Monday, June 04, 2007

The Economist recently printed a review on a paper published in Evolution and Human Behavior that examined the evolutionary roots of political preferences.
Apparently evolutionary patterns of becoming either a Right Wing Nutjob or a well rounded individual are triggered by a combination of Freudianesque maternal/childhood experiences.

My definition of Right Wing Nutjob personality traits would be characterised as Republican/Conservatives who are tedious, bandy legged, pie faced little sods, who are rigid, robotic, traditionalists that worship security and suckle with all of their might at the teat of institutions such as church, country, and king, regardless of where that simple minded, unblinking, idolatry leads them!
Everything is black and white.

Well rounded individuals on the other end of the political spectrum are Liberal/Democrats who are not only much sexier and more physically attractive, but they are also smarter, more creative and open minded charming people who tend to be skeptical of archaic notions and traditions, wary of blind obedience to authority, far more flexible in problem solving and much better at embracing and accepting other cultures and ideas. In a nutshell they are better human beings.
Beautiful shades of grey.

What the authors found was that political identification was an evolutionary response to how attached a person is to their Mother during childhood.
Oy! It is always the Mother’s fault!

This study would have you believe that Conservatives reported having low stress, secure, childhoods and very strong attachments to one or both parents and that
Liberals surveyed reported having weaker attachments and stressful childhoods.

The Economist article reveals that a study at the U of California @ Berkeley found the exact opposite to be true.

Fearful, insecure, little, snotty-faced, spoiled frickin brats grow up to be Conservative, Scaredy-Cat, Redneck, Racist, Misogynist, Warmongering, Nutjobs, and confident, creative, kind, kids are more likely to evolve into Liberals?

I can’t decide.

Which theory do you prefer?


  1. Anonymous9:13 a.m.

    You like to sit comfortably on the fence don't you HE?!

    I think the first theory makes sense - the comfortable childhoods foster a strong relationship with previous generations and their traditions, no matter how little sense they make. But I think that radicals from both sides of the spectrum are the product of stressful childhoods. I've always held that there are more similarities between fascists and communists than differences...

  2. fathorse,
    I am completely impartial, could care less one way or the other.
    I am as neutral as Switcherland er I mean Switzerland.

    That being said I would bet my last dollar that it is 50/50 but that would be so boring.

    All extremists on either end deserve the same treatement in the hope that they will just go away...
    a healthy dollop of good old fashioned passive/aggressive shunning.

  3. naaaaaah. it all goes back to toilet training. liberals sat on the potty.
    conservatives wore it like a hat.

  4. I need more coffe.

    With more Jack Daniels.

  5. I quite like the Queen, do I have to vote conservative now?

  6. Hmm, that is a tough one. I'd say neither. I have no doubt that ones upbringing affects their political beliefs, but their attachment to their parents may very well have little effect. That's my theory, and I guess the results of both those studies would actually support my claim. Right?

  7. I like the way you think so YOU decide for me.

  8. first nations,
    Spot On!
    I have many friends in the Asshat Party and this explains having sh*t for brains.

    hey kevin,
    It is before noon on a Monday and you're already 'Irishin' up yer cup of Good Morning America?
    I like the way you think.

    I adore QE2 but like Diana I have no use for the rest of the 'Germans'!
    Wankers One and All. Right then.
    I am afraid that the whole Dog and Pony Show ends with Lizzie.
    They had a bloody good run eh wot!

    I noticed that a lot of kids pick up their ridiculous, simple, political, idealistic values from nasty, unkept, Marxist, profs at University.

    It usually only takes a few months in the real world to lower their expectations and become
    'enlightened' enough to follow the MIDDLE PATH.

    AW! That is so sweet I never get to decide anything! You are from this day forth to be addressed as Queen of the Universe and Supreme Allied Commanderess of Peace, Love, and Understanding.

  9. I would prefer it if the Conservatives didn't get to grow up at all, which is an ironically illiberal sentiment.

  10. first of all the idea of applying the label "evolution" to political leaning is entirely inappropriate, as politics is acquired and cannot be genetically inherited.

    that said, i had and still have a wonderful relationship with both my parents, and i am an open-minded, tolerant liberal. make of that what you will.

  11. And under the influence of the Christian far right, Americans are rapidly evolving into a species that doesn't believe in evolution - about fifty percent of Americans, according to something I heard on the BBC recently. Mind numbing.

    Maybe I heard that wrong. It was late. Maybe it's just fifty percent of conservatives. But I don't think so.

  12. Yes, just blame Mother for everything. That's what I do in every aspect of life ;).

  13. I'm with kevin...more coffee please... attached to both my parents but not a spoiled brat -- more liberal than conservative. what does that say?

  14. Im a liberal in my head..a conservative in my attitude :)


  15. any theory that has me as a beautiful shade please

    am fed up with black and white

    mind you, in my world there is a whole rainbow between black and white: can you find a theory to fit that please!


  16. Middle of road radical! C'est moi!

  17. vicus,
    Without Conservative buffoons to mock and ridicule how on earth would we gauge how abfab we are?

    Even though they are a genetic dead-end species, we need to somehow ensure that Conservatives keep breeding so that there are enough of them around for future generations of Liberals to make fun of them.

    Conservatives on the other hand would have all of us this act of kindness is also a gentle reminder that we are much nicer people.

    chaucer's bitch,
    Apparently not. The author argues that these prebundled genetic dispositions are triggered by MOMMY and by environmental factors.
    Liberals allowed early man to adapt to difficult changing climates or pressure from outside influences while conservatives do well in times of plenty.

    Of course you love your parentswe all know someone that we love despite their ridiculous Conservative notions. It isn't their fault.

    I tackled this issue with 'kid-gloves' two short posts ago. The same perecentage of 'Merkins who swallow the young Earth also buy into the Raptured that would probably tip us over the 50% mark!

    What are ya gonna do? So much for no child left behind..Bush was obviously talkin' 'bout the Rapture and not Edumacation!

    Blaming Mother is a time honored tradition that works well for all of us. They bring it on themselves with all of the meddling and nagging and interfering. If they would just leave well enough alone..

    It means that you are a real sweetie who is stuck with the silent majority who are forced to choose between living under a totalitarian fascist regime and a free for all like Woodstock.

    In your head
    in your head

    i like the view,
    Yes it is called lalaland and it is also where I imagine that I dwell. All of the issues that appear black and white at first glance become so frustratingly shaded upon further inspection and that drives me CRAZY!

    I just wish that everything was cut and dried and then we could get on with it.
    Nuance schmuance!

    As ever you are THE voice of moderation.
    The only great mystery in Life is WHY everybody isn't stuck in the middle? HUH?
    Do people venture outside of cooperative agreement just to be different and stand Conservatives thrive on negative attention?

  18. *waving from LalaLand*

    la la la la la Land, of course

    in a BV kind of way. . .


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