Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'm off to visit the real world for a couple of days. I've enjoyed the wonderful comments that you all have so graciously taken the time to write.
Hope that you will visit again soon.

I suppose that I'll have to do a few highbrow posts to make up for the boner chart, sex-crazed Apes, pedophiliac injustice and the ubiquitous penis or the egg debate.

Perhaps something on Edwardian Fashion or the Films of Doris Day is in order...

It's been said that you should try to know something about everything and everything about something!

*note to self..find out if anyone else is doing that?


  1. The penis or the egg conundrum? I'm waiting.

    No, let it all hang out, so to speak. We need levity along with the lard of life.

    As Olive Oyl would say, Don't! Stop! Don't! Stop! Don't Stop! Don't Stop!

  2. Nothing wrong with knowledge, especially when it helps you to feel good. Have a good weekend! By the way, I love Doris Day.

  3. I'm shocked... SHOCKED!, at this
    controversial subject matter. You don't seem to grasp that contemplating such scandalous topics interferes with naturally
    occuring shopping cycles, to say
    nothing of distracting viewers from
    socially important programming, like determining who'll be thrown
    from the cliff, ..., thrown off of the Island. I'm ready though- got DVDs of the top 500
    hours of QVC shopping offers, for situations like this. I'll have my Alpha trace back to the flat line
    in three shakes, or less;-)

  4. Have a good weekend and rest up! Everyone needs a little break from this here blogosphere!

  5. go on ur sabbatical if u must matey and be back all refreshed and with alot of new n interesting posts :)

    Au Revoir!

  6. miz bohemia,
    I hope you get the chance to remark on the chart since you are expert in matters concerning the mechanics of love.

    I was just trying to clear the air a bit for you with the secret code stuff...everyone was getting so serious in keshiland.
    I know that you don't need any help defending yourself.Just having a little fun! toodles.

  7. grumbly one,
    Excuse my tecnophobic inadequacies...I don't think that it's interfering with anyone's spare time..this is old news and nobody wants to admit that they have it.
    I just wanted to flush out a few of the more brazen lassies and cajole them into ridiculing my juvenile (albeit mildly enlightening)fascination with wangers all frickin week.


    The reptilian penis...c'mon..go back and read go and have some fun with yours.

    You go girl mm mm mm and btw I love Rock Hudson.

  9. What's "land of the picts"?

  10. hope this isn't an omen for a hiatus, my dear. have those enjoyable coupla days and come back to us, you hear?

  11. LOL!

    Get back fast, man!

    PS: Yes, I try my hands at everything!

  12. missy,
    The Picts were a confederation of tribes in central and northern Scotland from the 3rd century to the 10th century. Seriously, cool pics , nice travelogue in scotland.

    ahl be beck! I am seriously enjoying the cerebral journey out here. Especially the highbrow contemplative sojourns like yours.
    I like the way you're writing right thurr right thurr.

    So glad that I was able to disseminate such valuable scientific data for discerning minds such as yours. Do what you will with it but handle with care.

  13. Sorry. I got a bit misty eyed when I saw the chart. Oh! It takes me back...

    Have a good weekend xx

  14. cherry,
    Hope it doesn't take you back too far.
    See you at your big party woohoo!!. Apparently Bowie will pick up Keith Richards and I so we may be a little late...hee hee hee...

  15. I leave you for a week and I come back to find this!

    "I suppose that I'll have to do a few highbrow posts to make up for the boner chart, sex-crazed Apes, pedophiliac injustice and the ubiquitous penis or the egg debate."

    I see you've been busy! lol
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!



  16. Hey, I hadn't seen that... I say it is utter bullshit... Here are a few facts from Dr. Terri Hamilton's book Skin Flutes & Velvet Gloves. A Collection of Facts and Fancies, Legends and Oddities About the Body's Private Parts who I have read and is the sister of my friend Neva from Puppytoes.

    ~Only 15% of men have a penis over 7 inches when erect
    ~Only 3% of the male population can claim 8 inches
    ~A 9 inch penis is found in 2 in 1000 men
    ~A 10 inch erection is a rarity, possessed by less than 1 in 10,000 men
    ~Less than 5000 penises worldwide measure 12 inches when erect
    ~An "average-sized" penis measures 4.5-6.5 inches when erect... well over 75% of all men fall into this range.

    And when it comes to satisfying a woman let it be known that the inner 2/3 of the vaginal canal have no nerve endings and therefore women have no sensation there... the first third is a whole other ballgame as it comes packed with nerve endings and is quite pleasurable when rubbed there so more than a matter of length making a difference, which really it doesn't, it is girth that makes a whole world of difference...

    So, how's that?

  17. christine,
    Bizarre eh? I cannot find a satisfactory explanation for wanger week other than sex, religion and politics usually incite the most creative and humorous responses. Guilty.

    miz bohemia,
    Thank You. I knew that I could count on you to clear things up. You would have dealt with this in a much more creative and enlightening fashion with finesse and forthrightness. That being said it is comforting to have such an excellent relief pitcher.
    Maah-va-lous darling!

  18. Appropos of nothing, "Whateverpeg" in your profile is very funny!

  19. darius,
    whateverpeg cannot decide if it wants to abandon the 19th century.
    Our motto is Status Quo Vadis?

  20. hehe gotcha!


  21. You certainly got a rise out of your audience. I'm with Miz Bohemier and her truth.


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