Thursday, August 24, 2006

'member this ole timey song?
(with apologies to the George & Ira Gershwin)

Things have come to a pretty pass
My performance is growing flat,
For you like this and the other
While I go for this and that,

Goodness knows what the end will be
Oh I don't know where I'm at...
It looks as if this war will never be won
Something must be done:

Chorus -

(c'mon you know it,
the old po-tayto po-tato)

You say hizballah and I say haz-bool-ah
You say osama and I say ho-sam-muh
Let's call the whole thing off.

You like al-Qaeda and I like al-keye-duh,
You like sharia and I like shar-eye-ah


Let's call
the whole thing off ?!


  1. Yeah, maybe Dubya and Osama will call a news conferece and say "hey, you know, this whole thing was just a big mis-understanding. We're sorry about the towers, the bombings, the wars - we're just going to forget this ever happened. Oh, and Saddam can run Iraq again."

    I actually don't know the song, so I couldn't sing it like a song, but I did read it like a poem.

  2. He really does look like a monkey.

  3. Aiii

    I'm with you luv. 'course ... I've been sayin' that since Kerry hung his head in '04 ... and was wearin' my blue prayer beads 'round my wringing wrists since '00 ....

    Aiiiiii Call th whole thing off fer shur

    By the by - grand turn on the tune's words ... we'll make a poet out of you yet!

    And why no post on Pluto? I'm back after slogging it on the road for work - - and then slogging it out after hours to make-up for working long and hard ... and come back here looking for something from you on the demotion and fun and luverly as it is, I get another monkey post ;}

  4. I was thinking the same as wordsmith. I was expecting the title similar to "Pluto...a big snowball's chance in hell" or something like that. Let's call the whole planet off.
    My expectations've reminded me to pull out my old Gershwin cassettes. There's nothing like Rhapsody in Blue.

  5. reyspoutine11:29 a.m.

    anon, actually, bush has secretly confided to friends that he wants saddam to get off on the charges against him so that the courts can order that Saddam return as leader of Iraq. then bush can say, well, the courts have decided, not me. then his father won't have to be placed on the docket with saddam for all of his co-crimes. this way, bush can get back to doing what he does best in a more concentrated fashion - screwing the hell out of his own country. canadians better start looking for new markets for their

    as far as the picture goes, i think that is one of his 'moments' -

    as far as the song goes, i think -- od and the way that yo-- - djj== transmission == breaking up...can't--- l;ljl dswzd--must...try.. not -@#$%GJ 9skja hopeless.... tell------ love..........--;;

  6. Who is that monkey in the picture
    ruining your great poem to that old song?
    Oh, It's Dubya... I really thought it was a momkey!
    Great poem!
    But... poor George!
    What shall he do?
    Maybe just sing along with you?

  7. Hear! Hear! That's brilliant x

  8. You really crack me up, you know that?

  9. You always bring a chuckle. Thanks HE.


    History will record that Dubya, with all his right-wing Christian supporters and the mightiest military on the planet by far, could not defeat the so-called "thugs" and the "terrorist threat."

    In fact, during his watch, if that's what it can be called, the problem has escalated beyond belief, largely through his own actions.

    Afghanistan; Iraq; Iran; Lebanon.

    He got Saddam but Iraq is worse off now than before; he's in Afghanistan but Bin Laden is free and the terror has increased.

    He has infuriated Iran which now presses ahead with its nuclear program; he supported an Israeli invasion of Lebanon that killed scores of women and children and didn't solve a thing.

    He's spent billions of dollars and cost American families thousands of their loved ones in the military. That's not even counting the scores of people dying every day in those places.

    Osama still roams free and Al Quaeda grows in strength and so do the Hezbollah.

    What Bush has done is make the military industrial complex billions of dollars. Hooray.

    As he winds down what almost certainly must be considered one of the worst presidential terms in American history, the score reads:

    Osama 56 Bush 0

  11. Very creative... as always.

  12. Brilliant amigo mio! Just brilliant!


    If only they would!

  13. even if they call it off now, the weight of their 'silly' mistakes is not gonna leave em alone for a very long time!


  14. Your wit is Dylanesque!

  15. amphibiousblogger,
    You say potato I say potahto
    you say tomato and I say tomahto..really haven't heard that..I am getting old.

    Now now he has an MBA from Harvard you know.

    The Gershwins must be turnin' in their graves. Sorry about the Plutonian blunder but within has been yakking about it for days. I decided to leave it to the half assed ass-stronomers and I will stick to the anthropology issues.
    Getting ready for the big day on the 28th?

    Thank goodness there are still a few ancient wise men around who know what I am talkin' about.
    Pluto Schmuto. It is obviously a conspiracy by the educational text book lobby.

  16. reyspoutine,
    You have got it all figured out don't 'cha? I wonder if your half baked notion has any merit...hmmmm..does Halliburton run the International Court?
    Dubya is doing a great job of destroying the Economy..borrowing $3Billion a day to keep the whole thing going is no small feat..that Harvard MBA really came in handy!

    Ira and George just wanted everybody to get along and get through the do I. Too bad I am stuck on this pipe dream.

    hi pie! Thank you my dear. Loved your skydiving pic. I'll see what I can do with Rule Brittania.

    You know more about the effects of living with this guy than I do but I cannot resist makin' fun of him. I suppose that Dubya would have been a lot of fun to party with back at Yale and Harvard but I still cannot believe that you guys voted him BACK in!?!?!?!?!? Well it wasn't you but WHY?????

  17. don,
    I am always happy to lighten your day. If I was as fine a poet as you I would be a lot more introspective instead I am a 'small' man lashing out at things that I do not understand...and having a great time doing it.

    Excellent summation. I can always count on you to go mideival on Dubya's butt. It is funny that you get so irate..I mean afterall we're up here in CANADASTAN..what do we care? Aside from him dragging us into the whole bloody mess...we were once an autonomous collective...I think that we have lost our Peacemaker Status.
    OK I get it.

    Thank you. I hope that you remembered the tune. I feel guilty standing on the backs of I don't. How are you supposed to blog without a little

    miz bohemia,
    Ah my sista from the pain in Spain. How kind of you to say so.
    IF is a big IF indeed. Maybe you need to come back to the continent and straighten out a few of these guys????

    Spot on mate! How many decades will all of this crap linger and taint the global village. Even if they stopped all of this insanity today it would take a few miles for this train to come to a complete halt. It is a runaway train!

    Welcome Rob and thanks. Your astute examination of Bob's lyrics was very interesting. I think that modern music is training us to just listen to thunderous bass lines and drums ..we have stopped listening to lyrics. Especially material about peace and protest.

  18. HE
    You do the best posts!
    Always making me laugh!
    I need to try and do a funny poem!
    I think I am too serious!

    Pipe dreams are nearly impossibe to come true, but yours is a good one!

  19. Hey, sorry to go on a rant there, me man...butcha know it's true.

    It's just BECAUSE we're up here in Canadistan that we need to blow the whistle on this absolute nincompoop.

    Not that we're any better, we have lost our neutrality politically, but not idealogically.

    We know what shit's going down. We know about all the bullshit. And we gotta speak out about it.

    We can get our autonomous peacemaker status back, because that's who we are, not some little Bush weiner dog.

  20. HE, first off, he wasn't VOTED in the first time. We know that, you know that, nuff said about that. The second time around, outright fraud had a big hand in it, but the truth of the matter is that the American electorate has developed this fetish called "let me bend over and you shove it so far up my ass I can taste it". Once the American Taliban discovered how easy it was for Islam, they came out from under their rocks and proclaimed openly their own intention to make America a new Christian Theocracy. The real bloodshed will begin when they have to decide who gets to be the Ayatolah..

  21. within,
    I know that you are right..but I would prefer it if the secret service agents were preoccupied with monitoring your daily outrageous and personal attacks on the President over at
    Snippets From Spaceship Orion and leave me alone...
    did you hear that click..
    I heard a click..

    the Michael,
    OK deep tell us how you REALLY feel. You are absolutely right on all counts. I should be more upset but up here in Canadastan ideas and news are detained at the border and lose some of their ZIP by the time we get them.

  22. hahahaha....yeh man...this rocks. They must have been brothers in da past life, freakin bosama and bush.


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