes of interesting, constructive debate. Sort of have to be to study what I study, anyhow...

  18. iltv,
    You don't need to make up your mind can wait for your flight to experience a sudden drop in cabin pressure, a 50 mile wide astroid entering the atomosphere, or for an iceberg to appear out of the first three words out of your mouth will prolly start with a G.

    and THIS is my reward for being such a good boy.

    I am impressed with your restraint. Once the shock of my return fades from pleasant surprise to indifferent puzzlement I am certain that you will hand my tweetise back in my hat.

    without prejudice,
    I am delighted to be back as an object for your derision. Thank You for convincing me to get off my ass and back up on the horse.

    Thanks. I just needed to get out of the batting box. It turns out that the real world is not nearly as interesting as I had imagined.
    I will try a Weekend Edition for a while until I come to my senses.

    I missed you too. There is no pressure to confess it was more or less my way of getting people to think about why they believe what they believe. I have sauntered down all three paths at various points in time and quite frankly I don't know what I would do if my plane was going down.

    Hey You! You have never wavered and it is quite natural for the tide to come and go because our brains aren't designed to manage the BIG PICTURE stuff 24/7.

    THE michael,
    I am glad to be back. The real world certainly doesn't offer any reasonable facsimile for this type of intimate exchange.
    The blogosphere is a unique device. A transporter that makes it a snap to sit down and visit other people's brains.
    Now how do I get to comment on your blog?!?!?!?

  19. misti,
    I am quite puzzled by your comment because I usually offer kvetching and dismal forecasts for our species.
    HEY. Maybe I am Chicken may be on to something.

    I know exactly how you feel when you list your grievances with out manmade ideas of the completely anthropomorphic gods that we have to choose from. I would pick none of the above too because I think that they are all too human to be believable..but it is a very big universe and there has to be more to it.
    I hope.

    WOW! Your story is right out of a Romance Novel. It certainly is a beautiful, Uncompromising Universe.
    I know how much you appreciate the furry friends and they seem to be able to cut through the crap while we humans work overtime trying to complicate everything...the other Earthlings are just living.

    hi menchie,
    Well prolly 95% of all people find their belief system via the Rents and I respect your forthright confession..I mean admission. Part of my respite was to spank myself for getting too adamant hey that spells Adam Ant...about things that I have the right to an opinion but I shouldn't let that get in the way of LISTENING to other people.
    This should last about a week but I will try..honest.

    HA is right! You know me better than I do and I appreciate that you didn't say that this was pure shenanegins.hmm..
    shenanigans..that's better. and you may very well be right. This may be my penance.

    PUH-LEEZE take me back pretty pretty please, I will never abandon you again and I will do your laundry and wash your Bentley and groom the Wolfhounds and mow the grounds!! Is that enough grovelling? I can do a little more cringy if you'd like..
    anyway you can be a meanderjectus like moi for as long as it suits your needs.


    YOU ARE BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!

    MY GOD (no pun intended) I think I am gonna have a heart attack as I sit here and hyperventilate with pure joy and with my pure joy and love maybe wanna strangle you just a tad for trying to leave us in the first place and for causing such heartbreak (I kid you not! It may very well be why I have not felt like posting since my last entry!) but then I come to my senses and NAH, you are safe amigo mio and HUGE hugs and much rejoicing, REJOICE Y'ALL I SAY as I channel my inner Cheetos-eating-white-trash-bad-weave-'n-all-"y'all"-exclaiming Britney Spears biatch, for you are back, YOU ARE BACK, YOU ARE BACK, and the world makes sense again and the universe is whole again and the blogosphere is complete again and I, I too will return and take off my cloak of mourning, for I was mourning and even Loverboy was made aware that you had left and what a horrendous and unthinkable crime such an act was but now, things are right again and I...

    I can breathe once more...

    As for this brilliant Tweetylicious post, hmmmmm....

    I am a Homo Rejectus in that I do not believe in the old-man-with-grey-hair-who-sucks-me-of-my-free-will-and-the-universe-of-any-beauty-and-mystery-by-the-very-act-of-his-sitting-up-in-the-clouds-and-moving-me-along-like-his-puppet-or-perhaps-I-should-say-bitch-as-many-believe-"he"-does many call God... nope. Not even open for discussion in my mind. Though yeah, in polite conversation with others I may seem to be a Meanderthal but at heart, I knows what I knows and I believes what I believes and will not budge unless...

    See, I do believe that there is something more, an energy, a life force, a collective unconscious that we are all a part of that is so intricately intertwined that we are all forever partners in this delicate and interwoven dance of life and immortality for yes, I do believe in reincarnation as I believe that true sprituality can be explained by science, and though not fully today, we are on our way what with theories on fourth dimensions, interdimensional travel, string theory, "Jesus was an alien", energy and so much more that quantum physics holds that my small bohemian mind has yet to grasp so approach me practically, scientifically and open to exploring a common sensical more and I am a Meanderthal... hurl dogma my way and this cursed word of "God" that has done more harm than good and Rejectus is my name...

    But for now, I am Homo Rejoicer for you are back amigo mio and that merits a huge WOOOHHOOOOO and OOOOWEEEEE SLAP ME SILLY AND CALL ME JEMIMA for, yes I have said it before and I will say it again, life makes sense once more and I...

    I can breathe again.


  21. hmmm....
    what if there isn't a god,what if there is a god?

    we are existing..

    and so we think abut how we were created...

    then who created "god" ?

    who sowed the first plant?

    neither science nor anything else can explain,yet we all know..

  22. Frankly I don't know what I am. And don't much care either.

    My verbosity is gone for now. When it returns, I will be back.

    Lest I forget, welcome back.

  23. trust humans to define life, but we shall fail when we meet and alien life because it may have no God. But may the God if any they have be in the form of efficient, sustainable existent or for sci-fi's sake; kick ass war mongering Gods. :D

  24. Well, there certainly is a sort of unity connecting us all (humans, animals, plants, ...) and then I don't mean the internet, although that's doing a pretty good job too. Welcome back, HE !

  25. It sounds to me like each of these three species agree on defining God as a supernatural Entity.

    Enter Homoquestionefferous - hmm, sounds more like a plant or a fossil. I need better suffixes.

    But the very word "supernatural" would raise questions in a questionefferously inclined brain.

    For example: how do you distinguish something supernatural from something that's natural? Do we really know all the laws of nature - including the footnotes? And what about the metalaws, if that's a word? Seems like you'd have to know exactly what nature is before you could recognize that something was outside nature.

  26. Mizzy Bo!
    Aye Chihuahua you make me blush.
    I am truly humbled by your declaration. As you are well aware I have always been completely in awe of your blogging prowess
    ..those rants that grab my head and shake it until I exhale
    ..your matter of factness intertwined with that spicy bohemian are so unique and so much fun to experience. Wow.

    Like you and many other rejectus meanderthal hybrids, in the rw I admire and listen to sincere believers even if I am being admonished. I honestly take the time to examine the rational if source is genuinly concerned then I will listen.

    BUT if and when dogma rears it's ugly head or the performance is obviously contrived and hypocritical malarky then I unleash the four horsemen.

    greetings vishesh,
    Well I suppose I could hop in my time machine and travel backwards to witness how the first plant made the arduous transitional journey onto land from the first blue-greens..but you raise the ageless Human quest to answer who we are and what we're doing here.

    There is certainly a lot of evidence to help us catalogue when we invented our deities and their insufferable anthropomorphic attributes are quite unsettling and leave much to be desired..
    especially if you like gods to be in control of the universe.

    my dear gautami,
    Thank you for mentioning that I was sort of missed. Since you first appeared as a commenter a year and a half ago you have kept me on my toes. You force me to raise the bar when I go off on my excursions into sillyville and I hope that I have occasionally given you some food for thought from time to time.

    I appreciate you and I probably don't tell you often enough how marvelous you are at giving words a life of their own...and I'm sorry about using the tea cups but I will always see your portrait when I am talking to you.

    I am scared about how we would react to alien lifeforms. Like most Hollywood Blockbusters I imagine us unleashing the Nukes even if our guests were as cute as ET. It is true that this event is the ONLY thing in the universe that could unite all of mankind..which is pretty pathetic when you think about it.

    It was amazing how much I missed you and the others..even though it seems impossible for non-bloggers to comprehend..this forum is supportive, brutally honest, and mentally exhilerating. For something so seemingly artificial it manages to join us. When you think about it proves how important communication is to us and how well we can adapt to different methods of fulfilling this incredible desire to know about other people, admire their uniqueness, and their ideas.

    There you go bringing in your high falutin' reasoning to dismantle my momentum. I try and be sneaky and disguise my true message and you always manage to catch me and call me on it. Damn your logic Spock!

    My simple mind is certainly comfortable using our accumulative Empirical and Rational inquiry into the Natural World as self evident. What we know and what we don't know isn't as problematic as it would appear.

    We can only answer questions that can be retested and produce similar results..boring as that sounds..but we have only made any serious inroads into what it means to be Human in the last few hundred years. Supernatural events that get serious scientific attention usually end up a disapointment to seekers on both sides but atleast the majority of scientificky types don't make it a matter of the utmost imperitive that they NEVER be proven wrong. If your results bear witness to more questions scientists don't feel the need to makeverybody else believe something else in the meantime...does that make any sense?

  27. >>In virtual blog glee- yipee! Yes, Yes, Yes. (I sound like I'm having a blog "O", but your wife is not to worry. I'm not a stalker nor do I have blog crushes. I simply love to explore the workings of your ingenious mind. Velcome Back! I'm dancing and smiling. Thanks for making autumn even better.

    I'm a "rejectus", although some (others) link my spirituality to God, but my cosmic view seems much more scientific to me (hence I consider myself an athiest) and is too hard to explain because I can't even verbalize it coherently.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.


    **Jumps on HE and kisses him all over even tho he doesnt like it one bit****

    Im all smiles today WOOHOO! :)


  30. btw this Blogville lacked CRANIUM while u were away HE..we missed ya!


  31. Anonymous6:45 a.m.

    hee hee - meanderjectus. Sounds rude.

  32. gel,
    Thank You for the encouragement Green Eyed Lady and not to worry my goodladywife would laugh if I had a cyber stalker to contend with.

    The change in Season certainly helped me shake the scales from my own eyes with the stark realisation that soon I will be faced with a paltry 7 1/2 hours of daylight for the next 5 months AARRGGHH!
    It is very hard to explain to most people because they think that you're nuts. How can you think that?

    You're just doing it to be contrarian...well actually no...anyway it is very difficult to put into words and that is why we leave it up to the Dawkins and Hitchens to take on the world.

    I missed you too Roo and My Word yes I would put up quite a struggle if you tried to kiss me all over..I would valiantly defend my honor with a spirited effort for several nanoseconds!

    I am so jealous that you get to have Spring Downunda because everything over here is decaying and starting to shrivel...uncomfortable pause...anyway I am very excited about flushing my noggin, atleast on weekends for the time being. Thank You for the Hugz and accompanying images.

    You say rude like it's a bad thing?

    Actually meanderjectus sounds clinically incurable! Well there are some undertakings that OCD tinged autotrons like myself cannot seem to stop themselves from repeating and you had better hope that it isn't contagious.

  33. Well well, look who snooked back behind my front!
    here is:
    pome in honur of Excapyends

    Reptile stalked-
    sidewinding and fanged across the dunes and stones,
    intersecting traceways, crossing paths
    leading to Sirius, or midwinter
    drawing patterns
    guessed at from within a hovering UFO
    full of Shriners.

  34. H.E.: Nope, restraint is my new middle name. I'm not here to evangelize or win over converts with my inarguable and irrefutable logic and analasys. I'm just here for the donuts.

  35. awww...

    **I would valiantly defend my honor with a spirited effort for several nanoseconds!

    LOL cute!

    Well Spring or Fall, the blogworld is always in sizzling Summer...rem that :)


  36. he, here you are. i thought it might take alittle longer than it did but balance is restored.

    you are one character, he!! enjoy!

  37. Oddly enough, I've just finished (and reviewed) a book on human evolution. Could find an escapeons in there tho.

  38. I slide off for 2 minutes to get hitched and while I'm gone you sneak back on and start posting!
    I don't have time to read it, what does it say?

    so glad you're back Hon!

  39. Bones, that makes a lot of sense. That's why if religious people don't at least learn to tolerate other equally non-demonstrable doctrines, then religion will continue fostering a lot of division and strife.

    But my response to this post just generated a post of my own - that's the trouble with tribbles - so I'm beaming back down to my own starship...

  40. good one! as for me, i can never figure out what side of between i'm in. ;)

  41. Hey! Couldn't stay away, huh? I was all kinds of tickled when I saw your new post!

  42. first nations,
    Bravo. I have slithered back and it is hard to stay Sirius when you are trapped in a UFO full of Shriners!

    Well now if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Cooler heads have prevailed and we'll see how long you can stomach this temporary truce. I have sprinkled, caramel, chocolate, cruellers, jelly OH and a couple of bran muffins left.

    I double dare ya?!
    It is always seems to be a lot brighter out here than it is out in the rw. Thanks for the Keshian HUGGGZ!

    My assessment of the sitch offered little chance of reaching Maslow's 5th level of Self Actualization WITHOUT Blogging. The truth is to be found out here where people are actually looking for it.

    I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to find another soul who believes that how we arrived will help explain why we act the way that we do. I love all of that detective work..if only we could interest the 6.5 Billion others that it matters.

    My Word You certainly had quite the honeymoon. Life certainly is full of surprises..but as usual you made the most of it and made it through unscathed and with a new set of slippers!!!

    I am tribbled by your candor. Speaking of tribbles I always thought that the script writers and special effects crew of Star Trek must have been on strike the week that they came up with that episode..Sheesh Kapeesh!

    HI HI HI! No pressure my dear it's a lifelong learning curve for most of us and you have until that nanosecond before actually finding out what is on the other side before deciding whether or not you need to take out some fire insurance. If that is even what it's all about?
    Brian Eno's song Camel In A Needle's Eye begins with the a cautionary "Why ask Why"...we do it because we are the only species who seems to be able to ask it.

    miss cellania,
    Guilty. I found a lack of conclusive evidence that there is any sign of intelligent life outside the Blogosphere. Almost made it through an entire month and now I am posting on weekends so hopefully that will be enough...and I don't try to cram my week's worth of ideas into one 40 paragraph post on Friday Night!!!

  43. homo escapeons said...

    Well now if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Cooler heads have prevailed and we'll see how long you can stomach this temporary truce. I have sprinkled, caramel, chocolate, cruellers, jelly OH and a couple of bran muffins left.

    I'll have the caramel (we'll discuss the proper pronounciation later). [morosely]...and a bran muffin[/morosely]

    No truce. I'll glady give my opinion if asked, otherwise...Rimshot the Silentious (...the Aphonic?)

  44. **Keshian


    btw come bak n tell me wut u were gonna say abt my hot bot. plzzzzzzz? :)


  45. okay i was going to say something, but instead I will just smile. You know my heart.

    Coming to post again soon?

  46. rimshot,
    really fast one syllable..KARML
    CARE ha A mell?

    He would have way more nuts and he might have a few loose screws but other than that I can't argue with the logic.

    The whole idea behind blogging is to express yourself and try to convince others that they are totally whacked!
    There are no right or wrong answers...go for it!

  47. Waste of time for me to proclaim my atheism, much the same as proclaiming my anti-belief in astrology and pink unicorns. It's pretty much a given for rational people. I prefer to stay within a reality-based existence. The world is cool enough without mucking it up with patriarchal bullcrap.

    Love ya Homey!! =D

  48. Homey is home! Yay!!!!! It's wonderful to see you back! I have missed you terribly, dear man, and am thrilled to read your thoughts again.

    I, like many, like to wiggle. An undecided Meanderthal I be.

  49. shelley,
    The world IS cool enough and the old patriarchal bull does muck it up, but once you get past the Big Bang, and do we ever forget the first Big Bang, I am still hopeful that something out there has a really good excuse for inventing such a cruel, albeit remarkably efficient system.

    The very least whomever (object)started it all could have done, was to not have made us evolve into such curious some of us anyway.

    Most of us enjoy a little wiggling every now and then. I cannot imagine not allowing ourselves some flexibility because throughout History, whenever the powers that be legislated HOW & WHAT we were supposed to think, people died for simply asking WHY.

  50. *lol* "some of us" - and I know I'm one, and so are you! I think it's cool.

  51. You tease- Stomps my feet: no I'm *not* saying I'm a rejectus just to be au contraire. I'm not that shallow. (I know you know that.)
    P.S. You and I actually met long before this blog of mine, back when I had my first blog. We both read an blog written by a person who happens to be an athiest, a man with a keen and extremely intelligent mind open to an exchange of ideas.

    (I also think you may have commented on a poetry/prose blog we both read written by Lady Wordsmith? Was that you? I used to have a separate poetry blog.)

  52. Is there a version 2.5? Or 3.5?
    Gweat witing!

  53. shelley,
    Birds of a feather...


    I was referring to my own circumstance because so many people think that I just want some negative attention and that is why I have adopted this contrarian position. However after they see that I am not trying to dissuade them from their own beliefs and that I am totally comfortable living in this vacuum then they relax.
    You and I are definitely old souls.

    There will be but it will arrive long after I am gone. Once the majority of the others are extinct the handful of survivors may survey the carnage and decide to try a new angle.
    *crosses fingers

  54. Anonymous6:47 p.m.

    The meaning of life (MoL) is of a digital rather than an analog nature. God? How silly to even ask. What name did you give to YOUR invisible buddy?

    The MoL switches between "ain't none" and "perfumed lace panties" at a speed proportional to charlie squared. You can sell that fact on eBay.


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