Sunday, April 01, 2007

Two men have inadvertently catapulted a Republican, who has not even announced his candidacy, to the forefront of the American Presidential Election in November 2008.

First, by taking British Soldiers hostage, the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali_Khamenei has established beyond any doubt that the present global stage is an unpredictable, dangerous, place teetering on the brink of World War 3. His saber rattling may well turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The National angst and humiliation of the War in Iraq that Americans are currently struggling with cannot be underestimated and regarded as a final concession or capitulation to the role of the United States as a vanquished nation about to implode.

Even as Khamenei issues his declaration that International Laws will be ignored while Iran holds British Soldiers captive the crowds are chanting Death To America. Britain has been the strongest ally of the US and any incident involving the current hostage situation will be regarded as an Act of War by both Nations.

Should this event escalate into tragedy, Americans will unite and postpone any fanciful notions of electing their first Women or Person of Colour to the White House and save that for better days.
Despite the deception, underestimation of combatants, and the incredible bungling of the War in Iraq, the average American will now have a bona fide Enemy to focus on. Iran might interpret the US as being exhausted, overwhelmed ,and vulnerable at this point in time, but by putting themselves forward as an instigator and aggressor, Iran offers the perfect target to unleash the full fury of a humiliated Super Power.
Now America can have a real enemy and one that is taunting them with future Weapons of Mass Destruction to boot.
Way to go .
Secondly, James_Dobson (Focus On The Family) has instantly propelled this candidate to the head of the pack by insulting him and questioning his faith. Dobson’s thinly disguised attempt to promote the candidacy of Newt Gingrich by stating that Newt was a better ‘Christian' and therefore a stronger candidate, he gave the majority of moderate Americans a reason to get back at the so-called moral majority whose leaders have lately stumbled into scandal after scandal and whose religious rhetoric helped get the US into the mess in Mesopotamia in the first place.
The majority of American Citizens have had it up to here with the ridiculous, hypocritical antics of the Far Right Fundamentalists.

Having endured the religious rhetoric that launched this so-called clash of Civilizations as a My God is bigger than your God contest I believe that the average American is ready to get back to cold, harsh, light of day and distance themselves from the embarassing anchor of Fundamentalism and it's blatant goal of establishing a Theocracy in America.
Welcome back to the 21st Century.

So now the stage is set in the US for another strong, sober, intelligent, Father Figure who is a moderate self made man and not some spoiled rich kid who was born on third base and has lost the confidence of the people.
Who is he...a Lawyer/Lobbyist/Senator and Actor.
Actor? Hey remember Ronald Reagan, but this guy has authentic political chops and considerable gravitas above and beyond a public persona of stability and integrity.
One cannot, especially in this day and age, underestimate the awesome power of perception and image.
I would think that the Democrats will be very upset if and when he decides to run.
Physically he is a giant replete with a booming voice that is as reassuring as it is commanding. He looks and sounds like a Leader.
I am talking about Fred_Dalton_Thompson .
In real life Thompson took on the President’s men during Watergate and on TV and in Films he consistently portrays strong, effective, cerebral, leaders who deliver confident orders and solutions with perfect intonation and authority. Fred Thompson has an excellent chance of winning, if he runs...
and if the situation in the Middle East deteriorates, whether you like it or not, another Republican will probably sit in the Oval Office.

Unlike the current President, this man appears to have the key ingredients that just might bring the current bipartisan fiasco that has enveloped American Politics back to the centre. Of course a lot can change, I am just some guy in Canada looking in from the outside, and there is more than a year to go, but I have a sneaking suspicion that with the Democrats controlling the Senate and Congress that a moderate Republican like Thompson is more than a safe bet.
Fred Thompson looks and sounds like Law & Order,
doesn't he?!


  1. d'you have April Fools' day in Canada?

  2. hemm....weird world. I jsut want to go to space.

    And ziggi...u u u I dont know, Plutonian? Of course there is April Fools day in Canada, they probably invented it. There is no April Fools day in Iran though, coz when they had it last time, people died. bombed and all. So now they just observe, Shutdown April. :D

  3. ziggi,
    Ha! Yes we do M'lady but I am being perfectly serious...and April Fools only lasts until noon.

    Have fun in space. April Fools Day may have originated in France in 1564 during the adoption of the new fancy schmancy Gregorian Calendar. New Years Day was celebrated on March 25th the advent of Spring but King Charles proclaimed January 1st as the new New Years Day.
    Many people ignored this and partied for the entire week which ended on April 1st. Others made fun of them by fooling around and sending goofy gifts and fake invitations to imaginary New Years Eve parties...the tomfoolery persisted after the majority of people finally adopted Jan 1st and continued to have fun on April 1st.

  4. I thought he looked familiar. I already think the Repugnicans are so sad that this is just some more icing on that particular cake. :P

  5. I had no idea he was into politics.

    I believe what you're saying about Americans voting for another Republican because they perceive that anyone else couldn't get the job done when times are tough. According to most Americans I spoke with right after the last election (which weren't all that many, but whatever), this was the exact reason why Bush was re-elected... because they perceived that Kerry couldn't get the job done given the circumstances at the time.

    I know nothing about Thompson on a political level, but if I were voting based purely on looks and sound then I'd vote for him too.

  6. I just wanted to say, good to see you again H.E. I thought maybe that last supper did actually cause you physical harm......

  7. "I'm not a World Leader, but I play one on TV." It got him elected to Congress, so why not? We could do worse. We have done worse. George H.W. might have something growing in his compost heap with even less brains that they'll trot out as a figurehead next, who knows?

  8. i thought he had a more jack nicholas characteristic look.... maybe thats just me.. There is some good news there is no way the SAME monkey is getting back in...

    Fear will drive people, they wont think about the situation if they are afraid.... WIn and election start a war...


  9. I hope that the USA will give up on the whole "the Dems aren't tough enough to win a war" idea and give them a chance.

    Maybe now more than before last election, they need someone like Obama who is smart, and thoughtful to lead them through this. Whether it mean fighting Iran or trying to keep things peaceful.

  10. ummm, what about the hundreds of hostages being held in guantanamo and the hundreds more being held around the world by the US? does that have anything to do with anything? and it's khamenei's sabre rattling that is the problem? seriously?

    i'm not sure what the argument is here. bush has already declared international law non-existent, as have many, many presidents before him. bush has invaded two countries, spat in the face of many others, one could go on and on here, and you're saying that if the current hostage situation goes awry, the US might get angry?
    also, weren't americans cheering the death of a few hundred thousand children, women, and men after the dropping of the atomic bombs in japan?

    and the rest of the world already has an enemy that is currently taunting them with weapons of mass destruction.

    i think it's absurd to say we need to treat america the country differently than others because it has self esteem issues.

    i think having a kind, considerate and proud person at the helm of the US is what is really necessary to knock some sense back into the white part of the world.

    this is an april fool's joke, isn't it?

  11. and it would continue the great american tradition of confusing hollywood with reality and electing actor instead of statesmen. yay us.

  12. shelley,
    My first dollop of Fred was in Patriot Games when he was the Commander of the Aircraft carrier that Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) gets dropped off on says. "This situation is going to get worse and people are going to die"...with that voice. If James Earl Jones ran as his Vice President they'd win by a landslide.

    In politics perception is reality. A millisecond of tape or a single sentence in a newspaper has destroyed many a career...can you hear Howard Dean "Yeeeaaahhh"
    People could be forgiven for confusing Fred's real life with his theatrical roles because they are nearly identical. Image is everything.

    angels sans wings,
    Well here I am. Spring Break was a nice reprieve and we now return to our regular programming..for better or worse.

    I actually believe that they could do worse too..way worse and scary worse...anyone that the Moral Minority sacrifices to further their Theocratic Regime should be instantly taken off of the ballot because their choice would not hesitate to rush into the fray and gamble with this world ..since it is only temporary. These people need to be reprogrammed and fast!

    Fred has perfected the here is how it is and this is what I think we should do much so that he IS that guy. Bush still has a year to stir the hornets nest and his leaving is a gigantic relief for all of mankind...I just hope that he doesn't try to start something that he knows that he won't finish..AGAIN!

    I don't know why they think that a Democrat can't stand up to an aggressor...FDR, Truman and Kennedy did it..I really like Obamma..what a breath of fresh air!
    If things settle down and someone like Terry Waite can resolve the hostage crisis maybe, just maybe cooler heads will prevail.
    If there is any justice the present administration will tumble like Enron and Rove,Rumsfeld, DeLay, Bush and Cheney will all be led away in shackles...atleast Rove and Cheney...hopefully they don't just slip away into the fog...they need to be brought to justice.

    My word! You do realise that without our neighbour to the South that all of us here in Canada and Europe would be speaking in Russian and rushing off to work in Gulag like factory camps in 2 cylinder Trablants!

    Like it or not we don't have many options and while your indictments of Bush's (Hello, Rove & Cheney made 99% of these plans) Policies are accurate, they still have a get out of jail card thanks to winning WW2, the Cold War, and suffering through 911. These still cancel out 60 years of interference in the rest of the world like Cuba and Viet Nam...etc...

    Are you thinking Obama or do you have a secret Santa?

    chaucer's bitch,
    Hey! Think about what type of person would even want that job? I mean it is a miracle that anyone decent and in between Darth Vader and Ralph Nader even decides to run.

    I think that George Clooney could win, samers for James Earl Jones, James Cromwell, and Mary McDonell.
    Let's face it Reagan looks like Thomas Jefferson compared to Bush Jr.

  13. Shelley,
    I mean't the Hunt For Red Oktober.

  14. reyspoutine9:15 a.m.

    this is an april fool's joke -

    wasn't it "hunt for red october" where he said that?

  15. It truly is worrisome. Especially when, I feel, that many look at the packaging, instead of the issues at hand, to elect their next leader.

    You would like this article I think!

  16. I can see that. That's what they say - Republicans are seen as "tougher." So after the tough Republicans create enemies around the world, enough Americans could well decide they have to elect a tough Republican to get rough and make The Enemies cower like dogs.

    Israel and Palestine have been tough on each other and going tit for tat for what - sixty years?

    I wonder when people will notice that this doesn't really work.

    Btw, that was such a tribute you left at Nasra's blog. I truly appreciate it.

  17. mizzy la boheme,
    HEY YOU!
    That was a great is all about BRANDING..everything is...from soup to nuts!
    It is odd that with all of the intense scrutiny and piles of 'dirt' that we have on every single politician..people that you would not leave alone in your house with your kids...all of that is washed away with spin and they are magically rebranded and everything comes out clean in the wash! How is that possible without short term memory loss?

    The Israelites and the Phillistines have been doing it for millenia and will keep doing it until there isn't any sand left to fight over.
    You are an inspiration to me and I would love to have your peaceful countenance, thoughtfulness and expansive reasoning abilities...were I to follow my natural inclinations I would just want to unleash the furies and enjoy the fruits of my scorched Earth Thank You.

  18. I think Chaucer's Bitch has it in a nutshell.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I hate politicians and other idiots.

    lol corrected!


  21. Politics are dirty and politicians are depressing and a waste of time..ugh!!
    lol@the post..

  22. dinahmow,
    Yes indeed she does.
    Forget about "just the facts please ma'am" because now it is 99% SPIN and Brand IMAGE. How else could you explain GWB winning..TWICE!! oh yeah cheating.

    Now, now. You get out there and vote young lady. If you don't vote you don't get to complain.
    Nature and politics both abhor a vacuum.

    I have always wanted to write a post on what drives a person (aside from megalomania) to even want to be in politics? In this day and age it isn't as easy to just do whatever the hell you want...there are too many eyes and ears...then again look at Iraq..a lie from start to finish.

    PS>I'm not kidding about Fred..if he runs he will win.


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