Sunday, March 25, 2007


..Huge Steak, Lobster, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn, Chocolate Milkshake, Coke, Chocolate Pie, Brownies and Apple Pie...No brainer.



  1. As I seldom have it, I would order some salad...

  2. Um, that would be steak, pepperoni pizza, beef gyros, haagen daz ice cream (strawberry) and coffee. And a side of gerard butler....LOL!

  3. Pineapple juice laced with arsenic.

  4. gautami,
    Salad? ..and why do you rarely eat salad?

    MMMMMMMM. Can you tell that I was starving at 1 in the morning after I finished watching my movie..Hollywoodland..about the death of George Reeves the guy who played Superman on TV...I had to watch it because I watched The Good German with George Clooney and Cate Blanchett and The Black Dahlia the other week ..the 40s are very popular in the film biz these days.

    I knew that somebody would be thinking! I would have to hide it in my chocolate shake..but not until I had finished my meal.

  5. Hmmm...Gyros (covered with fresh onions which I NEVER EVER get to have) and piping hot home fries with tzatziki for SURE.

    For dessert some hot fudgy brownies with coconut & banana ice cream covered with hot fudge and chocolate chips...

  6. It doesn't matter what I'd order. Just looking at your menu killed me.

  7. Is this a hint, Donn? This would be a killer menu (sorry Andrea) for the next party. I'll have to get my mom to supply the chocolate pie, though. "Can't get your children to leave...? Stop making chocolate pie!"

  8. My last supper would Labbatt BLUE cheese, RYE bread, SCOTCH broth, RUM punch, BEER can Chicken, potatos MARGARITA, while listening to April WINE. Tap water will be fine.

  9. shelley,
    MMM sounds good...except onions are trouble...the desserts always sound so fantastic but I rarely leave any room for them.

    Sorry are you a vegematarian? I make no apologies for my carnivorous apetite..I have 'canines' for a reason..and I am not afraid to use them.

    Here I am at the Days Inn on 18th in Brandon! Alice is not happy that there are computers in the room...nope, nope, nope not one little bit.
    This was supposed to be a I shipped her and Ridley off to the pool so that I could blog in peace..SHEESH!

    Any minute now we will be off to visit the exact same stores carrying the exact same merchandise that we have back in Whateverpeg..but hey it's like 20 degrees outside so I can bask in the sun out in the parking lot.
    Tomorrow the Fair!

  10. It would be a toss-up between a seafood feast and a szechuan feast. Oh! Or maybe sushi! Dessert would probably be key lime pie or ice cream or both. A couple of gin & tonics to start and red wine throughout the meal (maybe a nice shiraz) and espresso to finish it all off.

  11. Ok, this would all have to be made by Aidan, because otherwise it wouldn't be as nice:

    Entree, gazpacho soup with crusty bread.

    Main, Potato and cauliflower curry.

    Desert, caramalised bananas with ice cream.

    I'm drooling just thinking about that lot...

  12. A mountain of sea food, fresh oysters, prawns, crabs, morton bay bugs, and crayfish..... Washed done with an icy cold beer (or 12).....

  13. oh, oh, oh. you are spot on. i'm having what you're having.

  14. pizza and chocolate pudding. and possibly a peanut butter and marshmellow sandwich.

    ok, i know this is too much information....


  15. A 24 pack of beer......
    It's party time........

  16. My last supper?
    A nice Foie Gras with fig jam, a massive Camembert with a French baguette and a dozen bottles of the best red wines in the world....

    Wake me up when it's over.

  17. I am somewhat allergic to raw foods. So I tend to avoid it. Give me fruits any day...will you?

  18. Chocolate.
    Anything and everything chocolate.

    Preferably DARK, DARK , DARK chocolate. :)

  19. Mine would be similar to yours.

    -Sirloin steak - medium/medium rare
    -big ass piece of lobster
    -big bag of movie popcorn
    -assortment of booze
    -big glass of water
    -a mint for afterwards

  20. Exactly what Blazng said..... If I'm gonna die its gonna have as many calories in it as a body can handle and just to make it a celebration.....champagne with strawberries in the glass.

  21. Am I allowed to say that was in typical Canuck style ;-)

    well my last meal would be hot chips...plain ol chips.


  22. i would order a dozen or so good friends to join me to start. Pepsi the choice of a new generation, desserts first, chocolate cake, i love that peanut butter square and pretty fond of cheese cake as well, then a nice steak and baked potatoes and a salad would be nice as well and maybe even some freshly steamed vegetables(i hear they are healthy for you), you never know i might survive....

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  24. has a tribute for Paul of spiritualdiablog and now in his new website Hope u can join us in this tribute and if you can helps us spread the word among his blog friends
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  25. Forget the steak. I will proceed directly with desserts and then lobster if I still have room.

  26. all you can eat penn cove raw oysters with lemon and tabasco, ice tea, smoked mozzerella ravioli al burre e myzithra, boundary bay golden ale, north fork black stout, mussels di tomate over handmade fettucine...hey, it's my last meal; i can make a pig out of myself!

    now i'm hungry.

  27. Mmmmmmm, LOBSTER!!! OMG, and that is half a cow, not a steak!!!

  28. i'm gonna be a stick in the mud and offer my last supper to someone who could really use it.
    i'll just have a large dr. pepper.

    and maybe some lik'm aid.

  29. Organic whole meal bread with an assortement of cheeses.

    German chocolate cake , hmmmmmm

  30. I'd just remove the apple pie and sub corn on the cob for creamed corn and have what you'd have! You hit on a lot of my favorites. Oh - I'd substitute chocolate chip cookies for the apple pie.

  31. Japanese, man, go Japanese! A chicken/beef stir fry with veggies, but a chicken wing appetizer first!

    Oh, and Chinese/Mongolian ginger die for...

  32. Andrew7:24 p.m.

    I would invite all my friends and family and everyone else who can fit into the building and go to Gopals. Which is a nice cheap vegetarian reasturant run by HariKrishnas in central Melbourne.
    The desserts are to die for.

  33. Wow! Mention religion, sex or food and your blog is swamped by comments!
    If it's my last meal I guess I can ignore the reaction and go with Moreton Bay bugs, garlic prawns.And something Italian, like my Friend's fresh futtucine with his secret (dammit!) herb sauce.
    Then,if I'm not too full,fresh figs and 70% chocolate and good, strong coffee.

  34. grumblingual11:00 p.m.

    Circumstances ( such as weddings, holidays, extinction events, atc) don't really influence my convivial preferences too much. As long as there's a 24x7, "Awl Yew Kin Eat" Whisker Bisket Buffet nearby, it's
    covered, in my book. Honestly!
    Planning for a pre-Apocalypse get-
    together couldn't be easier. Most
    require that patrons bring their own favorite condiments (They didnt
    tell, because I didnt ask)

  35. Keshi, maybe it really WAS his last supper.

  36. Haha I certainly hope not. Donn?!!! Donn???!

    My last supper, hmmmm

    Well for starters I would have a huge strawberry daiquiri mmmm followed by roast beef, roasted potatoes, carrots and cabbage. For dessert hot raspberry pie smothered in vanilla ice cream and an orange crush float to wash it down. "Arghhhhh..." :D

    Thank you One and All for the Yummiest comments (including reprieve) that I have ever read.

    It's weird how we all somehow get hooked on certain flavors and textures..and sugar! The desserts are such an achilles heel for us.

    Sorry that I have taken so long to reply but we're enjoying Spring Break here in Whateverpeg.

    There is much to discuss and hopefully I can remember all of the things that I have pondered while frolicking out in the RW.

    I trust that you're all safe and sound and I intend to get over and visit each and every one of you in the next day or two.

    Life is a Garden..DIG IT!

  38. Food -now you're talking. Toast with ham ,cheese, and pineapple -all melted and gooey under the grill. A caramel milkshake. A family block of Cadbury's chocolate(over here it actually tastes FANTASTIC -it tastes the opposite in your country -it's true). What else -a packet of nacho cheese doritos Lasagne. A packet of twisties. Egg and chips. Washed down with half a bottle of scotch.

  39. I think I'm gonna heave, now...

  40. Oooh.. I have so many favorites..I'll have to think..and now am hungry..

  41. First let me say that most of these choices sound appetizing, but first nations' combination was the only one that made my mouth water. A symphony of food and drink. I'm a bit jaded on the lobster thing, living as I do in New England.

    My choice: Hard-boiled eggs, a six pack of Budweiser, and Boston-style baked beans, with a Sam Adams chaser to clear the palate. If this is my last meal, I'm not going to be the only one having a bad time.


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