Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Why are female Vampires always so insanely sexy ?

Why are they all nymphomaniacs?

I wonder how many extra people they would have to suck on if they were menstruating?...

One thing is certain, Vampiric PMS would be the worst!

Is this mythology misogynist (to hate women) or simply escapism, misogamist (to hate marriage)?


  1. Mysogynist, but fun. Is that an option?

    Female Vampires = Women comfortable with their sexuality therefore bloodsucking evil death fiends.

  2. Female vampires are everywhere. We call them gold diggers.

  3. hahaha. tis true though! they are sexy. but i think all vampires are displayed as nymphomaniacs, really...maybe it's just all the sucking and biting? hehehe

  4. Oh my god. My husband likes to read vampire stories. Now I understand why!

  5. It does seem like a damned shame
    that their proclivities get in the way. Maybe switching them over to V-8 with a Copper Sulfate chaser
    would permit a certain level of
    (shall we say) repurposed remediation?

  6. Maybe I'm having a blond moment, but I don't see the connection between vampires and misogamy.

  7. I suppose some vampires enjoy tampon sucking from time to time. (Gross and not-safe-for-work)
    Also known as a Dracula’s teabag. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  8. If you're looking for a good female vampire movie, check out Embrace The Vampire starring Alyssa Milano. She gets naked. I don't know if she's a vampire or not. I don't think so, but she gets naked so who the hell cares if she's a vampire?

    That's all I can add to this conversation.

  9. tidalgrrrl,
    I prefer the term mysogyfun.

    the michael,
    so that's what kanye was yellin' about..

    whatever it is include me in..what a way to go..aaahhh!

    Nuahahahah..busted! Next time he is lost in his book give him a nibble and see what happens...oh wouldn't that be a surprise...never mind just keep reading

    a V8 and a copper whozafate? This is definitely on my list of ways to exit.

    In my simple mind I was simply wondering if sexy vampires were invented as an escape from the tedium of an unhappy marriage.

    eeewwww....don't look.
    Dracula's Teabag is a new one for me.

  10. anonononmoose @ 5:39pm,
    OK I am sold, I will tell my wife that it sounds totally scary!
    What other vampire or non vampire movies can you recommend??

  11. 'Alo luvie

    Damn. Slip away with my nose too long against the stone and come up here only to see some bit about tea baggin' it Dracula's way. Bloody awful mess!

    But all that aside. I gotta admit that it ain't just the blood sucking babes that evoke the lust. Lots of those blood sucking dudes bring out the lascivousness too!

    Must have something to do with the thought of making yourself vulnerable beneath the breath of another - one who will drink you in with a soul sucking kiss.

    Damn. I gotta stick around!

  12. lady wordsmith,
    You are right (as usual) with your insight...vulnerability is sexy..losing control..sacrificing your bahludd for a few seconds of ecstasy in exchange for a life of nocturnal bondage. Grrr!

  13. Yeah, but those beautiful babe vamps always die way too early, they're just there for show.

    The ONE AND ONLY vampire movie to watch is Leslie Nielsen's 1995 flick "Dead -- And Loving It."

    A super cool website is by someone named Leila (zat you, Leila?)

    The number of films -- including along the lines of Naked Virgins and the Bare Breasted Countess -- is staggering...

    I am the count, miniyow, miniyow...

  14. What other vampire or non vampire movies can you recommend??

    Anything with Alyssa Milano is good. If you haven't seen V for Vendetta yet, rent it. It has nothing to do with vampires, but it is a wonderful film. I really think you'd like it. Natalie Portman is in it too, so that's a bonus.

  15. **One thing is certain, Vampiric PMS would be the worst!


    hmmm there is something sexy abt Miss.Draculas ha. Maybe cos of the eroticism that's attached to some violent acts such as sucking ehh blood. Ok now dun think Im some s#x maniac ok?? hehehehe.


  16. My word, where to go in this conversation?

    I'm probably the only U.S. citizen who enjoyed Francis Ford Coppola's take on the Dracula legend because of how it turned Sadie Frost from voluptuous follower of Dracul into an undead vermin who snatches children. Guess that demystified the female vampire enough for me.

    My favorite vampire movie (in concept if not in execution) is still "The Last Man on Earth"

  17. I wouldn't agree with your pal W/in W/out. All those beautiful vampire babes aren't just there for the show. They don't all die too early in the film.

    Consider the one classic vampire film I will recommend:
    The Hunger.

    It's bloody good! Stars the savagely sexy and enduring Catherine Denueve as an eternal women of the night. Her male vampire lover, is David Bowie. Oh yeah. And her lust interest and vulnerable next bearer of the neck? Sinfully sexy Susan Sarandon!

    But if you wanna get your rocks off with some balls to the wall kick ass action styled vampire flick?
    Check out the Blade trilogy.

  18. within,
    Dead and loving was fabulous and it proved how powerful Coppola's film was. I will mos def check out that site.

    anonynous film critic,
    I do want to see V. I notice that Milano has a few pics from your Embrace on goog.

    Could you be more specific? Just teasing, I know how shy you are.

    frontier editor,
    Brilliant. I watched that last night for the 100th time! Oldman is outrageous..fabulous..and it counters Keanu's faux British accent and Tony Hopkin's bewildering over the top performance. Visually it was stunning and the monsters were scary as hell! I love that movie!

    lady wordsmith,
    I love the HUNGER! Sexy and then some. I was a huge Bowie fan back in the day and this was required viewing. Blade was fun and so was Underworld. Man there are a lot of great Vampire movies.

  19. No, not me within without!

  20. u r runnin away from marriage...and chick vamps are so damn cant imagine...

  21. Lady/HE:

    I guess what I meant is the beautiful vampettes all seem so disposable and insignificant in the flicks I've watched, more eye candy than anything else.

    Anyway, sounds like I'm a movie moron compared to you and I certainly know I am compared to HE.

    So I defer to you artsy-fartsy types. Now, I must vetoorn to my coffin...foor the sun is vising.

    P.S.: Leila, I vas just kidding.

  22. leila,
    WW is just teasing...what is he doing trolling around those sites anyway???

    I think that the pudknockers who come up with these screenplays know that everyman daydreams about being attacked by two or three beautiful succubi in this case suck-u-dry while he is exiled on the couch for doing something stupid..

    vitteen, vittout,
    nuah ha ha ha ha!

  23. what about feminine boy vampires, like the anne rice variety? they're sure as heck not very masculine and I'm not sure where I'm going with this but I'm sure there's a connection.

  24. tidalgrrrl,
    You are right..fair is fair...Interview with a Vampire had Cruise, Pitt and Banderas for eye candy! Not bad.

  25. I do want to see V. I notice that Milano has a few pics from your Embrace on goog.
    Haha. Good to see you've been doing some homework.

    Go rent V this weekend. Thank me on Monday.

  26. But Stephen Rea, in my illiterate, gin soaked opinion, was the most delightfully evil vamp of the lot (no pun intended) in "Interview"

    And I forgot about Blade 1 and 3 (2 was a self-indulgent mess on the part of the director)- a couple of wonderfully comic-book like movies with some neato-torpedo commentary on the legends.
    Danica the vampiress brought a nice, thuggish, gen X sensibility to the female side of things toothy.

    And "Shadow of the Vampire" was a screamingly wonderful takeoff on "Nosferatu"

    I better shut up before I turn into a film critic

  27. I always wondered why being sexually active or in touch whith you own sexuality is also shown as evil.

    Dusk til dawn is awesome for a good laugh. About 12 months ago my (soon to be) wife and i did a vampire movie marathon, red wine and gothed up was a great night;)

    I am actually a reformed goth it is hard to lok sinister with coke bottle lenses.

  28. anoneemuss,
    busted! I will thank you on Monday.

    frontier editor,
    Stephen Rea is always amazing... have you seen Citizen X with Donald Sutherland. You are spot on regarding the Blades. That Gen X/Gothy vibe was a very clever angle and totally worked.

    You would make an OUTSTANDING film critic because we seem to appreciate the same flicks.Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

    Being sexually active might lead to (gulp)dancing!
    what fun..Dusk to Dawn was young George's big gamble and your vampire/goth/red wine festival sounds very romantic.

    So you are engaged and a reformed Gotheroo eh .. did you dye your hair jet-black like the goth kid at my gas station...I have always wondered why that kid only works after dusk!

  29. **Could you be more specific? Just teasing, I know how shy you are.

    LOL mate ur sure u wanna hear me explaining it?


  30. As a very expensive relationship therapist I would begin your session by grabbing a tophat and cane and singing...

    "If you've got the money honey,
    I've got the time."

  31. My hair varied between... pink, blue, red and of course black. Was odd having more make up than the missus when we moved in together:)

  32. There was a Vampire marathon on the month-long free satellite movie channels last night. I started to watch but Joyce wasn't impressed. We switched to Dum and Dummer instead. How Dum is that?
    I love vampire shows. The ladies are WAY too hot...and thirsty.

  33. I have little fangs, 4 of them. Years ago the Dentist asked me if I wanted to file them down. I said "No way, you're not touching these babies!"

    I love vampire movies.

  34. **As a very expensive relationship therapist

    ok...but is that u or me :):):)


  35. Anonymous3:05 a.m.

    Enjoyed a lot!


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