Thursday, April 26, 2007


Do you remember a post from last November when I discovered that there are
12 Million Bloggers, 49 Million Blogs and 57 Million Internet Users reading blogs, and a new Blog is being created every 5 minutes!

The 'Average' Blogger
*is under 30
*blogs 2 hours a week
*uses a pseudonym
*does it as a Hobby for Creative Personal Expression, Documenting Personal Experiences and Sharing Practical Knowledge.
*has no f*ckin’ clue how many people read their posts but allow comments
*has a Blogroll with 13 links and 10 coming back


I am turning 50, blog atleast 30 hours a week, desperately attempt to read about 75 Blogs twice a week, haven't made one thin dime in the process or been quoted by a anyone famous and I don't care.
I am having fun.

But lately I have been reading an inordinate number of introspective posts by rank amateurs and seasoned veterans alike who are wondering where they are going with this medium and a few of my favorites seem to have either gone into ‘Cybernation’ or committed Blogocide!

Blogging has become an big part of my life and for better or worse, I have suddenly realised that it is now an indispensible form of socialization.
I have become totally enthralled and enchanted with meeting so many talented, intelligent, naughty, hilarious, people from all around the world.

You all have so many interesting, funny, bizarre & beautiful views on any imaginable issue or topic that I can’t imagine ever leaving the Blogosphere. However I would love to figure out how to physically manage my time and ensure that I didn't miss anything.

I always feel Bloggers Remorse when I get behind on my visiting anyone who leaves a comment and on my Blogroll. I don’t want to feel that way. Now I know that like-minded Clusters exist and they are a great way to visit a lot of people at the same time, but is that you feel like you need the one on one or is Cluster Blogging OK?

The reason I ask is that during my School Years I liked to hang out with different groups on alternate weekends. I always thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting beyond the clique and the cliches of the various collectives. What I found is that they all had the same wants and needs, trials and tribulations, they just had a different approach replete with identity marking costume, hair and makeup.

I finally realised that I love Blogging for the same reasons..I can hangout with the Music Freaks, Political Poindexters, Raunchy Babes, Movie Nuts, Artistes, Science Nerds, Philosophers or Jocks, Straight Shooters and the Cheech & Bongs..they’re all here. This is the closest thing that there is to being back in the proximity of such a plethora of personalities.

The kicker is now that I am aproaching 5-0 I know who I am and how I feel about Life. Gone is the angst of peer pressure and uncertainty of Adolescence. The bizarre circumstance of not ever hearing or seeing each other is offset by sheer brainpower and the technological wizardry of publishing our own personal magazines.

This is a marvelous opportunity to share ideas, offer support and learn about and from other people. This is starting to sound like a convocation address from the valedictorian! Oh well, I did win the most inspirational student award in high school so what do you expect?

If you are feeling a little down about the whole Blogging thing, think again. Where else could you have an opportunity like this to light a candle for someone who needs a cyberhug,

let your own little light shine ,
light your own bonfire of the vanities,
or light a fire under someone’s ass to get them off and running! Here it comes..

People don’t care how much you know,
they want to know how much you care.

So how do we ensure that every blogger gets their well deserved 15 cyberminutes of Warholian Fame?


  1. Jeepers! I'm not often first.Especially at this site!
    But there is much truth in what you say.I recently likened it to the old pen friend system.
    Whatever the pull, I took the hook and I love it!
    And maybe I was a little remiss in not listing you in my fave five tag.But you know you are!

  2. dinahmow,
    What time is it in your neighbourhood? You are very kind and I hope that this Boyscout Blather didn't come across too sappy...oh what the hell
    Give me a B
    Give me an L
    Give me an O
    Give me a G...

  3. So I am not average, I am 35 yrs old, I can't wait til I am 40, I wanna party..and blog about it too :)

  4. cazzie,
    There is absolutely nothing average about you!
    You want to turn 40? Well why not, Cosmo keeps goin' on about how Women hit their Romantic Stride in their 40s...or have they raised the age now to keep the Boomers buying their magazine?

  5. My Pc is down and I have to use the cafe.....
    So now until I fix it I am in a rut of frustration that I lose contact with fellow bloggers.....
    and a world I have come to spend a lot of time in.
    My time is nearly up and i had to chose blogs to comment on read or totally ignore some........

    How will these people know.....if I died tomorrow....or if they did who would tell me?

    Gotta coins is getting low

  6. Blogging has become such a lifestyle thing, hasn't it?
    Oh, and am all for the 15 mins of fame...

  7. *as usual, ignores HE's question*

    Naughty bloggers? Can you introduce me?

  8. *decides to answer question just for the hell of it*

    Each blogger could get their 15 minutes of fame by having you feature them personally as "Blogger of the Week."

    Oh all right then. I'll do it. But I suppose I'll have to start with you. And that double-ya double-ya fella.

    And not this week. I'm busy. Can't you tell?

    To save on your valuable time, don't bother reading my blog today as it's Brit-related. But come back soon!

  9. I am 54, blog at least 10 hours a week, desperately attempt to read about 20 Blogs twice a week, haven't made one penny in the process...
    Am I above average?

  10. Hmmm ....

    Seeing as how i'm 38, blog about 5 hrs/week, and read about 50 of them (they're not all on my blogroll), I guess that makes me NOT average.
    Which is good, right?

    But like you, I hung out with EVERYONE in school.
    I love that blogging has opened up the rest of the world to me. Different cultures, languages, etc.
    It's all fascinating, and I wouldn't give it up for anything!

    Now, how do we all get our 15 cyberminutes?
    Isn't that what "YouTube" is all about?

  11. steve,
    The proverbial Internet Cafe is no match for sitting around in your pyjamas at home and taking your time. Hope you get that resolved soon and don't die..I'd notice.

    HI. It may be a bit too egalitarian to wish for because there are a few Bloggers who are seriously wasting bytes out here..with their idiotic hateful rants and stupid ideas..but for the vast majority this is one of the best ways too dig through the clutter of this overpopulated world and say HERE I AM WORLD!
    It would be fabulous if everyone had their 15.

    I don't appreciate your tone young lady, I'll have you know that I thoroughly enjoy your explorations of the MOTHERland!
    "You make me a better Blogger"

    crème de la crème,
    You are an excellent role model, courteous, charming, debonaire, open and creative.
    You're a shining star.

  12. Shining star for you to see, what your life can truly be.

    Charming and courteous? The f*ck I am!

    Alright then. You got me. It's courteous of me to use the asterisk in the curse word since I'm a visitor here on this blog and it's not my own. And as you know, the crux of the biscuit is the asterisk. No wait! It's the apostrophe.

  13. Is that really you in high school?

    I'm unashamed to admit blog geekery, though I need to step back now and then to catch my breath (supposed to be doing that right now but doing a lousy job of it). And I don't fit the profile either though, thankfully, I have a couple more years before I reach the big 5-0! I think it's a social godsend for those of us who work at home or in isolated situations. I'd rather have blog friends than most of my ex-co-workers! :)

  14. blazngfyre,
    Youtube is for showoffs..OK it's too technically demanding for your average blogger but it does prove that people on the internet are too f'n lazy to read a Blog and that they would rather be able to sit back and watch a video.
    Just wait, now that I've said this I'll be posting Youtubian crapola within a year.

    MY BAD! cream is 'le crème de la crème'..
    (waiting for uncomfortable pause to pass *whistles)

    I would have to say that you 'IRISH UP' my morning coffee with your zany x-rated shenanigans.

    C'est moi circa 1975..if only I knew then DAMMIT!
    I know exactly what you mean the people out here are far more interesting than the ones that we usually get stuck with...which is weird...and for those of us under house arrest it is an absolute miracle.

  15. Congratulations on your most inspirational student in high school award! It doesn't surprise me at all. Hope the blogging is still lots of fun. I like my magazine being there for when I have something to say :)

  16. More like a lost planet than a shiny star, mon ami!
    You are gem, HE.

  17. I pretend to have a flounce every so often and people think I'm giving up, but I never will.

    How do you do 30 hours a week, HE? Do you sleep?

  18. HE, I've been blogging about a year longer than you, and that gives me the right to be able to tell you what's what.

    So here it goes.

    As you said, a lot of blogs that you once read are beginning to die. I think the reason is two-fold. 1: The novelty is wearing off. I've experienced that effect a little bit over the last 6 months or so. 2: We have experienced what you have blogged about a couple times now. Too many people on the blogroll and not enough time.

    I have told you this at least twice, and I am going to say it agian. I think you should cut down the blogroll - maybe even delete it completely.

    You are spending plenty of time reading other blogs and writing your own. Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, I'm worried you will feel the burn-out. We don't want that.

    But trust me, it will happen.

    I have 11 links on my page, and only about half update regularly. If I had more than say 10 or 15, I would feel bogged down.

    I know you don't want to delete links. But for the long term health of your blogging life, it might be for the best... Just my thoughts.

  19. * I made perfect sense *
    * I made perfect sense *
    * I made perfect sense *

    I can die happy now


    you've grown into those eyebrows

  20. We just gotta keep puttin' it out there!!! I did nothing special, but a couple of years ago a lady from a prominent radio station asked me to do an interview live on air after she stumbled on my blog. Sadly she left her research far too late and I got the email about ten minutes after the show went to air! Oh well. So you don't have to do anything special to achieve fame - it's all about luck, being seen by the right person at the right time!

    Who really needs fame, anyway? I'm happy with friends.

  21. Wow! Your son's (teenage photo) looks just like you!

    Okay, okay! I am just teasing. HE that is a lot of time spent on blogging. I still think blogging out of (web log)is a nasty word.

  22. I know what you mean. The longer you blog the more individuals are in your blogosphere and it gets impossible to visit each as much as you'd like.

    Of course the worst part is being recognized in public... And the women, always the women to fend off.

  23. I am amazed at some people who can handle responding to more than a hundred comments on their blogs. I wish I could manage my time that well since I love visiting different blogs but don't always have the time to comment or read everything.

    The blogosphere is an amazing thing and I don't see myself leaving it anytime soon.

  24. Blogging is amazing therapy and has been my saviour. Its not good though if you don't strike a balance between the blogging world and the "real" world....It can even become a bit of an addiction if you have that type of personality which unfortunately I do. I wonder if they Blogchiatrists yet? I can feel a whole new industry coming on.....

  25. Jammer,
    That award was over 30 years ago but thanks, it still warms my heart to think that my efforts to 'entertain the troops' in High School did not go unnoticed... a schloarship would have been nice.

    Right back at'cha.

    I sleep during the day in my coffin...actually I have a power nap after supper so that I can stay up 'til about 2 AM when all of the Aussies start coming online.

    You said
    "1 The novelty is wearing off
    2 We have experienced what you have blogged about a couple times now
    3 Too many people on the blogroll and not enough time"

    ...since I am indebted to you for your animated remarks, commitment and encouraging comments plus your seniority in the Blogsphere...
    I will definitely take this all into consideration.

    As you probably know I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and I think that this symbiotic linkage is more important than anything that I have to say it would be difficult to delete my blogroll...
    I don't really have a secret agenda to build a huge fanbase and get to the 'show'..
    I will think about it but I have no idea how far I can go with this..what's wrong with morphing into a chat room or a boutique Blog after I exhaust my seven areas of Interest...if people do find me tedious I will just get more widgets.

    Thanks for the advice..we'll see..let me know when I sell out or start sucking big time.

  26. ur right...where else can u meet so many ppl, so quickly, from ard the world, learn so much from em, mingle with all kinds, all sorts, learn, grow, share, care and hug! Thank God for BLOGS!

    Love this post HE.


  27. Me again, the speaking clock! There was a time when my work required me to know the time all over the planet; now that I don't need to I'm lazy! zone is 18 hours ahead of Pacific so I'm about 20 ahead of you, yes? Oh, heck! You do the math!

  28. ziggurnaut,
    Ta Da! You always make sense, what on earth are you going on about?
    My facial caterpillars have served me well by providing plenty of shade for my eyes and exagerating expressions of fear...surprise
    my TWO chief elements of my eyebrows are fear and surprise..and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope..

    Irene Cara version...
    I wanna live forever
    I wanna learn how to fly
    I feel it coming together
    People will see me and cry
    FAME! Bowie version..
    makes a man take things over
    lets him loose, hard to swallow
    puts you there where things are hollow
    Fame (fame)

    its not your brain, its just the flame
    That burns your change to keep you insane (sane)
    FAME! (fame)

    HA good one!
    Blogging out of weblog is legal in Canada as long as the readers are consenting!

    Tell me about it! If I had a dime for every woman that cornered me in public and asked if I was that Homo Escapeons guy...I would have

    I realised after I wrote this that

    Afterall, like everything else in Life there are only two types of Bloggers, Charming and Tedious.

    angel without wings,
    Blogchiatrists would become Gazillionaires. It isn't often that you find Bloggers getting completely ridiculed for opening up their souls..most people look at this as a 'safe' place, a cyber couch in a shrink's office.
    You don't see much 'tough love' out here and if everyone told me to stop whining and kvetching (like Chopper, Steve, or Dr Phil would) it would get pretty quiet

    ((pin drops))

    Did I win the caption contest?
    I thought that 'Weapons Of Mass Distraction Found In M'Iraq' was my bestus comment ever! But it was 3 in the morning.

    You are an interesting case study, I have no idea how you keep up with your with your comments?
    But I do know WHY!

    My Word! You expect me to figure that out? If a train leaves Station A at 8AM and travels at 60 MPH and a the other train leaves Station B one hour later and travels at 70MPH..oh forget it!
    So what time is it there?

  29. blogging did bring us together, and we would not have know each other if not of internet...hemm...maybe this is the digital age religion. to save us all from insanity.

  30. ghosty,
    You are preachin' to the Choir!

  31. Blog away to glory without worrying much about anything else.

    I just challenge myself to learn new things and barge ahead.

    Thanks for you very nice compliments. Yiou are one of the few bloggers I truly respect.

  32. gautami,
    That means the world to me because I have always summised that you sincerely desire to see me grow, not only as a writer, but also as a manipulator of tedious, obscure, unproven, and largely fabricated theories and fanciful notions.

    You make me a better blogger and I appreciate your guidance and opinions.

  33. LOL @ a scholarship would have been nice.

  34. u were pretty close to winning HE but then Ghee stole the trophy.


  35. HE, whatever you decide will be the right choice for you here. As long as you know what your options are, then it's all good.

    I'm just saying that I certainly would not judge you if you decided to competely delete the blogroll and start again.

  36. you see- now this is EXACTLY why i gave you a thinking blogger award!
    sheer bucking frilliance dude!


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