Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Hymen Myth

To be quite honest I began writing this as a Punny (ok idiotic) look at biological terms..such as..
Is it true that when you urinate, you're innate?

Then I was going to speculate on whether they could have picked a worse name for the so called 'virginity' membrane than
the HI MEN!?

Historically male dominated cultures around the world mistakenly identified an intact hymen as an indication of sole proprietary ownership.
Remarkably this ancient double standard was in practice until the late 1960s when the advent of the perfunctory ritual known as going all the way on the High School Graduation Night obliterated any chance of ever meeting a 19 year old virgin never mind marrying one.

Did you know that the hymen has no known 'anatomical function' and that it was named after HYMENAEUS the Greek God of weddings and marriage. Hymie was the son of LOVE Goddess, Aphrodite, and PARTY ANIMAL, Bacchus.

Speaking of myths...according to Wiki there was a movement started in Sweden a few years ago to have the Hymen considered a social and cultural myth because

A."there are no accurate medical descriptions of what it consists of" and
B "it further contributes to deeply rooted stereotypes of women's roles in sexual relations with men."

I just watched a movie tonight about Joan of Arc wherein the Dauphin's courtiers had to check her 'hyaena' in front of about 100 people ..she wasn't laughing.....
Why would they do that?...
DUH! see if she really was a fully hymenated virgin who was sent by God to kill Englishmen..makes perfect sense.

As I searched for some sort of photo or illustration that was 'office safe' and didn't look like I was writing an essay on oysters, my mind shifted into full misanthropic rage.
Suddenly I discover that the hymen does have an 'anatomical function' and it becomes a matter of life and death in certain parts of the world...

It is beyond belief that so called Honour Rape and Killing is especially prevalent (or atleast reported) in Pakistan,as well as India and parts of the Middle East. Pakistan of course is our ally in the war on terror...even though this deplorable domestic form of 'terrorism' still goes on and despite the fact that the whole world knows that Osama bin Laden has been living there for!

btw..Regarding 'honour' I understand that some Islamic clerics state that the true Koranic penalty for adultery is
100 lashes if the transgressors are unmmarried and
death if they are married..
but only if 4 witnesses observed the actual event!
GMAFB! (starts with give and ends with break)

Naturally the so called commodification of women is used by weasely little pricks to gain access to money and land and as a form of blackmail to threaten others.

MUKHTIAR BIBI is one of the bravest women on the entire planet. She fought back and gained international attention. Mukhtaran_Bibi
I hope that she is President of Pakistan one day and as her first order of business applys the full force of the government to end this horror once and for all.

One can never underestimate the Power of Hymyth.


  1. That is fully full-on. Especially when you think about it and realise the hymen can easily be broken by things like inserting a tampon, riding a horse, or participating in athletic activities. A hymen which is broken does not always mean the woman is not a virgin. Scary, huh?

  2. Ain't nutin wrong with a virgin. :)

  3. Me blood boils reading this, always. Too many of this, too much exposure, but the rest of the world is silent. Hope Pakistan or any country with that religion for that matter would learn that what gives birth is a mother, rather than their pleasure vehicles. Pity humanity.

  4. stace,
    Terrifying is more like it. Here in the 'developed world' we certainly take a lot for granted. I can hardly believe that this barbaric mentality exists..especially in a so called Democracy...thats what I call

    nekked nerd,
    That's right but what you are 'saving' is an ideal or a memory not a membrane.

    hi ghosty,
    Any country that has a portion of its male population that still believes in honour killing/rape AND has Nuclear Weapons needs to be completely dismantled, vacuumed, disinfected and rebuilt from the ground up. UGH!

  5. Anonymous9:41 a.m.

    " hope that she is President of Pakistan one day "

    Don't hold your breath.

  6. Its a sad state that the world is in.

    It is dying not only in an environmental aspects but in a moral and social sense as well.

    I was reading the other day on the story of Lina Medina, the five year old who gave birth in 1939. She had gone through precocious puberty but the thought that there was someone responsible of impregnanting a four year old...

    Dang...the world we live in.

  7. Stace said: A hymen which is broken does not always mean the woman is not a virgin.

    I would add that by the same token a hymen that is intact does not mean that the woman IS a virgin.

    Awaiting is right, this is a f*cked up world.

  8. Seriously Effed Up. I know in this country a lot of girls are flown to countries like Pakistan and other Muslim countries in Africa in order to be treated to cliterectomies or other types of surgery to mutilate their genitalia.

    We've known about this crap for YEARS and yet nothing changes. I read too much of this stuff and I get homicidally inclined towards men.

    After I read one of Susan Faludi's books in the early 90's I wasn't able to date for MONTHS.

    Down with the Patriarchy!!

  9. shit. i was going to leave a funny comment, but then this turned into an uber-serious post, and now i feel my joke would be insensitive at best.

  10. now laura,
    Hey what about Benazir Bhutto! Sure she was family but she was FEMALE...
    the USA hasn't even had a 'Madame' President and this 'Country' with one foot stuck in the 7th Century has..neener!

    OMG I really opened up a can of worms..surely nobody thinks that preserving the sob who did that is worth saving...seriously...a waste of amino acids.

    True dat! I apologise for letting this post get so depressing..I started off nice and cheery...damnit!..this is no way to start the week...but I did need to talk about it because it needs to stop!

    You dare mention Susan 'High falutin' Faluti on my blog! You think that I will tolerate such grandiose male bashing nut crunching emasculating all men are pigs stuff..

    well go right ahead. I ain't one of them..nope..nosiree bob..never have been never will...wait maybe when I get really old and start talkin' crazy talk I might start sounding like a chauvenista! Ha. that will get all of the old ladies in the home to give me some negative attention and then I won't be so lonely....

    chaucer's beeotch,
    Go ahead anyway..just pretend that I stopped halfway through...please..lots of people do that because they only read a few lines and then start commenting..OK you were gonna say....

  11. /snicker at the nickname for Susan Faludi...the book, btw was "Backlash," and it was a real eye-opener.

    HE I wish more men were like you are, open and obviously shocked and dismayed at the way women are treated in this world. AND you give props to that poor woman who stood up even after such an horrific crime.

  12. That is a brilliant post you put up there mate..kudos to you! I have had this discussion many times with people at work (I am a nurse) and it is true as Stace said, the hymen can be broken by many other things including sports activities and horse riding bare backed.
    It is just when you get young kids in that are telling a different story, you klnow that there was only one way such a thing can occur.

    Oh and , if I were one to prey, I would say AH-MEN instead of amen!!! LOL

  13. ok, i was going to say...

    i know a woman whose name is Hymen. That she's a lesbian somehow makes this funny, but i'm not entirely sure why.

    ps. the world doesn't just need more strong, feminist women. it also needs strong, feminist men. good on ya!

  14. Wow, Homo Awareness.

    When I read the first couple of lines and what appeared to be a humourous slant, I he going a bit too far?

    But -- and I apologize, no pun intended -- you're bang on. This is brutal and gross.

    Thanks for those links. I wonder if the two docs are seizing on this as a commercial opportunity, but whatever gets the story out there works.

    How can men be so ass-backwards? And societies and cultures run by men?

    It just makes obvious how little power women have in some corners of the world.


  15. tidalgrrrl,
    Mama don't let yer babies grow up to be misogynists..
    Hey I am the norm, a regular guy, whatever the correct PC term is these only takes a few arsholes to taint our entire gender as idiots..

    I say just neuter them. I won't stop ya...cut off their gene pool and don't let those bastards raise a new generation of arsholes...

    Oh yeah..I guess we have to stop females from breeding with them..hmmm

    hi cazzie,
    You mean the alleged hymen...
    do you mean Arrrgh! men as in 'those buggers' long as you are not saying All-men.

    chaucer's bitch,
    (I just love saying that out loud!)
    What if Hymen changed her name to Byemen, Whymen or Triedmen.
    I am wombless man..hear me roar..meow!

    There are others out here who have the market cornered on going toooo far..but not me..
    No I am a simple man just making small talk in cyberspace. I do not have a hidden agenda...yet. Damnit I want a hidden agenda. I would rather be cleverly disguising some great plan to win the hearts and minds of millions through secret coded phrases and subliminal hypnotic flashes..YES that's what I am going to do...starting tommorow! wait I already have a post ready will have to be Wed or Thurs...

  16. "Woman is the nigger of the world...."

    Seems that John Lennon knew a few things long before the rest of us took notice.

  17. THE michael,
    Yes I remember that isn't that amazing?
    I'm listening to the news about the asshole who decided to murder little Amish girls in Pennsylvania.
    I don't even know where to begin with this.
    What is wrong with these f*cking idiots????
    Now they are talking about cluster killings and how these sociopaths crave this notoriety...that's why they choose innocents and take the coward's way out by killing do we ever find a way to uncover when these assholes are going to go off? how???????
    If only we could resuscitate them to let the victim's parents kill them again with their bare hands!


    America serioulsy needs better gun-control laws.

  19. Oh goodness what a weighty piece. I shall have to come back when I've got more time to devote to your pearls of wisdom, Homo. What is even more worrying is that some Europeans and Americans are buying into this medieval bollocks - not in droves, sure, but Cat Stevens has a lot to answer for.

  20. chaucer's bitch
    Why doesn't anyone ever shoot GUN Lobbyists?
    Isn't it a Pity that these idiots cannot understand that the 2nd Amendment was to have a standing armed force available in case the British decided to take another run at them.
    They keep telling us that duck hunters aren't out shooting up schools and robbing banks...HUH!
    It is simply the availability of guns...good luck collecting 400 million guns. The END IS NEAR!

    So glad to see you.
    Yes I put the blame on Cat.. Yusuf..or whatever he calls himself this week..instead of warbling moonshadows to aging baby boomers at $200 a pop like he should be he's dragging around a 7th century bag of notions!
    He is a disgrace to the lofty ideals and proud history of rock n roll.

  21. Yeah, I have to highly commend you for this post, HE. Your compassion speaks out.

    The Muslim view of women just seems so oppressive and debased and primitive to my Western eyes.

  22. To begin with I don't know of any man who could handle four wives.
    Secondly that edict seems outdated because it IS outdated..and that's just the beginning...the real horror stems from this viewpoint that women are chattel and the lack of respect for half of the population is deplorable...
    it's 2006 isn't it?

  23. 2006?? What about it? We are still living in the middle ages.

    Though honour killing is not as prevalent here in India as in Pakistan but Virgo Intacta is still preferred by the male chauvinistic pig even though he has lost it long ago and to many females.

  24. Sadly I know some men personally who have made comments about how they only want to marry a virgin (even though they aren't virgins themselves). These are men who were born and raised in Canada. I can't comprehend their thought process and I don't have the patience to attempt to comprehend it because it fills me with rage.

    Wonderful post, HE. It's posts like this one that make me wish more people read your blog. On the other hand, people already know all of this and nothing is being done. *sigh*


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