Thursday, October 26, 2006


The blood pressure of a Giraffe is 280/180!

The tallest mammal (18 ft) in the world pumps blood through huge arteries (1 inch wide) with special one way valves about 170 times a minute up to a brain that is 8 feet away from a 24 pound heart.

I have had this fascinating tidbit lodged in my head for over 40 years...
and now you will too..neener!

I pull out this beauty whenever someone else blurts out some useless information to impress me by exaggerating their point with trivia or statistics.

What is the most inane, weird, or useless bit of trivia in your head?


  1. Did you know that the Dead Sea has no natural outlet to the ocean?

  2. Did you know that if you knit a seed stitch pattern with uneven numbers of stitches then you can purl every end and selvedge the entire piece?

    Also, Sam Houston (Texas politician, 1835) wore a size 8 shoe!

  3. I never have ANY inane thoughts!!!

  4. Nice try, Gautami! hehe!

  5. Well, it is pretty useful to shock idiots who know nothing about health but well, it popped into my head as inane... I make no sense... I am tired but...

    A can of soda tends to contain 10 tablespoons of sugar and takes away the equivalent of 4 cups of water from the body (setting you back from the 8 minimum you need daily)... I am sure there is more useless junk in there but I am too lazy to go rumaging...

  6. that's just one of my more serious problems. I can not retain trivia. This made me very unpopular with the boys in the 80's with all those trivial pursuit parties.
    PARTIES, I tell ya. That is sooooo not a party.

  7. There is a difference between Creamsicles and Dreamsicles. Creamsicles are made with ice cream, but Dreamsicles are made with ice milk and cannot be called Creamsicles without violating truth-in-advertising standards.

    And the optimum elevation angle to gain maximum distance with a projectile is not 45 degrees but 47.5 degrees.

    Dairy and ballistics - deliciously penetrating.

  8. Have you an hour to spare while I tell you? I am the QUEEN of useless trivia. Bow down to me!!

  9. Charlie Chaplin was born on 16th April 1889.

  10. Let's see!
    James Madison was the smallest 5ft 4in.
    and weighed less than 100 lbs...
    OMG...he was a little guy...
    weighed less than me!


  11. Donner and Blitzen (reindeer)
    Come from German meaning thunder and lightening.
    hope this has been enlightening.

  12. The largest calibre weapon ever mounted on a man-of-war was the 18 inch canon, installed on the Imperial Japanese Battleship YAMOTO and her equally short lived sister ship MASHUSI. This surpassed the 16 inchers utilized by the USS Missouri and her sister ships. OUR battlewagons could chuck a shell the size of a volkswageon. THEIRS could fling one the size of a volkswagon BUS!
    However, tiny little warplanes carring bombs and torpedos made "my shell's bigger than your shell" moot. The advent of aircraft carriors spelled the end of the dreadnaught and their huge guns.

  13. AHA! Charlie Chaplin also played a left-handed violin. He took a standard right-handed violin to an instrument maker who changed the soundpost position, and Chaplin restrung the instrument.

    And, if th eend of the PAcific war had not resulted in its cancellation, the Montana-class of battleships would have been bigger in hull size than the Yamato-class battleships although its weapons would probably still have been 16-inchers.

    Never, ever encourage a history major to respond to a trivia post >B^D>

  14. longest word without using a vowel is Rythyms....

  15. you missed an h . . . .

    okay, I'll shut up.

  16. grumblarian9:55 p.m.

    Might just be able to swop the spare 'y' for an 'h', plus players to be named later. And no, I have no intention of disturbing the vast, dormant stratum of cerebral
    compost (which passes for the Mother Lode of Useless Crapola) now
    cloggin' my noggin.

  17. oops soory frontier.
    clumsy at work speeling:P

  18. sorry, Aiden, in "rhythms" the 'y' is a vowel.

    Octopi have three hearts.

    and an anogram for Spiro Agnew (vice president under Nixon) is "grow a penis."

  19. Here's a thing: You should never pick up a rat by its tail. This may cause the skin to be stripped off. Always make sure you place one hand under the body when you lift them.

    You just never know when you might have to pick up a rat. Personally I'd bash its head in with a broom handle.

  20. Anonymous8:24 a.m.

    Oooh, I am the fount of much useless knowledge.

    The vikings used to enjoy torturing people by cutting open their stomach and then nailing one end of their intestines to a tree. They would then make the poor sod in question walk around the tree unravelling as they went. Until they dropped dead that is.

    There you go, that's weird, and useless.

  21. Hey Donn...Y.O.T.S.F....get it?

  22. brian,
    HA! I heard about the 1000 year old man.

    I did not know that. Forget the size of the shoe theory Sam was hung like a circus pony.

    I believe you

    I believe her

    miz bohemia,
    What if you drink 2L of Coke a day like I do? YIKES!

    How can you not retain trivia? Nothing?

  23. fronty,
    So how far can you shoot a dreamsicle at 47.5 degrees?

    I bow down to you..please don't smack me on top of my head that really hurts.

    Why do you remember that? Are you a huge fan?

    I did not know that..Madison Avenue should be short.

    I do know a little deutsch.

    THE michael,
    Hey hey pullin' out the BIG GUNS are we? Very interesting.

    Well there ya have it. I am sure that you could go on for months.

  24. aidan,
    I get TWYNDYLLYNGS. Isn't Y a vowel any more?

    Once an editor...

    C'mon shake that tree and let's see what falls out!

    chaucer's bitch,
    I thought so too. An octopus has a lot of heart and 8 arms to hug with..that's cute!
    Poor Spiro..I take it that was an anagram discovered by the Democrats

    hi lee,
    ugh! Good to know....I was always warned against pulling on your rat.

    Wow you sound like Wednesday Addams too. I could such a sweet person have such horrendous information lodged in her brain.

    I read the Story Of English and I know that people in the UK can't help besmurch those Bloody Vikings for their reign of terror. What a gruesome sadistic frickin horrible twisted way to torture someone!

    I will certainly try to stay on your good side.

    Alice didn't tell me.
    I am only familiar with Dude, WTF.

  25. Being the world's largest receptacle of useless information and inhabiting my community, you already know this.

    But the snake pits near Narcisse, Manitoba, form the largest concentration in the world of garter snakes.

    Considering our frigid winter climate, this is especially odd in nature.

  26. withinoutinoutinout,
    I have been on many a field trip to the snake pits..I have seen film crews there from all over the world ..
    it is sooo cool..
    within twenty minutes the screaming has stopped and little kids are gently holding snakes...
    it is hard to describe...
    the ground is literally moving, like that scene out of Indiana Jones!

  27. Did you know 2/3 of Earth people eat rice? And rice plant or paddy is known to be able to grow in space. There a hundreds of varities of rice with the main research institute located in Philipines creating resistant strands of rice plant for years now. Of all the rice, the one grown on mountain and hill slopes are the tastiest. Biryani is cooked using Basmati rice. The rice in India is of a long strand and in South East Asia is of a shorter glutonius variety. Rice is the most versatile food after wheat flour I guess...after corn and oats.

  28. Shoot a dreamsicle - now THERE's something to turn into smut . . . .

  29. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king
    from history:
    Spades - King David
    Clubs - Alexander the Great
    Hearts - Charlemagne, and
    Diamonds - Julius Caesar.
    Have a great weekend!

  30. Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

  31. ghosty,
    What about Anne Rice?
    I love Basmati...perfect everytime!

    Walked right into that one with my head down...

    I did not know that..
    I thought that it was King Kong, Don King, King Crimson, and Carole King!

    I KNOW I KNOW 98%! ..and this from a guy who will not touch escalator railings, elevator buttons or enter public washrooms...EEEWWW EWWW EWWW!

  32. brian,
    ooh ooh oooh it was the WORD VERIFICATION right!?!?!?!

  33. I would declare Heather as the winner of the most graphic and shocking but do not try this at home trivia, myself...

  34. Angela: I am SOOOOOO GROSSSSSSSSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HE- next time will you please make some RULES or something about ickiness?

    Y'all should head to my blog for some palate-cleansing kitten video blogging for Friday.

  35. without pannts,
    I agree. Heather we need one more for is the driving coming along?

    tidal grrrrlie,
    Ewwww to the max declared the germaphobe.
    I went and had a peek at your itty bitty kitty. Gosh thats cute.
    Getting a little pussy to jump up on your lap is not always as easy as it sounds..Bravo!

  36. 35 comments.....Bob I hate you, HE!

    Perhaps if I subtract your replies I'll feel better......

    Naw....I still hate you!

    When I run for president, you're gonna be my campaign advisor.

  37. it's not gross..just natural exfoliation! ;)

  38. THE michael,
    I am an object for your pity and not your scorn because at $1 a comment this starts to get expensive by the weekend.

    You wanna see comments go see keshi @ Viva Forever, now there is a pro!
    Hey all of these fine specimens are very serious dedicated bloggers just makin' the rounds..
    follow them...
    I'll see ya there..

    Exfoliation is gross!
    Most of what we do and how we function is totally disgusting...
    but what are ya gonna do?
    Personally I can't wait to get some cyborg parts and do away with some of the more distasteful bodily functions.

  39. the most useless and inane little thing i know... i think it must be this:

    A zebra is white with black stripes.

  40. Hmmm. It seems to me that many of these comments fail the "useless" test, not that they aren't weird or inane. How's this?

    Jonas Grumby - The actual character name of the Skipper in Gilligan's Island.

  41. angel,
    I want to know if anyone has actually checked every single zebra to prove that no two are identical!

    You are right my friend a lot of these are actually informative and interesting.
    Jonas Grumby!
    a 3 hour tour,
    a 3 hour tour.

  42. Most people walk into a bar optimistically, and walk out misty optically.

  43. hodedoo,
    Wiser words were never spoken.

  44. Anonymous1:39 p.m.

    I know how to operate a Mohawk computer.

    Reset - Rewind - Remote!

    Now THAT is useless information!

  45. anonymousjudy,
    Are you in fact referring to a Mohawk Gas Station Computer or the Mohawk Missile Guidance system?


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