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Which of the following conspiracies may be true?:
911 was an Inside Job
JFK Assassination was a Cover Up
Apollo 11 Moonlanding was a Fake

A Conspiracy_theory, according to Christopher Hitchens, is the 'exhaust fumes of democracy', the unavoidable result of a large amount of information circulating among a large number of people.

Technology is pulling homo escapeons by the nose into the 21st Century. We have lost control of our destiny and now we are hanging on for our lives. These little Mammalian brains of ours can’t keep up with Toffler's technological 3rd Wave of the so-called Information Age.

What we have are ‘perfect storm’ conditions created by the Technological vortex of the Internet and Profit Driven Infotainment Media Corporations mixing with the raw sewage of Pop Culture, Folklore, Urban Legend, into a Class 5 Hurricane of Evolutionary Psychology.

Cognitive Dissonance is the term used to describe the tension caused by holding conflicting thoughts at the same time. The most modern conspiracy theories seem as plausible as the existing mainstream accounts don’t they?

How many of you believe that the Americans did land on the Moon in ’69

(I watched it) but that it is also possible that it was staged. How would we ever know? Anyone remember watching the flag waving ala the MTV logo? The problem of course is that there is no air (ergo no wind available) on the Moon.

How about the JFK assassianation coverup?

How many believe that Lee Harvey Oswald got off three fantastic shots with an old bolt action rifle that could not be duplicated by any other marksmen. Isn’t it possible that there was a 'team' of assassins in Dallas on that terrible day?


The jet , perhaps a remote controlled A3 Fighter Jet, slamming into the Pentagon didn’t leave one blade of grass bent on the approach (which is impossible) and it left a perfectly symmetrical hole in an area of the building where budgetary accountants were investigating $2.3 Trillion that had diasppeared from the Defense Budget.

The hour long conspiracy lecture that I viewed at Angela's Blog boldcontemplations.blogspot.com/ appears to show a missile being fired at the building just before impact and the plane is much too small for a 757.

Why were all 4 planes only carrying a quarter of the regular number of passengers? How did a 110 storey building disintegrate like a controlled demolition in 9 seconds?

How did the steel melt in the Towers when the fire was 1000 degrees below the melting point. What about the recorded subterranean explosion that occurred just after impact?

Was it a coincidence that the owner of World Trade Center 7 had just insured his building for $3.5 Billion and that it housed most of the Enron files?
Is it all coincidence or could both be true?

Are you feeling a little conflicted, curious or completely nonplussed?

I believe that our evolutionary adaptation of designing and running a mental dry run of potential danger may eventually make us all ‘crazy’. There is too much information for us to manage. The creation of theories is going to grow as we homo escaeons get more paranoid and feel utterly helpless about controlling our destiny.

Are we in way over our heads or is it all pure hogwash?


  1. It's interesting that these conspiracy theories you've recounted all have been American.

    Come to think of it can you recall other significant events throughout history in other countries that have resulted in conspiracy theories (the assasination at Sarejevo that started world War I, the fall of the Roman Empire etc....)

    I can't. It seems that conspiracy is part of American Culture along with hot dogs, Elvis (there's another conspiracy with him!) and apple pie.

    P.S. my blog should have a mention of the recent Canadian inquiries concerning the '85 air India bombing. I take my own country to task on this issue but not over conspiracy theories.

  2. I use American examples because nobody on the entire planet, including FOX NEWS, Dr Phil, National Enquirer, People Magazine, or even the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, gives a rat's ass about anything that may or may not happen in Canada.

    Canadians don't even care because for all intents and purposes we don't even know who we are never mind have a bloody conspiracy.

    Hey maybe the fact that we don't have a National Identity could be our conspiracy.

  3. Anonymous1:20 p.m.

    It always amuses me how a people who have fought so hard to uphold their notions of 'democracy' and 'justice' are always hell-bent on blaming their own democratically elected and just governments for everything that goes wrong. But then - the rigged election is the biggest conspiracy theory of the democratic age anyway, isn't it?

    I think that any conspiracy theory is a bit like global warming - you'll believe either side of the story given enough 'evidence'. I can't help but feel that debate over who masterminded the 9/11 attacks is highly irrelevent now, given that the US has moved smoothly on to much bigger things. Correctly assigning blame won't bring back the dead, or undo the afghanistan/iraq war or boot bush directly out of power. Meh.

  4. No! You did NOT bring up the "Third Wave..!" Ew. I had to read that...that...utter SWILL in high school and I thought I'd blocked it out finally.

    I think it's a conspiracy.

    Now what was this post about? Oh. Oops. =)

  5. The 9/11 conspiracy is definitely not irrelevant as it was a catalyst for a grander plan of American domination. Instead, it should serve as a sign that Bush & Co. needs to be put out of commission and held responsible for the messes they have created through blatant deception and greed.


  6. Ooh I do love a good conspiracy theory.

    What I'd also like to know is why are there so many of them? I agree that there seems to be too much information for us to manage. Or is there...


  7. Most of it is hogwash, and the rest is coincidence. When someone raises one of those questions that conspiracy theorists spread around, I tend to look it up. Sometime I find more BS, but I also find a simple reasonable explanation somewhere. The problem is, most folks don't ever investigate anything they hear, they just pass it along. Bad information spreads way quicker than good information, because its less boring.

  8. OMG Spentrails - you found a DOOZY of a site. According to their reading material the world is going to be taken over by *GASP* the evil Jews!
    (don't forget about trauma-based mind control, drug smuggling, and money laundering...) Sheesh!

    They Be Swimmin in Crazy.

  9. Tidalgrrl - isn't it great! I sometimes wonder about the lack of thought in some people. I also sometimes get that site confused with the onion.com as they are remarkably similar. What jolly japes.

  10. Anonymous6:07 p.m.

    Angela - even if the bush administration IS categorically revealed as the orchestrator of the 9/11 attacks, do you really think ANYTHING will be done about it? Think Nixon - some people are just too protected to be punished.

  11. fathorse -- I agree that the truth will never be revealed and even if it was, those responsible would never pay an appropriate price. However, I think discussions need to be had in a public forum about the true intentions behind Bush's domestic and foreign policies, so that the American people can choose to change direction in the next election. Many will argue that 9/11 was Bush's "excuse" to carry out plans to establish American dominance abroad and in space that were established long before he took office. If people begin to realize that the official 9/11 account does not fit the evidence, they may also begin to evaluate the course Bush has set this country on and vote for change.

  12. WE like a good conspiracy, we like to feel the world is against us, that they plot and conspire... You know dark rooms people smoking and plotting... It is easier to think that than the reality that the people who cause these attrociaties are like you and i (to an extent) they will have families, friends and loved ones.. that is too hard to deal with.

    JFK, i could conceed there may be forces at work.. But the rest is a bit far fetched.

    Just remember the tin foil hats keep the CIA from reading your thoughts

  13. At this day and age, I wouldn't be surprised at the lengths people (and governments) will go to just to get what they want. The conspiracies are just more subtle in the US, I think.

    Over here, during the election last month, whole schools are burned down in the provinces -- where the ballots are being counted. No need for three guesses why.

  14. Is Keshi a conspiracy? :) U'll never know right? It's just like that for everything else. U believe what u wanna. :)


  15. **zombie zombie

    I need some 'Cranberry' juice..


  16. Conspiracy theories... Who doesn't love a gossip!
    You can debate till the cows come home but getting to the truth is virtually impossible.
    I say: "Keep an open mind!"

  17. After watching The JFK Assassination -The Jim Garrison Tapes and of course Oliver Stone's JFK movie -it does make you wonder.Either way, it's very juicy stuff and it sucks you right in.Everything surrounding JFK seems a bit dodgy.

  18. Speaking of CONSPIRACY, tonight I was watching a doc on JFK's penchant for making whoopee and it is interesting that his legacy may not have survived a second term.
    He seemed to have a wreckless thing for ladies from Communist countries or mob connections.
    Marilyn was so 'unhinged' that she could have single handidly destroyed his Presidency. That affair was really arrogant.

    It covered a lot of territory but the last couple of flings were about to be blown wide open and the last line in the show was that a bullet took his life but saved his reputation.

    The war between the Kennedy Borthers and J Edgar Hoover would make a fascinating movie.

  19. How do you obscure the truth? Bury it in bullshit. A quote from the illustrious US Government of the 1950s "Keep them confused between fusion and fission, and they won't know the right questions to ask."

    The conspiracies are there, just not so spectacular. The spectacular ones are the bullshit ones, keeping people asking the wrong questions.

    I leave you with this thought: Guns don't kill people, ammunition does. Every time someone fires off a weapon, anywhere in the world, who just made money?

  20. breakerslion,
    I watched more of Conspiracy Week on the History Channel and tonight one of the episodes explained why ex Nazis were snuck out of Germany in WW2 to work for the CIA and FBI during the Cold War.

    I think that as long as immoral acts are tolerated and justified as an essential element in the name of the greater good that we will always have reason to fear our governments.
    If I ever thought that it was possible for mankind to live any other way it would automatically make me a head in the clouds (up my arse) liberal dreamer living in lalaland..which I am not by the way.


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