Monday, June 11, 2007

As if Celebutante Paris Hilton getting tossed back into jail wasn't enough, the American Cult of Celebrity has lost another piece of the thin veneer that sugarcoats it. Like another tile falling off of the Space Shuttle, the underground world of Dog Fighting has been revealed and the harsh light of day is shining on a couple of professional athletes. Role models.

If you need any more proof that some Professional Athletes are dumber than a bag of hammers meet Clinton 'Poortaste' Portis.

Mr. Portis was caught in the headlights of a TV interview defending fellow National Football Leaguer Michael Vick and his right to engage in the time honored Southern tradition of Dog Fighting. I kid you not.

"I don't know if he was fighting dogs or not," Portis said in the interview,

"but it's his property; it's his dogs.

If that's what he wants to do, do it."

Quarterback Michael Vick was a bona fide American Football hero who just signed a $137 Million ten year contract a few years ago. WOW are you impressed! Today if you Google Dog Fighting his picture shows up more often than the mangled faces and corpses of the godforsaken Pit Bulls bred explicitly for fighting.

Clinton 'Poortaste' Portis, rushed to Michael Vick 's rescue, and said of the public lynching in the court of public opinion.

"I think he got cheated. You take a positive role model...and put him behind bars for no reason, over a dog fight?"

"It can't be too bad of a crime. There's a lot of stuff that's crimes, you know. It's killers on the loose over here and you want to hunt down Michael Vick over fighting some dogs."

Now I don't know about you but I think that it doesn't get much lower than Dog Fighting. I would place little hope of rehabilitating the mindset of the macho f*cking idiots who enjoy and engage in the insanely cruel manipulation of these poor animals.

For those convicted of participating (in any way shape or form) in this despicable activity, my sentence would be to experience the pain and horror of being ripped and gnawed apart by the savage jaws of a large carnivore.

I sentence you to a day in the Colloseum of ancient Rome you bastard.

Let's throw these cowards into a Time Machine and drop them off in the middle of some blood soaked arena.

There isn't a running back in the NFL that could outrun a Bear, Tiger, Lion or even one of the tormented and ill treated Pit Bulls whose short brutal life is wasted on entertaing cowardly f*cking idiots anywhere on the planet and that would include Millionaire NFL Quarterbacks.

In the court of public opinion the sentencing has begun and the schandenfreude is flowing freely.

If you think that this is just a public lynching of two young, narcissistic, undereducated, Southern, black, multi-millionaire, professional, athletes...((gasp)) you're wrong.

This goes to the heart of what it means to be a "humane' being.


  1. *sigh*


    the colloseum might be too good for them

  2. i like the view,
    I would rather live in a world with one dog rather than share this planet for a minute with one dog fighting aficionado.

    I was surprised that dog fighting is on ly a class 6 felony ( one shade above a misdeanor) in 48 States except Wyoming and Idaho where I guess it is a misdemeanor.

    I am constantly saddened and amazed by how little our society has actually advanced.

  3. "More into controversies you get, more human you are" that's what some people think.

    Does that sound right?


    PS: Why shouldn't big girls cry?

  4. oh boy...sometimes i think we cant save this world. Oh god, just please let humans go extinct. Plz let the aliens come and meet the panda's, whales and dogs.

    Why stop at dog fighting, bull fights...they electrocute those bulls penises with 12 volts and thats why it jumps around. same with wild horses. God bless america.

  5. Yeah, this is another black eye for the NFL. I'm guessing Vick will get hit hard by the league via suspension at some point. This makes him and the league look really bad.

    Oh, and Portis is just an idiot.

  6. Now wait he-air just one second. We's at the top of the eatin' chain, ain't we? An didn't the Lod himself say we's got it all over these aminals, that we can do whats we want? Sides, hes a role model an all, an jus cause he likes fighten them dogs don mean he bad an all, jus mean he gots him some bad ass dogs that can kick ass an all.

    Why are we wasting scholarships on higher edumacation when we ought just pull 'em straight off the street into the NFL?

    Who are we kidding?

  7. More often than not i like animals better than people, Same with cock fighting, which inbred gene causes this love for blood and cruelty. COuld this just be a manifestation of human apathy and boredom..

    I like the colleseum idea, Its not capital punishment if you give them a sporting chance:)

  8. Dog fighting -that's gotta be the lowest of the low.When you think -whether you believe in god or not - that we are supposed to protect such animals -they are our companions - it does make you wonder about people who would engage in these activities. Where is their conscience and compassion? It's beyond cruel. These people are less than human.

  9. Cockfighting,'s all barbaric.

    How about thrown in a pit of sharks?

  10. gautami,
    Do you remember the song I'm Not In Love by 10cc..remember the voice over near the bridge when a girl repeats.."big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry"

    that was awesome!
    That was my best Chris Farley reply ever!
    The more human I appear to be? Moi?

    I for one salute our new alien insect overlords and hope that they will destroy all of the humans who were inhumane to animals.

    You'd think! BUT. It is the NFL the largest religion in the USA so anything could happen. I would think that Vick gets a severe working over but I won't be surprised if this gets swept under the rug because there are too many people involved and nobody wants Vick NAMING NAMES!

    THE michael,
    This is one for the ages..what a can hand a kid a million dollars but it won't buy him any class. No cents/sense.

    Based on the 80/20 rule, that 20 people out of 100 are completely tedious, I would prefer exchanging them with animals.
    There is something very damaged about a person who could tolerate watching animals kill each other for entertainment.

    These are the things I can do without.

    It is as Low as you can go. I would gladly hurl these people into the void of outerspace to in a giant cage and let them tear each other apart. I would volunteer to push the button at the launch.

    I like Sharks and they do clean up garbage so not a bad idea. My concern is that these arseholes would drown too fast and not gain any insight into the harm that they have inflicted.

  11. I hope he goes to jail and remains there as a jail dog. How cruel can humans get!!


  12. Thats just plain barbaric and cruel cruel cruel!

  13. keshiroo,
    I second that emotion! However my guess is that they will ry to let this slide into the background and hope that it goes away. There are a lot of powerful people who don't want the world to know that GAMBLING is such an intricate part of the fabric of America.

    I would gladly exchange the spectators for the participants. I feel nothing but complete disdain for any human that could gain any pleasure from such cruel senseless violence.
    How retarded are these men who say "these dogs don't have any feeling and they are born to fight"..they have been psychologically and physically tortured their entire lives you asshole! Those people don't deserve to even see pictures of dogs.

    There was a guy in Texas who had 275 Pit Bulls on his property when he bled to death and died from shotgun wounds during a botched robbery attempt to steal $100,000 cash from a recent dogfight. Karma.

  14. Ok, so the term "lynching" is to murder someone by hanging them from the nearest tree.

    Lynching is NOT, I repeat NOT calling someone out in the press for being an inhumane piece of crap who abuses animals.

    I wish we could stop using such serious terms for such non-serious things.

  15. Wow. Hyperbole is the benchmark of all modern debate is it not?!

    I stand corrected. My reference was such because the advocates for these clods are already playing the race card. BIG SURPRISE!
    I will take your advice to heart and try, I said try, to be more accurate in my lexiconical dispensations.

  16. My grandmothers dog was stolen out of her car when she ran into the gas station. The police said that there was a good chance it was taken for practice by dog fighters. It's more common than we realize. What weirds me out is the fact that there's enough sickos out there to form groups.

  17. i think dogfighting is despicable- and why bother with a time machine- lets just build a nice modern collosseum to put them in!

  18. Since all your respondents seem to be "pro" animals here's some advice.Granted, it's from Down Under, but probably applies elsewhere.
    Do NOT, ever, place an advert like this:
    "kittens/puppies.Free to good home. Very affectionate."
    The dog-runners pick them up and use them to "blood" their dogs.Sometimes, greyhound owners have been suspected of it,too.

    Punishment? Well, I guess having the genitals gnawed away would stop the bloodline!

  19. christine,
    that is way too close to home. I can't believe that enough guys have had a conscience bypass to ignore the brutality of those fights...especially the poor practice dogs who usually have their mouths taped shut.
    I don't care who they are I would euthanize any person involved.


    I agree. No weapons for the entertainers either..just like those poor practice dogs they have to be totally defenseless.
    Thumbs DOWN!

    You know what, I never even thought of that...that is so pathetic.

    I just wish that I could figure out what to bet on while these lowlifes are having their gonads chewed off..I mean it has to be a sport right?

  20. This just made me want to cry....I love all animals but particularly dogs. They have such trusting eyes and to think of anyone doing such a cruel and sadistic thing makes me want to be physically ill. What goes wrong in the wiring in their brains (assuming they have one) to make them want to commit such a barbaric act? It is certainly beyond my comprehension.

  21. angel without wings,
    I don't know how a human could ever become so inhumane? I really don't know what an appropriate punishment is...I suppose my old standby, take these guys out behind the barn and crown them with a shovel.

  22. Why does it go round and round? Maybe thats what is "humane" all about?

    I find some animals more "humane" if I can say that...


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