Saturday, November 25, 2006

According to the PEW Report on Bloggers I am spending far too much time Blogging! Here are some of their findings...

There are
49 Million Blogs and
57 Million Internet Users reading blogs..

and a new blog is being created every 5 minutes!

54% of bloggers are under 30

30% are 30-50
14% are 50 -65

55% use a pseudonym

47% do not have a f*#%&n' clue how many people read their posts!

22% have fewer than 10 hits per day

17% have 10-99

13% more than 100

50% of bloggers do it as a hobby

to network and meet people
for creative personal expression
for documenting and storing personal experiences
sharing practical knowledge.

37% write about their personal experiences
7% Entertainment
6% sports
5% business
5% technical
4% religious

1% about their hobby or health issues

60% blog 1-2 hours per week!

25% 3-9 hrs/wk.

10% 10 hrs/wk or more

28% blog every couple of weeks!
13% post daily
25% 1-2 times a week
15% 3-5 wk.

52% say that they blog for themsleves
32% for others

87% allow comments

40% have blogrolls with an average of
13 links to other bloggers and
10 links coming in.

I would love to be able to keep up with all of the 60 blogs on my roll that I not only enjoy but also feel compelled to read as well write 5 posts a week..
but it is taking atleast 5 hours out of everyday to complete the 4Rs of blogging:
read, write, respond & reply
....I may need to reconsider.

I am getting frustrated because I am constantly behind other people's posts and I could be writing twice as many posts...but I feel that if I can't maintain a
reciprocal, symbiotic, relationship
with as many other bloggers as is possible, then I am defeating the purpose!

..and only in America would they invent a tip jar for bloggers..
imagine paying to read a blog?!

I am starting to feel
How do you do it?


  1. Anonymous5:24 p.m.

    interesting facts here

    Dan from

  2. Damn! I seem to be in the bottom percentile on just about every category, including, frustratingly, the "less than 10 comments" on average part.

    I've discovered I have to restrict my rounds to about 10 blogs, with occassional peeks at the other 25 or so, because, aside from trying to keep up with my at least 3-4 times a week posting habit, it DOES take some time to read these blogs and comment on them. So, unfortunately, I have to stay loyal to my most favorite blogs, especially those I have developed a relationship with over these past years.
    Fear not, my man, you are included in the MUST READ category, until such time that you get lazy and slothful and never leave a comment on mine in which case I am going to have to take your link off my bookmarks, stomp on it, set it on fire, and drag it through the carried away there......hehe........

    Don't bite off more than you can chew and you will digest it all much easier!

  3. I don't even know why I started and now can't stop and sometimes it drives me mental and I think:oh, I wonder what such and such is up to, and what about old such and such and you go reading around and then before you know it 2hrs have gone and you think -where the hell did that time go???

  4. Anonymous8:09 p.m.

    15% 3-5 wk.

    I find this one a bit surprising. I thought it would be higher. You and I would be in that 15% eh? I thought more people would update more, but hey.

    I feel bad for you. 60 links on your blogroll? That is almost an impossible amount to keep up with. I have like 10, and I can't imagine 6 times that many to read. You know what the thing is with the blogroll? Once I put a link on there, I'd feel guilty taking it down. You know? It's like saying "yeah, their a friend of mine" then saying "yeah, I don't really like them anymore".

  5. dan,
    I tried to visit but blogger said that your status in the witness protection plan could not be compromised.

    THE michael,
    Well as the saying goes compare and despair..after I wrote this I thought of Gord Gecko's famous line in the movie WALL STREET.
    "If you need a friend get a dog!"
    and I thought that I really enjoy this and I do want everyone to feel welcome and included. You and I hit it off right from the getgo so it has been easy to stay involved...sometimes it is hard to keep commenting on other blogs who never respond or comment on mine but what are ya gonna do?

    I guess it all comes down to why you do it because I love meeting all of these people from around the gives me the warm fuzzies.

    I know exactly what that feels like..and I end up staying up late and feeling frustrated that I couldn't fit everyone in.
    I want to preserve the fun factor and not get caught up in the logistics...but I don't want others to think that I am ignoring them or getting too big for my britches. We'll see what happens.

    Taking someone off the roll (even if they don't even know that they are on it) does seem like a divorce proceeding! I don't know..maybe keshi is on to something by not highlighting her roll..although I could never duplicate her efficiency at answering 100 comments and still finding the time to visit another 100 blogs!
    Figure out a game plan AB and then just tell me what to do...I'm always giving you loads of is your chance to get even.

  6. How do I do it??? Dios mio amigo mio! How do you do it????? THAT is the question because this bohemian is forever behind and you, being the blogging DYNAMO, that you are, put me to shame, SHAME I TELL YOU!!!

    I just do the best I can... life, especially that here in Spain, gets in the way quite badly... BADLY I TELL YOU.. a fact you already know... and so I am lucky I get to post even twice a week though I would love to post more often... but my hyphenated talk is not an easy thing to write and quite time-consumming at that sooooo... let it flow when it may and in the meanwhile I try to pop in to say hola and have a little chat with my blogosphere friends! There are, in all honesty, some links on my sidebar that are there out of reciprocity and those I seldom visit... the ones I do (like you!) I consider friends and enjoy reading... if ever I have time for more (which is barely ever) then I may pop in for a new hello here and there but...

    ... nonbloggers do not understand how much work blogging entails!!! The social aspect of it is fab but mucho trabajo for sure!

    And I am always flattered and delighted to see you pop in and catch up on all my (mis)adventures! Having said that (uh-oh! Brace yourself!), you missed this BIG adventure... I tell you not for the comments and even skip the post if you wish but the video? Our latest and biggest blow in this damn place! Hey! Know anyone who wants a house in Spain???? I WANT OUTTA HERE!!!!!

  7. i'm with ms. bohemia. how do you do it?

    i have many links on my blog but i only regulary read, write, respond and reply to about 10 or 15 of my favorite blogger friends. the rest are fringe benefits when i am waiting for something to process and i have free time in front of the pc. otherwise, i don't visit them everyday.

    my pet peeve - bloggers who create a link to my blog and expect me to link them. it is not a barter. some of my favorite blogs do not link anyone.

    also i don't care if it is an interesting blog. if there are advertisements, i am out of there and won't come bak.

    my blog is related to my love for art, humor and i only regularly visit bloggers with seemingly high iq and well written blogs. i don't know all of them but i have enough so far.

    i never come back to a blog that uses profanity.

  8. Ha, ha, haaaa! Oh my! Well dear Ces, though I don't bite (well, unless badly messed with) I advise you to NOT visit me then because well, profanity... ahem,, ahem... 'tis an integral part of the ranting and raving Miz B!


    HE! Am I in trouble? ;-)

  9. Well, if you swear in a charming way, perhaps I will reconsider?

  10. MIZ BO to the HE MIA,
    You will always have a special place in my blogoheart because you were the first exotic-in your face-let her rip-rantorrific experience.
    I was stunned to find such raw honest emotion coupled with no holds barred testimonial stream of consciousness riffing.
    Ay Chihuahua!
    You are one in 12 million FO SHO!

    Well there is the rub..I am NOT doing it and I have blogger's remorse. I need to correct the sitch so that I can concentrate on writing and find the oasis of homeostasis.
    No ads and no F sharps eh? I would place place ads if they were for subversive political magazines that challenged the staus quo or organizations that fought for the separation of church and government and focussed on scientific worldviews....and most importantly paid me billions of dollars and asked nothing in I have nothing to worry about!
    I occasionally pepper my posts with appropriate colloquial expletives when the need I hope that you don't get offended. I just gotta be me.

    mizzy bo,
    HAHAHAHAHA! Watch that first step it's a lulu! Well you can't change a leopard's spots..Grrrrr...
    to each her own!

    With 49 million blogs to read out there I am positive that there is more than enough posts for everyone to enjoy. You ladies just keep doing what you do and everyone will be richer for it.
    I should consider being a politician?!

  11. For you Ces, FO SHO!

    As for your question HE... ooooh! Bohemians looooove that idea but as long as there is a plane ticket back home for me asap!

    Now, get to your promises you ain't gonna keep... AY! *sigh*

  12. Dear HE.
    It has come to my attention that you need some help... Feel free to remove me from the blog roll cuz quite frankly i do not have time to rant anymore in the fashion that you so enjoy. I got bigger fish to fry these days and my typos are better sent to them government people in a form of a letter. I will continue to keep you in my favorites and continue to put comments on things that bug me. Trying to help the cause....
    YOur friend,

  13. miz Bohemia, well I did visit your blog. You have a creative way of swearing. Frankly I did not find it offensive. Uh, am I losing my guard? Actually I am referiing to a certain type of profanity, the one where the writer really does not have a wide vocabulary and utters them as a word cruth. You actually put a lot of thought into your swearing and I found myself laughing.

  14. Anonymous3:53 p.m.

    I can identify completely with this. It is impossible to keep up to date with everyone on your blogroll and still hope to maintain a job/ relationship/ personal hygiene.

    I've worried about it too, felt guilty and now I figure that blogging should be fun, it's a hobby for me at least, after all. It shouldn't become a chore. In real life I have many fiends who I don't see from one month to the next, years sometimes, but that doesn't matter if they are true friends. Any blogger worth their salt must surely feel the same.

    That doesn't mean you've got dispensation from coming round to say 'hi' regularly, though. I would sulk. x

  15. Statistics are for losers...NOT!

    I don't know where you find this stuff, Homo Errata, but who in BlogWorld could not respond?

    I'd keep this post up for a while and wait for people to catch up to it after the weekend.

    I've found myself less involved in BlogWorld for the past couple of weeks and not so inspired to post.

    Sometimes, after all, the real world has to take over.

    Being a blogger, to me, is like being in a relationship -- it has its ups and downs and periods of closeness and distance.

    What I know is for the most part, the people on my blogroll are people I really enjoy talking with.

    I too love the feeling of commiserating with people from India, Australia, Europe, the U.S., Malaysia, other parts of Canada.

    It makes me feel so worldly and connected.

    But it would mean nothing without the exchange of ideas and feelings and closeness that blogging brings.

    The laughs, the jokes, the cultural differences, the varied terminology, the alternative sexual preferences but, overall, the universality of it all at the same time.

    It's relationships, and in a very unique way. And that's what I blog for, the emotions and feelings and supernova consciousness.

  16. miz la boheme,
    ..and if elected I PROMISE to read everyone's posts and donate $5,000.00 in their tip jar for simply having experienced the privilege of reading the most entertaining, informative, emotionally charged words ever written in the history of mankind..yada yada yada..

    Nobody's link is going anywhere son...whenever you get back from battling corruption at the highest levels of government I'll be waiting.

    See, what did I tell you.

    cherry o cherry,
    You are right real friends are secure enough to realise that it isn't a zero sum gain thingamabob and they shouldn't feel devalued if you don't show up everyday.
    I think that the issue of abstaining from the tedium of personal hygiene is a godsend for many bloggers...until of course Blogger introduces 'smell-o-posts' which they will develope for transmitting good smells like Granny's fresh chocolate chip cookies...but we all know where that 'great idea' will end up within a few nanoseconds....eeewww!

    Just finished watchin' votre oncle Len in Thirteen was my warmup for seeing Bobby this week.

    OK I'll leave it on for a few days..thanks to my tinge of OCD I can easily ferret my way into these nooks and crannys and build upon the shoulders of giants..or other 'suckers' who have done all of the heavy lifting.

    We have talked about this blogging phenom at length and we both agree that building relationships and discovering universal truths and common concerns is as encouraging and rewarding as it is FUN! That's why I am asking for advice on how to keep it FUN and not turn into a job...especially since the remuneration is abysmal.

  17. I wished I could offer you a formula, but I haven't found one myself yet. I have difficulties to free myself from feeling guilty and restless when I can't visit at least my favorite links. I try to visit all my links once a week. When it is a one way direction (the other does not comment on my blog), I delete that link. I am very selective in making links so that the list doesn't grow too fast. When I visit, I take my time for it and take it serious, so not the : wow, this is great, hello and goodbye - style. Consequence : I cannot visit all my links as much as I would want to.
    I usually have ten times as much in my head than I have time to write and post. Because I want my blog in two languages, that costs time too.
    I think/suppose most bloggers will understand that you can't visit as much as you would like to because we are all in the same boat.

  18. damn! Im going back to sleep...this is indeed depressing. The prophecies are true, we are worshiping machines and numbers, and codes.

  19. Pretty hard facts!

    machines have taken over but as long as we feel good, why not ha :)


  20. I settle down with a cocktail and ignore all my responsibilities.

  21. hildegarde,
    Sound mature advice thanks. I suppose that I will just relax and do what I can to manage my angst without feeling pressured. You are right we are all in the same boat and we have to be realistic.
    We naturally gravitate towards certain people and you get what you give so the blogger beware rule (caveat emptor) applies universally.

    I wasn't my intention to depress you my good man. I am trying to wriggle out from under the logistics of discovering so many deserving visitations...and there are certainly thousands more yet to be found..then what?
    I read that sociologists like to pegeonhole our 'doable' limit of interpersonal relationships at around 150...ancestral clan number scenarios..maybe that will be my cutoff..with the knowledge that fewer visits but quality visits will be the goal. Hmmm.

    You are my electronic rabbit on this greyhound racetrack..I cannot fathom how you do it? Seriously!

    I probably wouldn't have felt like such a plodosaurus if I had never entered your are a source of inspiration because you seem to excel at managing such volume and yet maintain intimacy and detailed knowledge of your linkers...which is why you are so amazing.

    I have come to realise that you may very well be one in a million (so that would leave 11 other bloggers like you) and I should just relax and enjoy my experience...that seems simple enough. We always make time for each other and that's what matters.

    btwk I know that I could never do what you do..couldn't handle it.. but I am proud to know you and thoroughly enjoy watching you do it... hope that I don't sound like some pathetic jealous crybaby..
    I honestly love watching you net-work...and you have been at it a lot longer.
    I say all the power to ya keshstar!

    Finally the voice of reason crying in the wilderness...*pours a drink...let me at 'em!
    If you notice a that a lot of my comments are slurred from now on or I start off with
    "YoU TaKe tHAt bACkKk!!
    you'll know that I have adopted mj's practical application.

  22. Anonymous9:09 a.m.

    What is that animal at the beginning of this entry? Cat? Wombat? Rabid Squirrel? WTF is that??

    I think I'm gonna have nightmares now.

    I read a dozen blogs a day. I almost only read and blog from work. Yeah, my job IS that much fun.

  23. laura elizabeth,
    Judging from it's vicinity to a throw cushion my best estimate is that it is felid in taxonomy.
    Judging by the turpititude expressed at having it's picture taken I have little doubt that the photographer had the opportunity to get a single 'shot' off before they experienced an excruciatingly painful demise and premature reunion with their maker.

  24. *swoon* You and Ces are both dreamy... DREAMY I TELL YOU!

  25. Blogging to others act as a sense of therapy. Then you have those that have no life in the real world and can gain that social acceptance online via blogging. You also got your retards like me, who blog, because well, heck, cheaper than a psychiatrist and I'm bored out of my friggin' mind!

  26. miz bohemiac,
    Your substantiality shall not go unrewarded.

    Don't sell yourself short my dear. Your cosmological philosophy or Weltanschauung as my five year old likes to say is in great demand.
    btw...In Canada we are very anal and PC so we eschew the term retarded in favor of the more palatable phrase goofy bugger.

  27. That creepy (but purdy shade of brown) cat wouldn't happen to reside at chez Escapeons, would it?

  28. laura elizabeth,
    Luckily my goodladywife is allergic to the protein compound in feline saliva, as are many people, and this house is a desginated cat-free zone...much to the chagrin of our five year old who made friends with a quasi-feral rural kitten named Mitzi this past summer.

    Personally I would love to have a Bobcat named Robert who would spend his evenings stalking and consuming all the bloody neighbourhood cats who use our garden as a toilet...of course I would need something bigger, perhaps a cougar, who I would name Cool Garth, to savagely attack and devour the freakin' raccoons who have also delight in using our verdant facilities.

  29. my, my, this is alot of comments to read. it took me all day....

    he, all i can say is i do my best. i post 3-4 times a week at most and there are about 20 bloggers i look forward to hearing from. i try to reciprocate even when i miss a post or two.

    i have developed affections that i would have withdrawal from if they forgot about me. for example, cp and ww. i sit at my little desk and mutter to myself that i hope they like me as much as i like them (comments? comments?)

    i'm easily motivated to check out blogs because i like to. but only when i have time.

    you and i are still evaluating eachother..... :)

  30. kj,
    Evaluating each other?
    Hey if I was 'checkin' you out' I would have said,
    "How YOU doin?"
    like my intellectual doppelganger Joey Tribbiani.!

  31. electronic bunny ha ;-) I love hopping real fast HE haha!


  32. and read my latest post...u wont be surprised :)


  33. Anonymous11:45 p.m.

    I guess we could just totally delete our blog rolls. Seriously. If you delete all, then you don't hurt feelings.

    The only reason I have mine is to make it easier to read my favorite ones. I don't have to bookmark them. I just click.

    And I have no idea how Keshi reads everyone's blogs and comments on her own. She is a amazing.

  34. keshi,
    What a CAD!
    Guys like that make it nearly impossible for the rest of us 'gentlemen' to maintain our composure and pretend that we're not all crazy sex maniacs!

    No kidding eh? I had my finger on the mouse the other night and nearly wiped off all of my links...I have decided to give it another day or two.
    ..and yes Keshi is a blogging machine..I am beginning to wonder if keshi is the acronym for a super computer designed by NASA that was designed to accommodate superhuman blogging demands and keep us preoccupied so that the governments can go around and do whatever they want..hmmm..k.e.s.h.i.

  35. Actually I am unable to keep up with replying. It seems I come here after 30 odd comments. I try to post at least 4-5 times a week but that too if my muse is kind. Without that I am useless. As for as prose writing goes, I keep that for my Gita analysis and Books.

    Anyway, I think I am better than YOU. Atleast I come visit you. You stopped visiting ME!


  36. et tu gautami?
    OOoooh right through my heart!
    I am so sorry my dear I will be right over. Now you see exactly what I mean about trying to do too much...maybe I should just visit for a few days.
    OK count to three and I'll be there..1...2...

  37. **sex maniac

    aww arent u? :( LOL kidding mate.

    Yeah I know...he's a dirt-bag. And NO not ALL men r like him.


  38. Well, you know me and being PC, but I'm all one to goofy bugger I am.

  39. kesharama,
    That's right! Not all men are sex maniacs (touch wood) and I will do a post on Asexuals one day just to prove my point.

    You can say whateverthehell you want to..I was just teasing is all!
    I love your anti PC stylings.

  40. a tip jar!?!?!
    hell- i'm happy with comments!

  41. keshi,
    I am not kidding..can't kid a kidder!

    Yes a tip jar... Pffft!
    AS IF!

  42. kidding a kidder? u gotta be kidding! LOL!


  43. I don't know how you do it. I try and post as regularly as I can but sometimes life gets in the way. A 4 year old with the flu for example.

    Find a balance and go with it. If it means I have to wait for a comment, so be it. You're worth waiting for, Luv!

  44. According to most of your statistics, I am in the minority.

  45. keshi,
    I'm not kidding!

    You are very kind..I hope you know that I will be taking steroids and weightlifting all Winter in order to be uber buff for your tasteful artsy nude expose next spring.
    Please let me know if I should grow my hair out a bit..I'm thinkin' that by April you will be saying,
    "I can't believe HEs not Fabio!"

    miss cellania,
    You are in the minority because NOBODY puts more effort into assembling so much material..your posts are unbelievable..loved the Bears..thank you for stopping by.

  46. quality visits...hemm...then my friend u have to pay em to come! :pa


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