Monday, October 30, 2006


We (men) hold these truths to be self-evident:
that most guys are sort of created equal,
and that they are not really that well endowed by their Creator, with certain inalienable Rights, such as the right to act like ALIENS from Planet Dumbass every now and then, and that foremost amongst these are...



(Yes, it's satirical)

We hold these Truths to be self evident : that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Ladies hit us with your best shot...double dare ya!!!

Gentlemen you know the drill..good luck..


  1. I just noticed the variety of times you have displayed in your sidebar. The top one, which says "Homey time", I initially read as "Horny time". I'm assuming THAT time would be all the time.
    Is that male bashing?

  2. brian,
    Paging Doctor Freud!

  3. Okay, I am sooooooooooo not talking about that!
    but, I did grin at the notion of "male bashing monday". Is it in the same cynical line as my "No frikkin kiddin friday"? I'm just not NICE enough to participate in thankful thursdays and wordless wednesdays, so I thought I'd come up with my own days of the week paradigms....
    (I'm too nice to male bash though..... :)

  4. This is off-topic but in high school, there was a guy named Dan who looked just like Quagmire. He looked like him, but he sounded like him to. He acted like Quagmire to a degree as well which kind of scared me. Probably scared the girls more.

  5. generally speaking, I like men.
    blame it on hardhouse, though. ever since i read his '100 reasons' i've been kinda...queer..for 'em.

    male bashing. hm.

    all I can think of are the moronic, cruel hazing 'rituals' they seem compelled to create whenever they form groups.
    of course women do this too.

    ...nope, sorry, I got nothin.

  6. Lessee.......since I got license.......What do you call a guy with low testosterone?


  7. The micheal: that counts me out, i have my hormone results framed on the wall, off the scale:)

    i hope i dont cop too much from stace on this post:)

  8. I can't bash males. I love 'em, my son's insanity notwithstanding. I often blame my son's actions on testosterone poisoning and since his father outgrew that level of stupidity, I'm hopeful for my son's future. If he makes it to adulthood that is.

    I'm sorry. I'm with FN. I got nuthin'. I loves me some guys!

  9. grumbuler9:09 p.m.

    Sorry? What was the question? Musta thrown the instructions out, along with the wrapping and half of the hardware. No big deal, there
    are always too many screws, after
    the damned thing's assembled...

  10. Pardon me, but...


    C'mon goils! Like Frasier said, 'We're listening..."

  11. joyce,
    You would pass up a free whack in the back of the head with a shovel...this is no time to be lady...

    Really. That would be creepy!

    first nations,
    What! Et tu FN? Wow this is starting to freak me out a little.

    THE michael,
    Since I now produce exactly half of the testosterone that I did when I was 19 I feel more relaxed, less competitive and SANE.
    I'm sooo damn normal!

    Relax brother we got your back.

    OK now I know for certain that the women got together and took a vow of polite restraint. Your son's pumpkin ordeal could be entered as exhibit A on this baby Pam...
    Ok..I guess this was viewed as some sort of trap. It was a free kick at the cat.

    Surely even a quick succession of low blows could have been in order here but the fairer, gentler sex is not biting. Sorry.

    without an inny,
    Do you buy this? I mean if we had a chance to vent on the horrid behavior of some gal from our past would we pass it up? Maybe that is there point? Hmmm this weird.

  12. Not a male basher but baffled by your ways? FO SHO!

    Having had a son and seeing how early on the focus is on the penis and all things penis, life makes more sense... but not your people I am sorry to say!

    So, how's that? And be kind in your critique for it's early am and the kids won't stop talking and I am NOT a morning person DAMMIT!

  13. miz bohemia,
    Despite our mutual hatred of John Gray and his Men Are Martians theory I must concede that there are some differences between our species.
    I guess that this reluctance to engage in male bashing is a sign that some level of equality has been attained. I am surprised at how polite and complacent the Blogosphere has become...what a shame...

  14. *enter the Tidal Dragggggnnnn*

    So like, what IS it with men who can't like, EVER admit to another guy being good-looking like it'll instantly turn them gay, but we women are supposed to jump into threesomes with other chicks as a matter of normality for guys' entertainment??

    Double Standard, anyone??

  15. Oooohhhh, Tidalgrrrrrrllll Tests the Waters!!!

    I'll defer to to you to explain the complex male psychological rationale that would explain the behaviour she's referring to, Homo Escargots.

    However, I do note that it now is Tuesday and she has missed Male Bashing Mondays...

  16. Within: Yah - I thought of that too- that I missed Monday, but I was too busy explaining my way out of a threesome to check the blog. It's called a Woman's Prerogative!

    /cheeky grin

  17. Most of the women I know don't wait for Monday. ;)

  18. Tidalgrrrl,
    Finally a chick with a pair! You deserve some GUY answers about life in prison and threesomes.
    As for prison pointed out on the Daily Show, it isn't gay if you are the GUY.
    Threesomes are ideal because the women are free to satisfy each other and the guy can just be a GUY and not have to run Baseball statistics over and over in his head..or so I have read in Cosmo.

    TG is bloody well right, it is indeed the priviledge of her gender to make up, change or even cancel 'the rules' whenever!
    Monday Sschmonday!

    nekked nerd,
    Since nobody will be back here to check up on what we say I am going to stick my neck out a little and say YEAH!

  19. I hate it when men scratch their balls in front of me. That is all.

  20. christine!!!!
    We Have A Winner!
    Yes Yes that is what I am talking about! What is up with that???

  21. I'm sure that it's innocent, merely a reflexive checking of inventory. Shouldn't take more than
    three shakes of a lambs tail to
    complete, christine!

  22. *giggles*

    It's annoying. I always thought it was to adjust things but now you've given me a whole new perspective. Men subconsciously fear that one day their penis will fall off. I understand. ;)

  23. grumbly,
    Anything more than three shakes should be considered foreplay.

    Not if you pray to St Loreena of Bobbitt!


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