Thursday, June 01, 2006

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good"

Samuel Johnson

...that may not be entirely true!?

*This is now FOR LADIES ONLY because the boys were obviously too intimidated.

You must be 18 years of age to continue...
don't say that I didn't warn you!
GENTLEMEN, although this link was intended to provide
anatomical data for purely scientific analysis and
I had suggested that you set your copier page size to 70% in order to avoid any inadequacy issues... well your response was underwhelming so you weenies can step aside, you've had your chance!

If you think about it this peter meter was inevitable, it was bound to show up on the internet but I still can't believe someone thought of making it into such a crafty hands-on project!


  1. My connection from school won't let me access this. It must be really bad...or else it speaks of evolution, I'm not sure.

  2. Trying to Escapeon the realities of PMS, HE?

    Today it's penis size, before that it was Bonerbe monkeys and instaneous, conflict-resolving but short-lived sex...

    It is now well documented that penis size has little impact one way or another on most women and that any perceived inadequacies, save for those with exceptionally small members, are in the mind of the possessor of said penis...

    However, I still salute Cherrypie and her idea for a new Olympic sport that would -- ahem -- bring this issue out in the open.

  3. brian,
    Well it is scientific, it's about how an organism's organ is um...
    is um... adapting to changes in the environment?

    Hopefully this wasn't too much of a stretch from my usual post!
    I'm just dickin' around, trying to expand my horizons and I needed to get a firm grasp on some things that I've been tossing about.

  4. A FIRM GRASP, huh? EXCELLENT!!!!!

    Make sure A. reads my comment. I hope she laffs.

    Yes, you are expanding far and wide, but that suits your interests and knowledge base.

    With you, I figure there's no sacred secrets you can't explore to expose them for what they are...

    So continue the dickin' around...better that than going around feeling limp and wrinkled...

    Doh! Sorry...

  5. Well golly gee HE, and I am not blushing, by the way. Thanks. I use to have this on my computer somewhere, and lost it. Now I can send it to my daughters, and daughter-in-law who's having man trouble. No one wants to listen to old folk! Young folks think they know everything, than again, some do. LOL!

  6. liquidplastic,
    This is exactly the kind of stuff that they just don't teach at school anymore because everybody can't be equal...damn political correctness!

  7. bears an eerie resemblance to the
    management charts at business school, though i think that they
    decided to stick with simple bar
    graphs. probably weren't capable
    of Bezier curves or non-orthogonal
    graphics, otherwise, the thighs
    would have been the limit. Notify
    your physician if blogging lasts for more than four hours;-D

  8. are you saying "bigger is better"?
    man, i hope not, or i am in little trouble!hee hee

  9. Wow I had no idea some were that.. wow! Hahaha

    Umm I'm not going to show that to David.

  10. christine,
    Give a man an inch and he thinks that he's a ruler.
    It's a lot like the lies that guys talk about when fishing isn't it?
    The one that got away.....

  11. Go Ask's 10 feet tall....


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